Voicebuddy Review?Text to Speech Converter using Google Wavenet and Polly Technology?Voice Buddy

And how are you guys today’s? You can see the new product it’s called who ice buddy. So what is voice? Buddy, it’s, it’s me, it’s basically takes to like, you know, takes to audio converter. I mean, that’s, what I can say text-to-speech, you know, text to speech or text to audio through to technologies they’re using one is either you can use the Google Wave, knit or Amazon’s poly.

So these are the two technologies which is currently available with Alex or whatever it is. These are is like the the higher. The the higher end. I can say of voice transition. I mean to say like text to voice like translation. I mean, like what I call that you know, it’s, basically, what it’s like this is this is the same thing you’ll be listening in Alexa. This will be the same similar style, you’ll be listening in Google products, any of the products when you try to do it brick speed or many of those those products have this one, he know, text-to-speech conversion.

This is what it is that there’s technologies. These two are two technologies and this Voice Buddy uses that technology that’s what it is. The either you have you’ll have the option of using the Google or Amazon Swan. And you will be just entering the text, and it will be converted to audio that’s simple as that. This product is all about. Okay. Why do we need this? Well, if you go into like, you know, like doing, you do YouTube articles you would have seen this.

Many of the products nowadays I’m, not sure you don’t. Notice many people use these kind of audio. This is natural sounding or did not like a robotic one like natural sounding audios, which you can use it to. I know as you know, voice over for you any of the images or the articles you could do it on the article in your YouTube article, whatever purpose, you’re using that’s. What it is, you can use it as a voiceover, just add your Raviv products, or any products you’re going to trying to review for Amazon, or like you can for any many purpose, whatever niche you are trying to do I’m just telling like affiliate side of it.

We can have like amazing products. I have put it in a article. All those images of them is a products. Then you can do like a stop everything about about this product, what benefits added to the worid to this voice. Buddy, the translate didn’t. Do, I mean, sorry change into audio and along with the along with the article and this voice over it will become like a proper article. Many people do this.

You know, there are many software’s I’m also using not just the not twice buddy. This is like us. But the Voice Buddy has a Video Creator as well. That is also an extra feature. What I’m saying this is a purpose you’ll be using it I’ll show you inside the product. You can get an idea of it. So if you click the link below you’ll land on this page, this is voiced by dear the sales page, you can go through this.

You can see the future of generating natural sounding voices by forcing Google. And Amazon spice engines to captivate your audience with one easy-to-use app. Okay. So it’s like simple, I’ll just show you inside it’s, gon. Na, cost you like twenty two dollars, it’s it’s, just a matter of like adding a text. And then you get it like just press the button and you get it get it converted to audio that’s that’s as simple as that, okay, and that to these current services like the it normally like monthly services.

Now, even if you go to Fiverr, they will charge it minimum. Twenty five fifty dollars just for a small depends upon 100 characters or two hundred candles people do voiceovers, you know, so when you’re gon, na get it like a one-time fee on this one? Okay. So I just go through this there’s, some sample or use as well, I can just go through this page here. I can see these three steps, select the language.

Yeah, that’s. I forgot it them. Language option is there like there are 33 language. I think some list is there, you can choose a language and the voice like you like female male and like few options are there and then Aria text to that. And then boom, that is like, you know, it’s it’s simple looks so simple. But what are you gon? Na, use is where you know, I know a couple of software’s, which completely uses this technology and people do create articles with that.

And I know, they’re they’re really clean with that. You know, they make a big lot of money. You would have seen these kind of technologies like, you know, a lots of no, you know, it is like viral articles and stuff. They don’t like add like, you know, people talking it’s it’s all about, you know, these kind of audio on the background playing that product about the article, whichever you are adding it.

So you can go through this. Sometimes, you know, all these testimonials and stuff you can see this some of the voices language. You can see this English English French Japanese. I think 33, I think so around 33 or something I’ll show you later here it does. Yeah, 141 more voices to choose from and 33 languages. Yes, perfect 30 languages and hundred forty-one voices to choose from between Google Wave net and Amazon Pali.

This is basically the that as I said, this is the like the highest style of I know the platform there you can they are using that technology for the voice body. Okay, you can see almost I think covered, yeah, Russian Romanian. Spanish Slovak Arabic Vietnamese occurring in in English. Yeah, it’s like Filipino, almost like overall. They covered. I think her thing I might I’m, not sure I think there is option on upsells.

You can have like more languages I’ll show you later, okay, just go through this one. Let me show jump onto the product now stay to the product. You can see this. This Vince. Howard is there is a proper demo article or in the sales page, you can read it. But I just want to show you just two things. You can see is you can choose between wavenet or Amazon Pollack and see. These are the two options. You’Re, gon.

Na, have mature you. Choose you come here. You just add like whatever the project, you know, you just press. And then this is where you know you need to enter whatever just text. This is voice body, the best way to convert text to speech something like that, you know, like depends upon what you’re trying to do. There are lots of options are there. You know, like, you know, depending upon the speed you can choose the pitch.

You knows breaks, gon. Na, give like effects. You can have some add some effects as well, lots and things are there. You know, but the basic idea is, you add the text. And then you press come here, you just choose the language you can see you can choose a language. Please choose from the voices think there might be looks like there’s. Only one there is an option on the front, but I think I’m sure the promotion will have more features that’s.

What every time it happens? You know, I’ll shake, I think I can have. This is a demo version for only for the review axis we get so there’s only a demo version. I think there’s one year might be. I just change the language. I think might be. I think guys let me check. The reason is it is Arabic there’s only one, I think let me choose English. Okay in English. We have Nichole female arousal, mainly so, as you choose between the yeah, I understand sorry.

So as you choose between the people languages, you get this option of choosing between, yeah, this has three options, depending upon the language. I think it changes. Okay. And then choose the file. Sorry, then just press translate. It will translate just choose this one and translate in. I don’t want just in French – French. So this is English language. Yeah, did I okay? So sorry, since I pissed, I mean to say, I type in English when I pressed a French, it changed to French as well.

And then now it’s now I’m going to press translate I’m, gon. Na, get the audio and then I’m just going over, downloaded that’s that’s. What it is rise. Let me see content and compose an epic happen. One second, guys. Okay, this is the I need to. And it added and then submit guys, sorry. So this is boys body best way to change or text to what you let me choose between English to English itself. Okay, submit voice, not selected.

Sorry, sorry, I’m, selecting it. Guys. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Here we go. That’S. It Audio generated. This is all about let me play it. Okay, there won’t be audio, because I always switched off my audio when I record it. Okay. So let me check it out. Let me see that. Okay, you can see that, yeah, that’s that’s. Just what it is guys, let me off this one. Okay that that’s all about voice body. It looks simple guys, but I’m telling you, I know, a couple of two-to-three software’s, which which has this option of audio transistor, same thing.

But it also as the article features, which people do use a lot, you know in this Dutch I’m saying, it’s, not just this audio. Once you have this audio, you have the option to download it that’s. One thing I can see it come here, everything like whatever you have done, you would have seen this this all like you can come here and play and see. This is Paulie. This is Paulie. This is Paulie. It is done in through Paulie this through behave net.

You see lots of ticks, for example, I just added one line, but you can see this. You can have like huge like I was talking about amazin to be article. So you can do with us or even normal to be articles, any product reviews or any of anything they are promoting any like what a player’s Clickbank product. So you can just need to take images of the product article of the product then type your review test type in, and then add it both together.

They have this option here. You can see this article creator, create article. We have this option of adding the images and then the voice together, then you have the article of it. You can see this such images, select the audio submit you’ll have like a full article together. You can see this article there’s a article list. They have done here. You can see this. Let me see I’m, not sure these are all like samples, which people have been playing with there.

Let me see on the gallery. If there is some articles to show you just to give you an idea, what possibility this Voice Buddy can do for you guys let’s, you know, what exactly has been done? Let me check see this is like somebody has did a review of the product. And then they added the audio to it this mic. Let me turn on the audio, no that’s, not clear how to lose weight. Let me see if there’s a proper let’s, see, can you listen, the audio? Okay.

So this, this is what you can do guys. You can add like a bunch of images and then the word into it. You can also add article and then audio to it, or even you do a review like you can like whatever you’re trying to do go through any product. And then text add to it that’s. What this is all about okay, many purpose can be used. You know this this. This software can be used for many, many like different purposes.

You would have seen in Facebook and many things when when you see the audio behind it is this is what they use me, many like naturally know, like what I call general, you know, remove products or or any like weight loss tips, mostly no diet plans. Or this, you will be seeing all those text articles moving article or moving at the back end. You will see only listen these kind of voice. This is what they use I’m telling you like, you know, bright bright ideas.

I think couple of blogs they use this a lot, you know, it’s like the movie, mostly they use this for viral kind of articles, where you the most of the images will be like like a text on the on on like a plain screen. And then the voice will be these voice they use that. So you can use this for many purposes, guys that’s. But the idea as I said, this is all about using these two technology to convert your text to speech that’s, what it’s all about that’s.

It guys as simple as that. I just want to take too much of your time. It’S, it’s, simple, straight away. If this is something you like, it click the link below, and then you can get it it’s for this. What was it 20? 195, yeah, let me show you the price, the 2195 friend 10 price. And then this, oh, my god. Okay, it’s only find it works. Guys. Okay. The friend dinner is gon. Na, be only find adverts copy and paste into English language.

Voiceover. I think you will get more options only with her as always this guy’s, you know, it happens this, oh dear one, or the pro version this way you’ll be able to get a lot, unlimited length copy paste. And text title support input text from website URL, or that sounds interesting so that’s that will be cool guys. Imagine you have a review product. You want to review it. You can get their URL.

If you go to the URL website website of that product, take all the benefit, everything copy paste it, and then add musics that’s good and then show the article of the entire, you know, and just record the screen of the entire website through your I’m, using screen Of screencast-o-matic or many software’s out there, you can just record it and add this to it and add the audio to it. That’S, gon. Na, cost you $ 19 per month or $ 97.

Well, you can calculate it. I think 97 is worth it. I mean, if you’re going to choose this one then go for a month one, I mean, it’s always good to have one time for you guys. Sorry, 97 is really. But if you’re gon na, get audio one get the 97. No really really $. 19 is not a bail worth okay, it’s like you know, four times you pay and then you’re gon. Na, get this one. So 97 is the no-brainer for this one, oh, tier 1.

And then OTO 2 is translation convert the script into any language with multi-language voice. Overs, I think I did change during when I was doing showing you, I think that option is there with translation option here, OTO 2 that is $ 7.00 and audio 3 custom media, create a create article from the bunch of images and picks up integration, mmm, ok. And upload them in YouTube, plus social sharing. So what I showed you or article creation, I think it’s part of this, one customary creative for $ 37.

00 or to3. So the friend end is one leaf or voice translation like sorry. Text text to audio and that to only find it words, well, it doesn’t seem to be really worth for $ 21. I mean, you you will end up if you really want to use this. I think what your one is the only option you have guys. So okay, so this is really of interest to you it’s, only that one Tier one, you might have to get a bit because what’s the point of funny find that words, even if you had to do it’s, not even enough guys, I don’t know, the way they’ve Done is they want to make you buy the OTO one these.

This is what they call it as marketing. You know, these they they make, you feel the product, and they want you to buy out your one. Well, that’s the truth. Okay, anyway, but you’re getting don’t. Get the $ 19 guys. Okay, 97 is like one-time fee. You know, why do you want to waste it for like a couple of months? You might want to use it. And you buy something you want to use it for, you know, months and months and years and years, don’t, buy it for just, you know, you know, if you’re into YouTube, you might be knowing the worth of it.

You know, you really can really exploit this one. You know, make sure you can use like separate blogs, whatever the articles you do. You can even like, you know, like same article. You can use it and put the audio on load off your French of Arabic off something. You know, one English Channel. If you do, I might in my case, I’m saying, I am doing English. I can put the same article into into these used use the article for this Voice Buddy.

And just the audio alone. I can put my text, what I’m speeching into that one and put that as an audio again, are you getting it? You know, so the English becomes a big or French or whatever it is, but the article reminds the same. Imagine I could put this on to a new blog so that’s. So many ways to explore this guys so make use of it. If you are into YouTube or anything into article marketing, you know, the power of this one anyway.

So that’s, what it is guys, whatever one might be the only option for you. I think I feel then we have this translation if the OTO two languages if you are choosing and the OTO for is 37. What is is one user, but different logins. Okay, like for VA and stuff for agency version it’s, because I feel the ot1 is like it’s, the only option you have and then depends upon the languages and article creator.

It depends upon these two. We can choose that one. Okay, there is also. I forgot guys. Now, he’s nice, I forgot really very good. I used to custom-make forgot that name. Nice, there’s, a article creator, similar to the war. I forgot. I remember I’ll just type in in the comments, it’s there’s, a software like which uses the power of, you know, you can add your own audio audio to it. And then you can add the article part of it.

But in case, if you’re going to get this, then you have to get this 4003, which is like media creator. And then I add the audio to it. Okay. Anyway, that’s, that’s. It guys that’s. Why it’s ready for you. So if you like, it click, the link below first in the description, and you can get the sales page and get it, and I do get commission so that’s the truth, I need to be honest with that and I’m gon.

Na, give you some cool bonuses, but all these bonuses are to do with the flip marketing. So it’s it’s depend, I don’t know what stage are you in but I’m sure it’s, gon. Na, be really useful geyser. Mainly this. One. Imagine this this part here, this has the underground tactics to rank your article. Sorry. Thank you article to the top. This will be a no-brainer. If you’re gon, na use in YouTube articles.

Okay. So just all. This will be delivered instantly wherever you’re buying see. This is more a plus or JB. So you can see this excess affiliate bonus in steel it. All these bonus will be instantly delivered along with the vendor. Bonuses, you’re, gon. Na, get both the bonuses. Okay, but as I always say, don’t, buy the product for the sake of bonus. Okay, that’s like that’s. What it is, I know, I’m guilty of it, but I’m telling, you know, if you’re buying this product put into use that’s the most important thing and make it really useful for whatever the product you, you know, your purpose, you’re, buying it for sorry, guys, that’s.

A guys that’s voice, ready for you. If you have any doubts comments drop me below I reply to it. And I think this is gon. Na, be released on 18th of 18th of this month. Number okay. So make sure you if you wanted on the first day, all these kind of products that keep increasing the price between the launch. And then after the launch Italy’s that to when you’re getting it for one-time fee, I’m sure these kind of products they don’t like, you know, they do increase it after that.

Okay. So if you like it just go on get guys that’s it. Thanks a lot. See you in the next article, bye

VoiceBuddy Review

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