This is Jonah here from John a phenomenal, calm welcome to my voice body review. Now I’m here inside of the members area of voice body right here. And during this article I’m gon, na, give you a demo and a run-through of exactly what voice. But he does know in a nutshell voice body is gon. Na, allow allow you to take any piece of text. It could be a piece of text that you’ve pre-written, or you can even add in a URL of a website, and it will convert all of that text to spoken word.

Now he does this using both google wavenet and also amazon pali. So there’s, two different ways that you can use, and it depends on, whichever one you prefer to use, you can also completely customize this speech with the intonation with the pitch with the speed and also multiple different characters of voices that you can use in this as Well so this is going to enable you to do things like review products to do things like create sales articles, but without actually having to put your own voice on a microphone.

Now this is something that I wouldn’t personally use myself, because I don’t mind putting my voice on a microphone or putting my face on my camera. But there are a lot of people, especially those who come from a country whose first language is not english. Maybe they have an accent they’re, not confident with putting their voice on a sales letter or putting the voice on a review article. And in that case, this is going to be perfect for you guys so that’s, what it is i’m going to go into more detail on this inside of this article.

I’Ve also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those of you like to pick this up via my link, which is down below in the description of this YouTube article. Now if you click on that link, it’s gon, na, bring you through to my bonus page, which looks like this. And if you want to buy voice body at any time during this article, all you need to do is get yourself to this bonus page via the link down below simply scroll down and click on any of these yellow buttons and that’s going to bring you through To the sales page, it’s, gon.

Na, like this. This is live right now. I’Ve jumped on this review a little bit late reason being is because I’m in the UK, with my parents and I’m having a bit of time with the family. But I just wanted to put this review out for you anyway, so you can see what I think of this. Anyway, this is sales page here. And if you scroll down you’ll be able to pick this up right here, you’ll need to do that.

However, before the timer on my bonus page hits zero, because when it does all my bonuses will expire and that’s something I don’t want you to miss out on because I’ve created all these bonuses so that you can really get the best out of voice. Buddy as possible. Now, all these bonuses being created by myself, mmm, that means that they are exclusive to me, they’re, not going to be available for anybody else as link apart from mine with that said, feel free to shop around.

So your other affiliates, roughly in terms of bonuses for voice, buddy, because remember you can always return to this bonus page via the link down below in the description of this YouTube article. Once you realize that my bonuses are way better and way more useful than what anybody else is gon. Na offer to you for this. So my first bonus, I’m, gon. Na, give you access to one of my first classes that I ever created called launch jacker.

Now this is going to show you how to make professional review product review articles like the one that I’m doing right now. You can use this for products on warrior, plus jvzoo, Clickbank, or you can also use this for products on Amazon physical products, other digital products, it’s going to show you the format that I use to make my reviews going to show you how to record your screen Using a webcam, even using your cell phone as a webcam, if you can’t afford a webcam yet, what other equipment to use what software to use to record your screen, which is completely free what to say what to do how to link everything together.

So this is really going to help you out that’s bonus number one, and you could use voice body to create your review articles using slides. And then using the voiceover from voice body to do that. Bonus number two, okay, I’m going to show you how to rank your articles to the number one spot in YouTube. Now if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that my review articles always end up in the top three, usually in the number one spot, I’m, gon.

Na show you exactly what you need to do to your articles to be able to replicate that? Okay, bonus number three. Okay, I’m going to give you access to another cost that I created around this time last year, we should called 0 to 124 hours and it’s going to show you how you can exactly make go from zero to a hundred dollars in 24 hours using review articles. Now the difference between this, and my first bonus is with this one I’m going to show you how to make these review articles without putting your face on camera.

Okay? And this is going to be a great solution for using voice. Buddy to make some really easy free money from YouTube by making review articles without even putting your voice on camera or on microphone, because you can use Voice Buddy for this. So that’s, bonus, number three, bonus, number four, I’m going to give you access to invisible pro. Now, this is a product that I released two weeks ago. This is very very current.

Okay and it’s going to show you how you can make money as a non-native speaker of English. We have a case study in here. The guy who created the training father causes, yishun, he’s, originally from Pakistan. His English is good, but it’s, not brilliant. But he chooses not to put himself on camera. He chooses not to make any articles. He didn’t even put his voice on camera. The people who buy from him, don’t even know that his real name is Asian, because he uses pen names.

He made 14 thousand dollars in the space of five days, using the exact method that he’s giving to you inside of here, because this is the pro version. You also get access unlimited access to the inbuilt software, which is inside of this training as well. So this is really cool. Ok? Bonus. Number 5. I’M, gon. Na, give you access to all the bonuses, the vendor has given to me to give to you. These are going to include, ok, commercial license to upgrade at no extra cost, which is pretty cool done for you five gigs sell your audio services templates done for you.

Audio service sales. Letter proven done for you fill in the blank vs, I’ll script templates. This is really cool. If you want to make sales articles, voice body. Audio tio article merger app. Okay, feel free to pause the article if you’re not read through these descriptions here, reseller license of vid, Mazen. Okay, seven click, affiliate, reseller package lead profiteer, resell rights. Their viral vid lee.

This is a product that they recently launched as well. Easy rank tracker live viral traffic Sheen, provid profits at front-end and pro upgrade. Okay. So you’re gon. Na, get all of those bonuses from the vendor. And there is quite a few there and they’re all hot bonuses that you can use to make money from Voice Buddy as well, especially this one done for you five a gig, sell your audio services templates.

So you could go over to a place like Fiverr. And you can advertise as text-to-speech services or audio services and they’re going to give you the templates that you need to be able to sell on Fiverr, and you can charge upwards of kind of fifty or sixty dollars per gig with this. So that’s another way you can make money from Voice Buddy apart from doing review articles, right? So okay to claim all of these bonuses, vendor, bonuses and my custom bonuses, all you need to do first of all click on that link down below in the description of this YouTube article come through to my bonus page here, scroll down and click on any of These yellow buttons on my bonus page that will bring you through to the sales page where you can go ahead.

You can purchase face buddy. Now, as soon as you’ve done that, you would simply need to go through to your jvzoo account. And in the top right hand side of your jvzoo account if I just open mine, so you can see you’re, gon. Na, see a little blue link at the top, which says looking for your purchases this one here, if you click on there, you’re gon, na, click on voice, buddy and it’s. Gon. Na, bring you through to your receipt page, which is gon.

Na, look something like this. One here now in the bottom of that receipt page you’re, gon na, see a blue button that says, bonuses from jonno when you click on that blue button, you’re gon. Na, get instant free access to all of the vendor bonuses. I just showed you and all of my custom bonuses, I just talked to you about completely free of charge. Okay and instantly delivered to you since you’ve gone through checkout.

So let’s have a look at the sales page here, the future of generating natural sounding voices by forcing Google and Amazon’s voice engines to captivate your audience with one easy-to-use app. So, yeah, this basically brings together these two Giants in artificial intelligence, Google and Amazon. And it gives you the best of both world. It also allows you to tweak the intonation tweak the speed anyway, I’m gon.

Na, show you in a second. So you can see how cool this is right so that’s. The sales article go and check that out have you heard Tech speech is now more natural sounding than ever. Yes. It is. I was really impressed by some of the examples I made inside of this. Finally, boring robotic voices are a thing of the past. Yep, these are really really cool natural sounding voices, and you can do in any language you’re going to see some testimonials on here.

Gon na, see some article testimonials here as well you’re going to see some examples of different voices that this is made. Okay. So let’s just play a couple of these live the life of your dreams, be brave enough to live the life of your dreams, according to your vision and purpose, instead of the X, yep, something like that only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin To change grow and transform okay.

You can see the Italian seeing motive appear quick while kunis early, they see a motive appear. Yeah, that kind of thing it’s a bit like Syria, I guess but just to be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. Yeah, you can see anyway, there’s tons of examples in anyway. So he felt a play through. Yeah, if you want to play through some of these, and you can see already have why you pursue your good.

Yeah, if you can’t check them out then go to the sales page in your own time, go and see that I’m, not gon. Na spend too much time on here. You can go and see this in your own time, and I jump into the app now and I’m gon. Na, show you what this is all about. So this is the dashboard here you can go and join their VIP group. Facebook group if you need help from the community and stuff like that, you can go and get that there.

This is a dashboard it’s. Gon. Na show you all of the the ones that you’ve made in either Amazon or Google and we’re get into these in a minute, there’s, two different options. You can use to do text-to-speech. You’Ve got the Google option here. You’Ve got the Amazon Pali option there. You got the Facebook audio list there. You’Ve got the article creator, which I believe is an upsell. And I’ve talked about that later on image editor, which is not really relevant to this, but it’s just it’s been thrown in anyway.

You’Ve got your gallery of all of your articles that you’ve uploaded. You can even integrate your own YouTube account in here by linking up with your Google credentials. And you can upload YouTube articles directly from inside of here. You also get access to the bonus is here. So you’ve got the five a template that done for you VSL scripts everything they mentioned on their website. You also help.

Okay, there’s some training articles inside of here as well. So if you click on help, then you can go and check out the training articles. Let me open them up in a new tab. So you can see exactly what is inside of here. So you’ve got a complete demo. You got a short demo with all the features. You’Ve got Texas Beach wavenet in Pali rest of all the features and voice buddies. So you got quite a few tutorials in there, showing you how to use it, but I’m going to show you how to use this using Google, because I thought Google sounded a little more natural.

So I’m, just gon. Na call this John a demo now to do this, you can either there’s a way that you can do this. So you can enter in a URL of a website. Okay, any URL of any website and we’ll go and grab all the text from that. They will go and turn it into a voice, or you can go and choose a file if you want to upload a a PDF or something like that, if you want to type out your own script, and then upload that you can use this function right here And then you can translate this stuff in here as well, but I’ll show you that in a second okay.

Now, what I’m gon? Na do is I’m. Gon. Na, go over. And I’ve just got this pre, open it’s it’s, the story of Hansel and Gretel. So I’m, gon, na, use this I’m going to turn this text into speech. So I’m, just gon. Na, use this first paragraph I’m, gon. Na, copy that go back into voice, body and we’re going to go to Google Wave net. Okay and okay, we’re already inside of this one here and I’m, gon. Na, paste this inside of here.

Now what we can do is we can go and choose English British and voice. Let’S just choose this first female voice here and we’re just going to submit this right away to see what it sounds like right I’m going to submit this it’s going to turn it into it’s going to turn it into the spoken word. And here we are. Okay. So I’m, gon. Na, once upon a time on the edge of a great forest, there lived a very poor woodcutter with his wife and his two children, Hansel and Gretel.

His second wife, often ill-treated the children and was forever nagging the woodcutter. Okay. Now it sounds a little bit static. So what you can do here is, you can change all of this stuff. Now, what what I would suggest you do here is I’m just going to read through this. Once upon a time at the edge of a great forest. They lived a very poor woodcutter. So you could change you could you could? Okay, we used to go with very poor, and you can select the emphasis.

So we could have a strong emphasis on that very poor with his wife and two children, Hansel and Gretel. Now what you could do here is we could select that bit, and we could adjust the speed or we could adjust the pitch. Okay, you can we can make that go up in pitch right there. His second wife, often ill-treated the children. Okay. So we can change that bit, we can add like jingle bells, or something that probably won’t be appropriate in this ill-treat in the children bit.

But let’s see if we can do something else here, yes. So like to break 200 milliseconds. Yeah, let’s see what that sounds like, and then we can do and do one of these day. Okay. So the family had had little enough to eat. And once there a great famine in the land, a man could no longer even get their daily bread. Okay so daily bread, let’s, put one of these selected audio bits. We could put like jingle bell here.

You see what that sounds like right once we’ve done that just click on submit. Okay. We want the language to again, be in let’s train, English Australian and let’s do it with a male voice, this time and let’s submit that and we’ll see what that sounds like? Okay, audio generated. And I guess it must be this on let’s see once upon I’m, actually, it was supposed to be a male voice, maybe it’s this one once upon a time on the edge of a great forest.

There lived a very poor woodcutter with his wife. When his two children Hansel and Gretel say, okay, I don’t know if you notice, but we put an emphasis on very poor so there’s, a little pause before it and then Hansel and Gretel is kind of goes up a bit in pitch and let’s. Just let’s. Just listen to that again, Once Upon a Time on the edge of a great forest. There lived a very poor woodcutter with his wife.

When his two children Hansel and Gretel thought, his second wife, often ill treated the children and was forever nagging the woodcutter, the family had little enough to eat. And once there was a great famine in the land, a man could no longer even get him there. I think that jingle bell thing goes on for way, too long, but I guess you can edit that somewhere inside of here. But I think you get the idea you can change this into a different language.

You can change into a different character by choosing the people down here. You’Ve got female a female. You’Ve got male b-mail. See female a male be male wavenet, see. So you got these standard and wavenet ones you can choose from. You could also put this into a different language. So if we want to if we translated this, okay into German so German language and let’s go with the female a, and this are probably well, let’s see what it does.

It’S either gon. Na translate the whole thing into German or it’s going to read it in English with a German kind of accent, let’s have a look Once Upon a Time on the edge of the forest develop a very poor woodcutter with his wife and his two children Hansel and Gretel, yeah, if you want like a German, yeah, a German accent will speak in English. You can do that if you want to translate the whole thing you can translate it into let’s, see let’s translate it into Arabic and see what this sounds like.

So if you click on translate, it should translate the whole thing into Arabic. Let’S have a look let’s, just try that again, HTML phone in your text. Please remove it. First okay, let’s see if we can let’s grab this Center this whole, paragraph again, let’s, go back and okay, let’s try that translate it into Arabic. So this is in English and let’s translate it into Arabic translate. Okay, let’s submit.

It all right. Let’S. See what this sounds like right that didn’t seem to work, I don’t know why? Okay, let’s try that again and translate it into a different language. We go so English. Uk. Voice female see and let’s, try it in a Latin language like Italian so translate that into Italian submit. Okay, then let’s see how this turned out say, Reina, Volta, I monkey need. I yuna grande Forester, Vivian Pavarotti, lagna, can’t sue, a mob sounds like an English person.

Speaking in Arabic, so probably I needed to choose a sorry, English person speaking Italian. So probably only to put it into Italian female bee and okay, let’s submit that and see what this sounds like this time. This should sound should sound pretty natural. But obviously, like you can tweak this as much as you like Jeremy, Volta, imaginative una grande Foresta, Viva, Viva, móvil, Oh, Tanya, Linea, consoie, Moniz.

Why do I feel ants? It sounds a bit like my GPS, but you can you can go and select this and go put brakes in it. You can say, you know, you can select the pitch. You can change the you can add these. These sound effects in there, which I don’t think are very good. You can select the speed if you want them to speak fast or slow or whatever you can you can do that for like certain words, you can slow it down.

You see like that. And you can completely customize it. So you can make it sound as natural as you like now, like I said, this is not something that I would personally use because I don’t have a problem with speaking on a microphone or putting my face on camera. And and it would be a lot faster for me to personally do that. But for those people who have an accent are you not confident with you English, but you want to make some sales letters or you sales articles, or you want to make a review article, but you just want to do it from text.

And this is a great option for you so that’s, what it does I’m going to talk to you about the prices and the upsells right now. So everything I showed you on the front end is going to cost you. Twenty one dollars. Ninety seven. Now this price is gon. Na, go up towards the end of this launch right? So there’s, a few upsells in here. Okay. So from the front end, you get audio with full customization, maximum of 500 words, copy and paste into English language and voiceover uppsala number one is gon.

Na, be the pro version. And this is gon. Na, be even nineteen dollars a month or $, 97, one-time and it’s. Gon. Na, be a limited length copy and paste and text file support import text from website, URL and background music. So that’s, funny, what you’re gon na get for the pro version. You will be able to upload your own text file, you will be able to rip this from a URL, and you will get the background music as well.

So that’s, gon, na, be $ 97 for the lifetime. So if you want to take advantage of those things, especially being able to upload your own files, then you would need to get the pro version up Salama to is a translator. There’S gon. Na, be thirty seven dollars. And this will allow you to translate into any language with multiple multi-language voiceovers. So if you want to be translating this text into speech and putting it into different languages, and you will need to get the second up cell.

Also number three is the custom article creator. This in additional $, 37 and it’s, gon. Na, allow you to create articles from a bunch of images and pixabay integration and upload them into youtube, plus social sharing. So you’ll be able to create like a kind of slide article from still images with a voice over using voice, body, that’s, only an additional 37 dollars. So I would probably get that one if you want to be making kind of review articles and stuff like that, it’s gon.

Na, allow you to integrate this with articles with slides right and up. So number three is the agency, which is going to be $ 37. And this is going to allow the user to to give access to employees and sub users. So basically you’ll be able to use this sub user part here and you’ll be able to integrate this with your VA. So if that’s something you want to do that’s, gon, na, be an additional $ 37. Now, okay, that looks like it’s it for me.

I don’t have a demo article on my bonus page, unfortunately, but I hope I give you enough of a demo inside this article don’t, forget to check on me, my bonuses, I know that these are gon. Na, help you out if you do choose to buy this. So thanks for reading, my voice body review and I’ll speak to you soon take care. Bye,

VoiceBuddy Review

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