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Welcome to my Voice Buddy review I’m here inside the dashboard of Voice Buddy. And during this review I’m going to show you exactly how this works. What this software is and give you a demo of the actual features, I’m also going to have a look at the sales page of this product right here that you can see right now and I’m gon. Na have a look at the claims being made by the creators of Voice Buddy to see if in my opinion, this product lives up to those claims, of course, I’ve also put together a package of custom and exclusive bonuses that you can get your hands on when You purchase Voice Buddy through the link below this article click on that link and come to this page on my website.

You can do. So at any point during this review as you can read the rest of this review on this page, if you aren’t reading here already, and of course, you can find out more information about Voice Buddy. What it is also the pricing and the upsells, which I will cover in full detail at the end of this review. First let’s have a look at my bonuses. These bonuses are exclusive to me, meaning, they’re, not going to be available anywhere else.

But through the link below this article as they are made by me, personally to help, you make the most out of Voice Buddy. So these are all bonuses that are going to help you make money with Voice Buddy that are going to help you create really cool. Articles with Voice Buddy help, you rank those articles on YouTube, and then also make money with those articles in different ways. So those bonuses will be described in full detail one by one at the end of this review, but first let’s jump into the actual software.

And let me give you a demo of what this is and how it works. So Voice Buddy is a software that allows you to use the latest AI technologies from both Google and Amazon to turn text into speech. That means turn any written text into robot voices. Now normally these robot voices don’t sound very well, they sound very robotic, but the latest technologies from Google, and Amazon have really made great strides in this regards.

And now you’re gon. Na have access to both of those in this software to turn any text of speech that is almost human sounding. Now I’m, not gon. Na line say that they sound perfectly human they’re, not quite there yet, but it’s good enough for you to use this in article. If you don’t want to use your own voice, and you don’t want to spend a lot of on hiring voiceover actors, this is the next best alternative.

And it does actually work articles like this. They do rank on YouTube. They do get views, and they do make money so it’s absolutely possible to use this for that purpose, or really any other purpose that you need this for so let’s, give you let me go jump into the actual text speech engines from Google and Amazon and give You a demo of how they work. So in my opinion, the Amazon ones actually sound a lot better than the Google ones, but I’m going to show you both anyway, I’m gon.

Na, go and open up the editor, the text-to-speech editor, right here, I’m going to copy some text from my own landing page, right here. So we’re, gon. Na, go and copy this. This description of what Voice Buddy is and paste it right here as the text. Now we can go and call this Voice Buddy, 1, typing, right now. Okay, here we go. We can add any emphasis inside the actual text as well. If we want, and we can also copy this for later.

So we can add any emphasis. We can also change the way certain words are pronounced like we can pronounce a word as the characters of the word. So if we want like when pronounces whe M, we can have that happen. We can also put breaks in anywhere at any point, we can change the pitch of any any word or sentence or selection of text. We can change the speed. We can change the we can add some audio. So we can have a bowing or cowbell audio somewhere inside the text, and we can have the paragraphs and the sentences marked with paragraph and sentence right here.

So right now, I’m just going to have the voice read the text as is and I’m, not gon. Na use any of these extra features, but these extra features actually make this work, really really well. So wavenet, a B. So we have male and female voices. We have wavenet a b, c and d and EMF, and they all have male and female variations. So I’m, just gon na, go with wavenet, a male right now and I’m going to put the language to English us and I’m, gon.

Na, click on submit, and that should submit and the text to Google for it to be turned into speech and now it’s done. So you see it’s very very fast. Now, obviously, if you put a lot more text here, we will take a little bit longer. So this is why for demonstration purposes. I chose a few sentences only. So it goes pretty fast. Now we can go and listen to it together. Text-To-Speech is a very powerful tool when it’s done right? However, we’ve seen that most text-to-speech tools just to hope you can hear this.

Let me see text-to-speech has a very powerful tool when it’s done right, let’s, see why I think you’ve probably heard it already. I just didn’t hear it myself. So I’m, gon. Na, start again. So you can hear that this is actually pretty natural sounding voices already. And as I said that is just googles or text-to-speech engine, we haven’t even listened to Amazon yet, which in my opinion is even better.

So we’re, gon na, go to Amazon and then we’re, gon. Na, listen to their voices as well. And as I showed you, you can change a lot of different things about this that I didn’t use right now, but you can change emphases. You can put brakes change, the speed, the speech, etc. I thought that one was a little slow. So I’d probably speed it up a little bit to make it sound more natural again, I’m going to go with it, an English us, voice and I’m going to choose female voice this time.

So we have different male and female voices again. So we’re, gon. Na, go with Kendra female neutral and I’m, gon. Na, call this one pulley one and then I’m, gon. Na, go and submit this again, there’s different options that we can use that we haven’t used at all. We can translate things. We can also turn URLs or files into actual speech. But in this case, I’m just going to go with the default options and the English language, which, of course, you will understand if you’re reading this article right now.

And that is it again. This was pretty fast slightly slower. I’D say then Google’s won, but still very very fast and we’re gon. Na, listen to it right now. And then it stopped. I think because my internet is a little slow where I am right now, I’m, really, literally in the middle of nowhere in the jungle in Mexico. So sorry, if my internet sometimes is slowing down a little bit, but you could hear that that was already even more natural sounding female voice from Amazon.

Now Amazon has a few different options. I suggest you check them all out because some are better than others. You can see there’s a lot of options here and that’s just for English us. And we also have British English, for example, and then we have again, different voices here. So that is all the options, and that is the main feature of voice bunny. Now there are some other features, some of which are part of the upgrades of the pro version of Voice Buddy.

So I’ll cover that after I go through the software demo and the sales page. When we talk about pricing, I’ll talk about what the upgrades and the features of the upgrades are in this demo. I just wanted to show you what you can get with the front-end version of Voice Buddy, which is going to be the main product that is going to be launched tomorrow. So let’s have a look at the sales page. So we have the sales page right here.

The future of generating natural sounding voices by forcing Google and Amazon’s voice engines to captivate your audience with one easy-to-use app, no programming or technical skills, necessary, absolutely true. It’S very easy to use just use this amazing newbie, friendly, one-of-a-kind, software, saving you thousands of dollars on all your voiceover needs. That is true if you’re going to outsource your voice-over work to professional voice actors.

It would definitely cost you thousands of dollars. If you do a lot of article, and you want all of those articles to be voice over. So this is definitely a great alternative. So the price at the start of the launch is going to be 21 97. Now there might actually be some coupons and discounts going on during this launch period. And the price is also going to increase during the live launch period. So the launch is going to take place tomorrow and the 18th of November 2019 at 9, a.

M., est that’s. When the product is going to go live with this pricing and you’re going to see price increases during the launch. Now the launch is going to take place over the next 7 days. So if you want to get in at the lowest possible price get in as soon as you can because the price is only going to go from whatever price it is right now as you’re reading this, if you’re reading this before 9 a.

M. On the 18th, though That’S possible because I’m recording this a few hours in advance, then you’re, probably gon. Na have to wait until 9 a.M. On the 18th before this probably goes live, and you can go and make your purchase. So that is it for the pricing. So you can see the rest of the sales page yourself at your own pace in your own time, just click the link below this article when you come to this page click on any of the green buttons come to the sales page and have a look through The sales page to see more information about the product, some demos of different voices in different languages and female and male versions, testimonials from other users that have been using this and more information about the product, etc.

So, go ahead check that out I’m. Gon. Na, go and put the link below this article. And of course, by clicking on any of the green buttons, you’ll access that then we have the upsell. So there’s, gon. Na, be four different upsells available. The first upsell is going to be the pro version of Voice Buddy with the pro version, you’re gon. Na, have. Instead of a 500 words, limits, you’re, gon. Na have unlimited length text that you can turn to speech you’re going to be able to copy and paste directly from text files as well as import text from website, URLs, you’re also going to be able to add background music to the text-to-speech that you create with Voice Buddy so that is the pro version and one it’s going to be $ 19 a month or $ 97 lifetime.

Now, I’m guessing, this lifetime deal is only going to be available now during the launch of this product. So if you want to get in at this lifetime, price make sure you get in during this launch period, then we have the second upsell, which is translation. So this allows you to convert any script into any language and then have multiple language voiceovers. So with the main product, the front end product, you only going to be have I’m having the English language voiceover and the English language.

You can only add English language. Text with the translation option you’re going to have all the different voice or like languages for voice. Overs, but you also going to be able to translate any text into another language that you paste inside the software. So this allows you to use this software for many different markets across the world, that’s 37 dollars. Then we have the 3rd upsell, which is the custom article creator.

This allows you to create articles from different images and pixabay, which is the royalty-free images website and upload them directly to YouTube and also social media websites. So basically you’re going to be able to create articles from images with the voiceovers from of course, Voice Buddy. And that way you basically have an all-in-one article creation tool for simple articles with this upgrade.

And that is also $ 37. Then we have the fourth upgrade also $ 37, which is the agency version. This allows you to create different sub users for your different employees. So if you have different employees working for your business, and you want to have them log in your voice by the account and work for your customers with your copy of Voice Buddy, then you can give them their different accounts. And that is also $ 37

So that’s, really only for those of you who want to use Voice Buddy with multiple people at the same time, then you would want this version at the agency version of Voice Buddy. So that is it for the different upsells and pricing and, etc. So as I showed you before, what I showed you in the demo of Voice Buddy at the beginning of this article is all achieved with the front end version for just $ 22 approximately at the start of the launch.

And only if you need more than just English, and you need more than 500 words, then you’re gon. Na, have to look at the first upgrade or the second upgrade for longer tax durations and also importing text from different files and websites. And adding background music, that’s. The first upgrade or going to different languages with the second upgrade. And of course, if you want to use the software to create articles that’s where the third upgrade comes in, and the fourth upgrade is for using this software with many different users at the same time.

So that is it for the pricing, the upsells let’s talk about my bonuses that you’re gon. Na, get with a front-end version of a tour Voice Buddy through the link below this article. So click that link come to this page. Take the green buttons to make your purchase. And of course, you will get my bonuses. Now, the first bonus is how to record your screen and webcam for free like a pro just like I’m doing right now, I’m doing a screen recording article.

This is one of the easiest ways to create your own article content. And of course, if you have Voice Buddy, then you don’t even have to do on voiceover. You can simply record your screen and then add Voice Buddy voiceovers on top of that screen recording article. So that way you have the ability to create articles with your own screen completely for free, because the software I’m going to show you in bonus number one is 100 % free.

Most people just don’t know about this software where to get it or how to install it, but it’s a hundred percent free software that you can use with Voice Buddy to create professional screen recording articles with voiceover from Voice Buddy. Now you can of course, use your webcam if you want, but that’s completely optional, and you don’t even need your own voice. Then bonus number two, how to create high quality backlinks for SEO.

If you want to rank your articles on YouTube and Google, you need backlinks in this bonus I’m going to show you how to get backlinks. Bonus. Number three is actually not going to be the bonus that’s here right now I’m going to change this after I record this article bonus number three, it’s, actually going to be advanced YouTube, ranking strategies in this bonus I’m going to show you different strategies for ranking articles.

Specifically for YouTube. So this has nothing to do with backlinks like bonus. Number two. This has to do with YouTube specific strategies, such as what tags to use how to find out what tags your competitors are using and then piggybacking onto your competitors tags, but that’s, just one of many different tactics for ranking articles on YouTube that are very specific to Youtube and I’m going to go and cover all of those in that bonus, the advanced YouTube ranking strategies.

Bonus number four is going to be six different ways to make money on youtube. So once you have your articles created with voice, buddy, and of course, the screen recording upload them to youtube have them ranking with your backlinks and your YouTube ranking strategies. Now you want to make money with those articles in this bonus I’m going to show you six different ways to make money with articles on YouTube.

This is all based on real case, studies from people who are actually using YouTube to make money, either full-time living or just some side hustle both are possible with YouTube. And in this bonus I’m going to show you six different ways to do that and involves number five I’m going to show you not a way to make money with Voice Buddy, which is by selling these Voice Buddy voiceovers as a service to other business owners.

Now in this bonus I’m going to show you how to talk to business owners to sell your services. So if you want to go to a platform like Fiverr or opera or anywhere like that, and you want to sell your services, what you need to make sure is that you stand out from other people on that platform in this bonus I’m going to show you Exactly how to do that how to talk to business owners and make sure that they want to buy from you rather than somebody else.

Now, in addition to my own bonuses, I’m also going to give you access to all the vendor bonuses. These are bonuses that the vendor gave me to give to you and I’m. Assuming other affiliates are just going to give you these bonuses. I don’t want you to miss out on them when you decide my bonuses are so much better than anyone elses. So that’s, why I’m throwing these in on top of my own? So we have VIP Mason viral vid Lee.

Ez rank tracker 7, click, affiliate, reseller package viral. Traffic machine. Leads profit to reseller rights. Vid profits Pro and Auto pinging software feel free to pause and scroll through this at your own pace. If you want to read the full description of those bonuses, but those are all going to be included as well as my own bonuses with your front-end purchase of Voice Buddy through the link below this article.

And then you have one s4 special bonus for buying any of the upgrades to Voice Buddy. So I mentioned what the upgrades are already. If you buy any of those you’ll get my launch, jacking course, which is a article of our article course, that’s going to show you how to use article and YouTube to do launch jacking and get between 200 and 500 dollars a day in affiliate commissions from piggybacking Off of other people’s product launches.

Now, this is something I personally do a lot and it’s made me a lot of money over the last few years, and you will learn exactly step by step how to do this yourself, and you could actually use Voice Buddy. If you don’t want to use your own voice, you don’t want to put your face on camera. You can use the screen recording tools I show it. One is number one, including with Voice Buddy to create these type of articles and create affiliate income for yourself using those articles.

Now, how do you claim all these bonuses? You just click the link below this article? You click, any of the green buttons on this page, you go to the sales page for Voice Buddy, you’re going and make your purchase right there. And you go through the checkout process on jvzoo, then inside your purchase receipt on jvzoo that’s going to look just like this. One you’ll find my bonuses. So if you can’t find your purchase receipt, just log into jvzoo click on looking for your purchases at the top right hand corner of your screen, find your receipt for Voice Buddy and then it’s look like this scroll down to the bottom of your receipt.

There will be a button that says, bonuses from Valka that is where my bonuses will be waiting for you free of charge after your purchase. So that is it that is where you’ll find my bonuses. And that is also it for my Voice Buddy review. Thank you. So much for reading make sure to hit the like button on youtube, if you liked this review. And if you want to see more of my product reviews and other internet, marketing tips or tricks, make sure to subscribe to my blog and then hit the bell next to it.

So you will get notified. Whenever I post new articles on my youtube blog. Thank you. So much for reading and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one bye, bye,

VoiceBuddy Review

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