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Mark Gossage at best bonus, king.Com. Voice, buddy, it’s, the latest in AI, software, it makes it so easy to convert text into a realistic sounding voice, fast, you’re, not going to believe to take good. The audio quality is I’m also, including my massive custom money, making bonus bundle that complements Voice Buddy. You can check my massive list of bonuses, a boy, tricky I’m going down below the article.

And all of my bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area. Ready for immediate download when you purchase Voice Buddy through the bonus page today, so make sure click on that link below this article and check all of them bonuses out using voice, buddy, it’s as easy as step one, select your language and voice. Step two paste. Your text into the Voice Buddy, and then step three click to generate your audio it’s ideal for creating audios.

And it can also be used to pump out a load of great. So new articles we make the metallic robotic sounding voice. They are near human-like voices and give you the opportunity to rank a load of articles on YouTube. They do get views, and they do make money. So why don’t source and pay people to do your voice service when you can do them yourself fast easily only those having to pay always in a clear Voice Buddy has combined Google Wave net and Amazon Poly into this powerful platform and added a ton of features As well, giving you the best of the best it’s so easy to adjust the speech, adding an extra emphasis on your chosen words, even though the words are pronounced, put brighten.

So the speech will stop for a set amount of time before telling you not again, change the pitch of any word sentence or even highlight a selection of text. There are so many customizable features, allowing you to fully edit your finished masterpiece. You can slow or speed up the audio and music as well, even say, such as bells everything’s been mined as you to use everything’s where you needed so it’s ideal for newbies as well as pros and speech-to-text it’s, no more natural sounding than ever with the advances In speech-to-text technology, you can now create great sounding media in minutes.

This means you won’t have to search endlessly on freelance sites foot, voice-over, talent, waste hundreds of hours recording your own voice, scripts or spend a load of money on voiceover it’s, only to end up disappointed with the quality, and you won’t need any expensive studio equipment to Record, you’ve always saver there’s, nothing worse than listening to an audio and hearing a voice that sounds robotic it’s, not only of a terrible quality, it’s also downright distracting.

You have to act faster because the price of Voice Buddy is increasing. So if you want to create a loan of high-quality audio content that you can monetize make sure check this one out before the price increases, you won’t believe how incredible the voices really are in Voice Buddy. The front end of Voice Buddy it’s, starting at a very low $ 27. You beginning access to the text-to-speech audio with full customization and it’s going to allow you to copy up to 500 words that you can copy and paste into English audio one-time offer one.

The pro version it’s, $ 19, a month or 497 dollars, you’ll get lifetime access and it’s going to allow you to copy an unlimited line for text and convert it into audio even import text from a website URL and a background music or sounds one-time offer – That’S a translation pack priced at $ 37. And this is where you’ll be able to convert the script into any language with multi-language voiceovers, one-time offer free the custom article, creator priced at $, 37 and you’re now, going to be able to easily create articles from a bunch of images and picture by integration.

And then upload them to YouTube and even you for social sharing. And this is where you can make a loader mother one-time offer for the agency, verse and that’s priced at $ 37. The agency version allows for only one user, but with multiple logins and gives access for employees or sub users and I’m, also, including my massive customers money, making bonus bundle it’s kind of compliment voice. But it all of our bonuses, they will be waiting for you in the download area, rendered pretty media downloads.

When you purchase Voice Buddy film, a bonus page today, which you should check out by clicking on the link or a write down below the article over there, see you soon guys

VoiceBuddy Review

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