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Now Voice Buddy is an online app that allows you to take a script of your own or even a website address, and it will convert it into an audio voice based upon either Google’s weight net technology or Amazon’s poly technology. Now my personal preference is wavenet. I believe it just sounds a little bit more realistic than what the Amazon poly does.

But having both of them is going to give you a lot more options on the kind of audio that you want to use and being able to make tiny tweaks and edits to it to adjust it to even fine-tune it to, however, you need it. So under this article I’m going to put some links, one of them will take you to my website where you get more details about this product, pick up bonuses, look at the pricing and the upsells and be sure that if you guys want to grab those bonuses On my page that you buy Voice Buddy through my site.

So you can get those. Ok. So let’s, look at what Voice Buddy is. So you can see here on the dashboard. This is the JV access page here, which is why there’s so many it’s been Jenner’s been 94. Audio is generated. And you can see here it even has article generated, which is an upsell allows you to create articles and then sub users. You can also add sub users all of this, of course, are different options available based upon the upsells that you get which I said are, although all the details are on my site about the upsells and how that works? Okay, so here you can see.

These are the Amazon audio lists that’s been created. This is the Google audio list has been created and little charts down here, just showing you how many overall have been created. So what you want to do when you get started here is you can come over and click on wavenet, and it doesn’t matter whether you choose wave net, or whether you choose a poly by Amazon they’re gon. Na, it’s the same thing.

It’S just one of them work through Google. The other one works through Amazon. All the options are going to be the same though. So what you want to do is you can either put in a URL here. And what it’ll do is, it will take the text off that page and convert it into an audio. And of course, you have options up here where you can do a lot of things that you normally wouldn’t be able to such as add emphasis to the script.

So here you can add emphasis strong moderate or reduced. You can increase or slow down the speed at which they talk, select say as select audio, select breaks paragraphs woops. We don’t have none selected so that’s, not going to help select pitch if you want the pitch to be higher or lower this actually helps a lot if you want to change the audio tone. So if you have a script in here that you’re reading and say, it’s a female, but you want it to be a little bit higher pitched, you can simply just go down or go up.

You know, five or ten and that’ll make a big difference. And then there’s a sentence here, which we don’t I’m, not using out right now either. Okay, so what I’m gon na do is I’m. Gon. Na, go ahead and get some content from I’ll just pick a story or something and add it in here and show you how this works. Okay, so I got my content, right? Click, I’m, gon. Na, paste it as plain text. And you can see here.

This is a little bit of the intro to Little Red, Riding Hood. So with voice, buddy, what the first thing you want to do is you want to give your new audio file a name. So with this one we’re just going to do Riding Hood. Now we got the text entered in here. Now, if I want to go ahead and make any changes here at emphasis or anything, I can go ahead and do that. Now. So I can put on here by everyone.

Okay. So let’s say, for example, once upon a time, there’s, a dear little girl who was loved by everyone. So we want to put emphasis on this. Okay. So I’d select this text, select emphasis and put strong. You can see it puts these tags around it. So it knows to make that strong, and you can do that with any of this text. If you want one part of it read faster than the other, you would select it go to the speed change it.

However, you want to the same with any of these options, okay, so once you have it where you want it, you want to come down here. Now you got a lot of options here. So I believe one of the upsells allows you to translate it. So if you want to do different languages, this is really cool because for example, it’s in English right now. And what we can do is we can translate it into say any one of these languages.

So if I want to translate it from English to Spanish, I would click on translate, and what it would do is it would automatically change all this text to Spanish. But right now I am NOT going to do that so we’re going to ignore this Translate part, but I do want to use the English language. And for the voice we’re just going to say, let’s, just do female wavenet. See this is these are just different options.

You can choose that are like presets for people to talk, and you can adjust them based upon these settings with the speed with the and the pitch up here so I’m going to go ahead and just do submit. And it doesn’t take very long at all it’s already done, and we can come down here, and you can see here, let me go ahead and go to the end here. These are a lot of ones that I’ve made earlier, and I want to click play once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother.

And there was nothing that she. Okay. So that actually sounds really good now, if I wanted to I’m, gon, na, go ahead and take this out, because I want you guys to hear some of the other ones that they have here. We can do English British. And then we could do say just choose this option here, choose submit it’s been generated. I’M, gon. Na, go to the end of my list that I’ve created and I’m gon. Na, play it.

Once upon a time, there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of them, okay. So that one I’m not too crazy about. So what you can do is you can go through here, and you can try it try different one. So let me do one more here will do let’s do this one submit and let’s see what it sounds like once upon a time there was a dear little girl who is loved by everyone who looked at her? Okay, so that one sounds really good, but say, I want his voice to be a little bit deeper.

So what I can do is I can go back up here and choose him again. And then I can let’s just select all this and let’s say, let’s make the pitch a little bit deeper, and then submit it. Okay, get back to the end of my list and play once upon a time there was a dear little girl who is loved by everyone who looked at her? Okay, so you can see how that works. So basically, you can do a lot of different changes to all these audios.

And of course, depending on the language you choose you’re, gon. Na, have different options for voices. So, you know, if you go to let’s just say, if you was to do Arabic do voice, you could do these ones here let’s just do female and let’s hear what it sounds like so we’ll, submit it and play once upon a time, the w. And as a dear little girl who wala advice, so you can see how the accents actually kind of fit with the languages too so that’s, really neat.

So that’s. What Voice Buddy is, it gives you control over taking script of your own or importing from sites and adjusting it to how you want it to be read whether you, you know, whether it’s, maybe you just don’t want to read and hear your own voice, or you Want to use something for a sales page or a review or whatever it is you have full control over it by using voice, buddy, whether you want to use it through the Google Wave net or the Amazon poly, which like I said, has the same options here.

Your audio list is going to show you all the audios that you’ve created. So these are all the Riding Hood’s. And if we go down here and listen to some of these others, you can see there was a bunch of others here created let’s just do once upon a time. There was an old mother pig. Once upon a time, there was an old mother pig who had once upon a time there was an old mother pig who had once upon a time there was an old woman.

Okay. So all a lot of these sound really good. Once upon a time, there was an old mother once upon a time there was an old okay. So basically that’s it. Now, like I said, depending on the upsells you get there are other options here for like a Video Creator. And you can create articles. You can add images, you can select different audio submit it and kind of puts the whole thing together there’s a article list here that shows you of all the articles that you’ve created.

You can get the links for them to download them, or you delete them there’s, an image editor. So this seems to be kind of common. Now that comes in a lot of these online apps for some reason, I don’t know it must just be easy to add it on or something. But you see that image editor a lot anymore, then there’s a gallery, which has your article gallery and image gallery for YouTube. You can actually integrate with your credentials with your YouTube account social accounts, or you can upload your YouTube account and so forth.

Your bonuses sub users and help there are training articles here just click on training help. Or if you need support, they have a support desk where you can get help. And also the VIP Facebook group, which I highly recommend that you join, because you could play get a lot of answers in there from other users, who are also using Voice Buddy. So once again, that is how Voice Buddy works. And if you guys are interested in it check out my website for the other upsells and the pricing because I know the pricing is going to change within the first 6 hours of launch you’re going to get the best price.

I think it’s like 2195 starting off it’s gon. Na, gradually go up. And then as for the upsells I’m, not sure how they’re priced yet, but I will have all those details on my site. As soon as I get them as well as the details of the upsells and what they are. So if you guys enjoyed this article, please like it subscribe to my blog and I’ll be sure to notify you when I put out other reviews of products, Thanks

VoiceBuddy Review

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