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Now I just want to quickly show you how easy Voice Buddy is to use. Now I have something typed up here. Real quick in my text editor, I’m, gon, na, copy and basically have it ready for my project. On the left hand side, you have the choices of Google Wave net and Hamazon poly in this example, I’m going to show you Google Wave nut, I’m, gon. Na, name. My project I’m, gon, na, call it voice.

Buddy is super easy to use. And then I’m just gon. Na paste what I just copied and I’m going to pick the language or somebody to pick from. So in this case, I’m just gon. Na use a English British and the voice we have a few different types of voices. So this one I’m going to use a female wavenet C, and then I’m gon. Na, hit submit audio, generated, boom, ready to go so quick and easy. Now, you know, that’s ready to go as is, of course, you have so many different options of how you can change it if you so wish, but just the way it is is actually very very good from all our testing.

Now, of course, if you want to customize it, so as you can see, voice, buddy is super easy to use simply enter the text and boom. So I want to make this say, I’m, gon. Na, add an emphasis to it. So I’ll make it a moderate emphasis. You’Ve got the choice of both Google and Amazon’s voice engines at your fingertips. And so over here, I would maybe like just, uh, oh, just leave it. The way it is building on assistants that took that took years to create by two major companies.

So I’m, gon. Na, make this one over here, emphasis strong and that’s pretty much it. So I, you know, there’s a lot of other options as well. You can select the say as and you can play around with this to your heart’s delight. You can also change the pitch the speed of how it’s being said, you can even add a little sound effects to the voice over. And again, you know, as you saw, the initial example, just took mere seconds.

Voice Buddy is super easy to use. And all your audio files are right here where you can hit play right from the dashboard or quickly download it to your computer of your choice. This is cloud-based works on both PC and Mac without any issues. This is a voice. Buddy, very quick example and look forward to seeing everyone on the inside

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