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Be honest here : Having a professional audio with visual makes the retention rate go up for any article. You create VoiceBuddy is a text to speech app with natural sounding voices. You can generate voices with Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly. You will find multiple languages to choose from.

And you have a text to speech editor. This is a cloud based app with a ton of features. And the audio you download from Voice Buddy can be used with any software you choose. It Works In 3. Simple Steps, Step1, :, Create Text To Speech. You can generate voices from WaveNet or Polly Enter a project name and add your text. You can select emphasis speed, add audio effects and more You can translate your text and choose a voice.

Your audio is generated. And you can preview. It Step2 : Download From your dashboard. You can download your audios in.Mp3 format and use them with your favorite article editor. Step3, :. Video Editor, You can create a simple article from the software Search for images, select your audio and submit. Your article will be generated.

VoiceBuddy Review

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