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So what is Voice Buddy all about? Well? This is basically a software that lets you create articles with, you know, computer-generated voices. Now, the difference between this software and other softwares is that this one comes with a lot of customization, which makes it a little bit better in my opinion from other.

You know, very similar type of software’s. Okay. So I’m inside here, the actual dashboard. And this actually pulls information or the voices from both, you know, the Google service and the Amazon service in my personal opinion, I like a little bit more the service from Google. And here once inside the actual dashboard, well, this is actually a test account. So you can see there’s, you know, different audio audios created here and so on.

But basically, if we head over to them to this text-to-speech editor, the first thing that you have to do is to actually enter a project name and there’s a lot of customization to it. For example, you can select the emphasis strong moderate or reduced. You can select the speed of the actual audio. You can select say, s, for example, how you want the voice to read a specific number? Then we have select break.

You can select this. Then we have the pitch if it is a woman talking. You might want to change that pitch a little bit higher. You can select different audios here and so on. And the Amazon the service or section it’s very much similar. I would say so you can pick which one you ever prefer. Now, if we go here scroll down the page a little bit there’s, you know, different languages, you’re, gon. Na, be able to translate to different languages and you’re going to be able to enter a URL and it’s.

Gon. Na, pull information from the URL to this section. Here, okay, so I think those options here are going to be are going to be able in the upgrades. I think you have to get the upgrades, but that being said, it’s, a great option for people that don’t want to show their face on camera. For example, if you want to do reviews and you don’t want to record it yourself, you can pull information from another place.

You can insert the text and I’m gon. Na, show you an example of how this sounds. Then I show that here gon. Na play. This is a article created with this software. And you know, this Garcia some dummy images here with some text, hopefully even a listen or hear this. Okay, gon. Na, put this the proper way and I’m gon? Na, click on play else, get you’re more customers. I think the voice quality is fantastic to be honest, hey, mo here, this is a pretty cool app that will help you make more sales and get your more customers.

I okay. So that’s a little bit about how it sounds as I mentioned. You can customize this. However, you want there’s some other sections here, you know, there’s, gon. Na, be a list here of the recent credo all your list here you can edit those. And so on there’s, a article creator section as well. If you click on the great article link, you’re, gon. Na, be able to search for images here on let’s say, try this one here make money this here.

It is make I’m gon. Na, do this again, make money done. And it should search for the actual images here. Oh, I have to go to the gallery or maybe not let’s do this again, make money, or maybe I gon. Na search for something else, weight loss loss. And then I search images, and it should actually there it come. So it seems I clicked on the wrong button earlier. This is this is it? Okay? So this is gon.

Na show you all the images that you can use for your articles? You can integrate this with this software. You can then select the audio here, then it’s, gon. Na, be something like I showed you earlier. Okay, but of course, you can do a lot of more a lot more with this I’m gon. Na, be able to see the article list here of all the articles that have been completed click on this. One see, hey, Bo here, yeah, that’s.

The one I tried earlier there’s, a pretty standard image editor. I think here you might seen this before, but pretty useful for this and some other, you know, bonuses and some other things that are or maybe not going to be available inside the front end product or the upsells, but talking about that, don’t, forget click, the link Below this article to get access to my bonus page once the timer hits zero, my bonuses are going to expire and I’m gon.

Na, talk about the bonuses, but stay to the end. So you can actually actually see what those bonuses are so I’m going to talk about the prices first, okay. So the front end product cost. Twenty one dollars and ninety seven cents. This is the audio with full customization. The OTO number one is the voice body Pro for thirty seven dollars is this a one-time and then it’s gon. Na, cost close to $ 10.

00 per month after that. This is unlimited length copy and paste and text file support import text from website, URL background, music. So I would recommend you get the ultra number one because for you know, what’s available here. Now this is going to cost actually very cheap each month. But this is important to understand. I mean, this is something good for you because this means are going to be supporting the software they’re, not gon.

Na believe, you know, some create software, and they don’t keep supporting the actual software after the lodge. Okay. So this means this is just positive for you something positive for you. So the Oh to number two is the voice body translator for 37 dollars and 97 cents. This is gon. Na convert the script into any language with multi-language voiceovers. That is what I showed you earlier. So this is if you want to do this, and you want to take advantage of this in other languages, which I recommend you do you want to go for the ultra number two.

The OTO number three is the voice button. Custom article creator for forty seven dollars and ninety seven cents you’re. Gon. Na, be able to create article from a bunch of a bunch of images and pixabay integration and you’re gon. Na, be able to upload them in do two plus the social sharing. Okay. So this, it might be something that you want to go for it. Then we have the voice by the agency. This one here is not necessary.

If you just want to use the software that being said, you’re, gon, na, be fine with the front end. But definitely I recommend the OTO one two and three the over to number four is only if you want to sell this as a service to others, you might want to do this on Fiverr and so on. So this is one user, but different logins. This is gon na, give you access for employees and sub users, no talking about my bonuses.

The first one is my full paid YouTube ranking training course. This is kind of Titan very well with this product since this had this is related to article. The bonus number two is how to use Quora with Voice Buddy for even more traffic, plus I’m going to include how you can access an automation – we’re just gon. Na speed up the whole process. The bonus number three is my brand new paid training on how I make 7k or $ 7000, just from a fillip marketing and article.

So this is something you’re gon. Na get. This is actually a paid training course. The bonus number four is my best converting article formula for more sales. This is something that I use basically every day for my business, I’m, gon. Na, handle this over to you. The bonus number five is how to X your assault with article. Okay? And the bonus numbers number six is all the vendor bonuses replaced. I put this on the wrong place, but basically you’re gon.

Na, get all the vendor bonuses and one month free access to my special paid bonus License Program, which includes my as bonuses and future bonuses that I gon. Na, create usually each month. Ok. So this is basically what I can say about this product it’s, a nice software, it works pretty fast. And it can be, you know, the next best thing to, you know, not showing your face on on-camera. This might be a solution for you.

Ok. So I really recommend this, of course, you’re gon. Na, make the decision if you want to get this or not click the link below leave any comment, if you haven’t you’re, gon, na, be happy to get back to you. This was my voice body review. Thank you for reading and talk to you soon bye. Bye,

VoiceBuddy Review

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