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This movie came My Movie Pass Review out in 2006 and for me personally it was way too soon to watch anything on this subject. September 11th 2001 was My Movie Pass Review the worst day of my life. I being a former Marine of 12 years of service had to watch on live TV innocent Americans My Movie Pass Review being killed and was helpless to do anything about it. I picked up the movie at a local pawn shop and sat down to watch it.

Oliver Stone did an excellent My Movie Pass Review job telling this story. It is told correct and true. It is an important piece of history and America was only granted 20 survivors pulled from the ruins. It is a miracle that My Movie Pass Review anyone lived at all. This film is not overly graphic and it does not need to be. The acting is solid and character’s well researched. The set is My Movie Pass Review so authentic looking that you will swear it was shot at ground zero My Movie Pass Review and not in California. The opening scenes were filmed in New York City which must have been a tough sell in 2005 when they started making this film.

Sergeant John McLoughlin My Movie Pass Review recalls his men back to station as soon as the first plane crashed into the North Tower. They My Movie Pass Review have no additional information other than what is being reported by the media. These men are first respondents and know that people are in trouble and need help. The police officers then commandeer a bus and head to My Movie Pass Review the world trade center to assist with rescue efforts.

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My Movie Pass Review - [UPDATED] Personal Testimonial

My Movie Pass Review - [UPDATED] Personal Testimonial



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