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I already have a voice, but knee review access from a product creator. And today I post this articles also where to show you exactly what is voice, buddy and houseless voice, but knee walks exactly so has the member areas for new logins. So basically is voice, but me is a voice overs creator. And it can recall a tech to speak voice, and then you can connect it with an existing articles.

And if it can create articles from to type, the first time is the waist net. This is the google artificial intelligent voice. And the second part is Amazon Alexa, spy voice. And then this have a article creator, okay. And this will combines the custom voiceover with an existing articles or it’s a article host tours from here and some whore. Okay, just like turns voice or turns voice with background to articles and lovely, this has the future to automatically post your articles on YouTube.

And then you can syndicate your YouTube articles to some more source or cow. So this menu with some easy buckling. So here’s, an example just going to show you exactly how this app works. So to have a test, so I will test with no waste net future. Okay, waste neck is an example. So I will pass something from here. Okay, so I will just copy pass a small part of this. So a copy okay. And I pass here.

Okay, so you can make an impact size from here. Just the example so over generate over per year in revenues for this one, I do it’s slow, slow speed. Okay, you can is to you cannot select size that character. So just an example, so you can make your voice have some emotional or provide some practice for your voice. So this will make your like you make the voice seem more natural tsukai, seven at my desk use.

Okay. I will want to emphasize this one. And you can select the audios like acting harder, I chose like so you know, Forex, audios, you can use you just, uh, just text. And then you can make like as I’m doing, you can use the language. I just you can us. And you can just the voice character, okay, and you can no one clicks just like if you want, but in this guy, I don’t want to chance like I just want to submit, but you can still strands cry if you want.

Okay, man. So, for example, I use German okay and click on strands like okay, I’m, uh, sorry, most axiom L, fast. So I pass again, and I click on strands right. So in one click, you can stressed like the title kind. And then you can just submit the voice. So, in this case, I use in German voices of females and a click Submit dance. I make a voice solvency is very fast and very simple. We have some premium high-quality voice.

So just here, okay, so personal is, I don’t understand what it is. But you know, this is effective if you combine multiple tech to speak at the same time. So just hear this one, for example. So this one, as you can see, this is not to, you know, this is not to robot. This is this this Southbury nutjobs. So, okay, so I will pass all the content. Okay, so in this case, I go pal. I’Ve cut this one, for example, so I come to I would test with the Amazon.

Okay, only I pass this again. So for this one, I make emphasize strong and for this one, I probably stressed levels is a loud. Okay, they can make you keep keep them down even Eve. Okay, you can add some effect. I said, you can make power up on my sentence or anything you can just choose this fix the speed, a break. Okay, the practice doing the voice. So, you know, you can bar as the voice is not the best future you get from the app, but I just wan.

Na, okay. And it clicks submit. So after you click, Submit, just wait for a few seconds. And then it generates for for you is super fast and super simple. So this is an example, okay, and it can host a voyeur your honor Klaus. So you can one click, not it’s very fast and very simple. So so let’s jump into the next future. What is to create an entire articles? So so let’s see boys the article maker.

I select audio. So as you can see, I exact this option, it looks ok. You can search image like or you can approach your own teammates. Ok. So I click on self, resolve somewhere it’s, halfway that connection would click sub I so you can know one click starting the image and then make the articles. So I chose this image. You know. So what this option you can let the app create the articles for you so it’s, easy, Alex done and after choosing articles and choose image, I click Submit again.

And after that from the image, it can create an entire articles for you. So this is what the best future you get from voice body, because when you use voice, but Lee, the primary purpose is to create a voice and then soup insert into articles. So with this feature, you don’t even need to have external article software. You can create an articles immediately inside the membership of voice, but be. So this, the best future you’ll get on the app and not just that you can you can create a articles too.

You can come by the existing article through the software. This is not the best feature. So first, you can select the audio article so the boys to articles. So I have audio and self-existing articles. And then I click Submit, you can also click on build created articles and then not lips again. Okay. So it’s fast and simple. So after I submitted, just wait until the app will generalize a voice over articles for us.

So this one click on a see on the articles lists to see, ok, this is us. They were rendering so announcement, um, let’s. Take a look at the self, hi so sue in this plan, the price for voice, but Lee is rouser 21 Park, Mary $ 7. This is for the only words and then it will come to 2000 around $ 27. This is for the front of cows. Ok. And and doing this lawn price, you keep the same. And but after Lance tries to come back to $ 67.

So if you actually like voice but knee, and you are needing a nap that whose songs your tech to speak issues or two songs and apart from you sell voice. Putney is the true hero. Ok, I have a horse about voice, but me from here. And I strongly recommend you to take your time ripping this post to understand exactly how the apps works. So okay, and I have been closed the details for the entire fun. So I realized the end is here.

Okay, it is in process. This one is still in process. Sorry, upset. One is the unlimited version saab cost. You can remove some limitation from the front of cow. You get unlimited language, unlimited length and unlimited tax file importing. And you can even import that from website URLs option. So this is a very huge time-saver. Okay and remembers once again, there’s, no limitation for you and price can be $ 19 per month or $ 97 for lifetime, access saab cost multiple.

We use the 97 option. So for the other one, the other two is this translation. So in one click, it can translate your voice into small small language. And then you can practice you stick to speak future for this language process that just cause you $ 7. The other tree is custom article creator. So it can create for you a custom articles from a voice and an existing articles. And not just that you can one click, upload the articles to YouTube and one click sharing to social media.

So what this option you can save a lot of your time. Okay, so this is you took pho. You can connect your YouTube and Google cow. You can want lick applause that you took article. So by choosing the YouTube blog, Sergio said, dissect, um, a set of articles that you have already created what the software. And this will not just use the wooden voice. Articles. Voice over we have created. It can also be used with other articles that you upload to the membership, and it can also upload a thumbnail for you with the thumbnail, um Gary’s from here.

So you can, and it can even translate a trend description, genzler your title translate attack. And it can also automatically connect you some sort of cows like Kaiser like interest like to be our house, okay. So to tree option in just one software. So how cool it is? You know, very very close and with this option. So you can save a lot of your time. Okay. And the last upsell is the ANC version put this option.

You can create caviar and for your employee for your team member. So you can make money with an ANC business. So maybe you help you okay. So to provide some voice over Servet of articles voice over service soup client. So pricing only $ 37, and you haven’t ANC access for your team member, and you can create a cow for them. Okay? Not about selling access to software. This is about create a cover team members to manage the campaign – the service for you.

This one is in process for this one okay in still in process and thanks for taking your time reading this article and it you purchased voice, but be through anything from this pie or any links for my youtube description you will get access to my custom bonuses As this product is so on jvzoo. So after you buy, you get a, they are not linked. And here, these are some premium and high quality bonus that I can don’t eat you.

They can support you on my business after you buy voice, but they. And if you want even more bonus from me for me to talk, so I can provide for you. My bonus, ask you what okay? So, as you can see, the articles had already finished rendering, yes, you can see that it’s a very fast article rendering speed. So as you can see it connected the article hood image, I have chosen and then connect with a voice over I have chosen.

So it will be a final article. So this is a articles voice over on the software it will automatically generate for you. So you can create multiple articles just like this in box and then a ton of free traffic. So this is the voice to articles. So you can upload any existing articles and connect with the voice as you can see very very awesome. When you use a software boys, what is from here and not just that is have a futures who connect a articles.

Good packed out in the member area. They will provide some back door for you. So you can terrorize them in just a few click. Okay. So because as you know, a articles, push the background, audio it’s, not pouring okay. So that’s. It that’s. All I want to know one user knows when talking about boys but knee and in generals, I strongly recommend the software voice Watney for any marketers who once you create articles who want to make money, good and see business, or simply you want to earn some more Free viral traffic.

Okay. And thanks again, for taking your time reading this article. And if you like this article don’t, forget to hit the like button, subscribe to my youtube blog, and I feel free to share this article to your friend bye,

VoiceBuddy Review

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