5 Affiliate Marketing Lies That Are Holding You Back & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve!

.. MilesBeckler.Com In this article, you are going to learn the five Lies about Affiliate Marketing that are keeping you from earning the income that you desire, So I started making money online as an affiliate. In 2003, I've generated millions of dollars online in profits, and today, currently I earn Hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate And I'm seeing there's a lot of lies being Passed around by the fake gurus and on forums and Facebook groups that are keeping you from Having the right mindset to truly create the success that you desire, Affiliate marketing works when you do it, the Right way, So, let's break down these five lies and give You the positive alternatives, so you can build a proper mindset.

Number one is that it's easy Now this comes from a lot of sales messaging From the fake gurus who are selling you, how to courses And if they sold you the reality, which is It'S a three to five year plan: it's a ton of work. Now It's a lot of late nights and early mornings. And banging on your keyboard solving problems And that ain't very fun, but they can't sell You, their thousand dollar course their $ 500 course or $ 2,000 course with that truth.

So what do they do? They make it sound, easy And here's the problem with making affiliate Marketing sound easy is when you get engaged with the process, and you realize this is extremely Difficult you might give up and if you give up you're, never going to earn the income That you truly desire, Okay! So that's how this kind of unrealistic expectation That'S passed around from it being easy, is really hindering a lot of people because ultimately, It is a three to five year.

My best analogy that I use all the time is: That we have gigantic pile of manure that we need to move and we have a spoon to do. It So we might as well roll up our sleeves and Get to work the magic when you get it right. The lifestyle can be incredible, but it's A three to five year game: You need to publish hundreds, if not thousands, Of posts, hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and iterate on everything you're doing right, You got to work hard and you got ta work smart.

So that's number. One Number two is that it's passive. Somehow This world of Affiliate Marketing is passive. Income And as someone who's been earning income online, For over 16 years, at this point I can tell you nothing about. It is passive, Your server's going to get it on at certain Points Your WordPress site is going to need updates. Your WordPress site is probably going to get Hacked at some point, You're, probably going to get an SQL injection At some point, Somebody is going to take over your website.

And redirect people to um unmentionable websites happened to us multiple times There is, you might think. Well, I could outsource The whole thing – and I can let other people run it Well who's, going to hire those individuals Who's going to manage those individuals. What happens when they stop showing up, because They see the owner isn't showing up. The truth is that there's nothing passive About the world of Affiliate Marketing, It takes a lot of work and that's okay.

What are we doing with our time? Anyways Right As an affiliate marketer, we focus our time. On creating helpful, valuable content for our audience, This article here is an example of me just taking Some time on a Wednesday afternoon to create some helpful, valuable information for you. Am I going to call you to action in this? Am I going to try to sell you something? Absolutely not I'm just giving some value to build trust.

To help connect with new members of my audience, et cetera, et cetera, And with that said, if you are new to my blog If you haven't seen my articles yet hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up and let Me know you're new in the comments or, if you've been around for a while subscribe Anyways. I appreciate you So knowing that it is active. It'S a real Business, It's an active business. It takes constantly refining your skills, It takes constantly publishing new content.

We have to stay ahead of the game. You have new competitors entering the world, Each and every day, who are all vying for that number one spot on Google or YouTube or whatever Platform you're on the day you try to coast on easy street is the day like me: ambitious And individuals like myself and like the millions of other people here who are hungry, That's when they'll start to overtake you And anybody who tries to treat this as passive is lying and you can see all the people selling You passive income lies They're blogging, they're posting to social Media they're sending emails to their list.

All of this is active work Embrace the work do the work and you will Be rewarded if you stick with it and you're strategic and intelligent enough Number three is the biggest third biggest Lie is that it's all about finding the right product? Okay, So many people are like well what network Is the best network and what products should I go after or what niche? What this, that The other That is the wrong way to look at it.

Okay, Affiliate marketing is not about products. Affiliate marketing is about helping people Accomplish their goals solve their problems and really truly achieve more happiness in Their life And when you realize that as an affiliate, Marketer you're, literally taking on the role of problem solver for other people. You start To align with the right way to do Affiliate Marketing. What do I mean by this? So, let's use this blog and let's use my Current miles Beckler brand and business, I have six different websites generating cashflow.

Right now, but let's use this one as an example. So within this one website people are trying To figure out how to rank a YouTube article, how to rank a blog post on Google, how to Do keyword research, how to do Facebook ads, Okay And what I've done is I've taken my time to Learn the process from my 1516 years of experience digital marketing online. I'Ve taken all of this time to learn all of These tactics and processes And then I take the time to create content.

That shares how to do this, So I'm not only learning how to overcome other People'S challenges, I'm taking time to craft content that teaches them how to overcome Their challenges And the truth of the matter is people buy. From those who they trust And if you're helping your audience, members Get on the path to their goals, get solutions to their problems, get answers to their questions. You become their trusted advisor And when you are their most trusted advisor You are the one who is affiliate links, They will click on you're the one who's recommendations, They will pay attention to, And that is how you ultimately make affiliate.

Sales, So the world of Affiliate Marketing is literally Committing to an audience of people and saying you know what, For this group of people uh, it could be Racing drones for racing drone new racing drone enthusiasts, who want to build their First racing drone I'm going to take the time to teach them how To do it, I'm going to take the time to discover the Wrong ways to do it, so I could teach the right way to do it.

That'S what we do as affiliate marketers And really truly embracing that it's not About the product, it's about the audience, their goals, their needs and how you can Craft, the right kind of content to help them on that path. Number four biggest lie is that there's a Shortcut Now I've said many times in other articles. That the shortcut is really sticking with one thing for three to five years. But what Happens is so many people in the world of Affiliate Marketing think that there is some Magic system or there's some magic traffic source or there's some magic thing out there.

And what does this lead to? Well, it leads to reading sales letters late, At night feeling overwhelmed and hopeful and dopamine hits and anxious, It leads to reading webinars thinking that The person on this webinar has some magic secret that they're going to teach you and That they're they're back to number one right Their explanation of how easy it is with their System and all you do is copy and paste everything that they're doing It'll work for you.

It'S just not true, That's how they make their income And when you think that, ultimately, there is A shortcut this opens up a seed of doubt. This is an opportunity for the fake gurus To get in your mind, to help make you think, there's that You're missing something and without their System, their tool they're this they're that They're training their 500 $ 902,000 thing. Without that you'll never figure out the Game – and I can tell you firsthand my wife and I started our first business – that's still Running to this day, with nothing but web hosting and a domain We installed WordPress.

It costs us less than a hundred dollars and That website has brought in millions of dollars. Why not For many fancy courses I couldn't afford It I was flat broke. I had to move back in with my parents at 30. I had $ 50,000 in student loan debt. I did not have money for 200 400 for a $ 50 Course I had no money at all. We did the work We committed to crafting the kind of content That our audience wants likes and enjoys That helps them that answers their questions And sure enough.

We built trust with this Audience And then, when we started recommending specific Products and tools and services et cetera, they took our recommendations. They clicked They purchased, we earned money as an affiliate, So there is no shortcut and that's a good Thing It's active and a passive and not a good thing. Cause we affiliate marketers are ultimately helping. Other people solve their problems.

We take their challenges on for them. We do The research for them and we craft great content that helps them get what they're looking for Number five biggest lie is that it's too competitive – And this is amazingly incorrect. Now I do a lot of got a little inner circle. Membership and I do a lot of niche research and I'm working with hundreds of different Individuals right now, So I'm able to see inside of many different Niches and I end up doing keyword, research and and niche research in dozens, if not hundreds Of niches and am astonished at the major niches that have maybe three or four big time players: In them And that's it – And these are what I would consider major Major niches, There is always room at the top for ambitious Hungry hardworking people willing to outwork their competitors intelligently, You know, there's this old adage of um, you Know we'll work smarter, not harder hate to break it to you, but the game is about Doing both You need to work smarter than your competitors.

And you also need to work harder than your competitors. There'S not too much competition out there. But there are people who have a headstart on you and that's all. It is You're, never going to go to Google and type In a search phrase or a YouTube and type in a search phrase, You're never going to find zero results right. It'S just never going to happen because Google's One job is to deliver you something and Google is going to deliver you the most relevant Piece at that moment What can happen? You can actually step up.

And create better content, You can be more optimized with how you create It You can outwork and out strategize your competitors. And you can take over the top spots, I don't care if it's the world of podcasting If it's on YouTube, if it's on Google, the playing field is wide open. Now you got to remember it's kind of like Playing a professional sport right If you want to play in the big leagues, if You really want to go up against tiger woods and you're, trying to think that weight loss Is going to be that's your key Rephrase You're going after You need to realize that that's a heads up! Match against the best golfers in the world, and 99.

99999999 % of people can't do that. But when you get down into these little sub niches of how to hit straighter drives for Men over 50 or how to hit longer drives for women in their forties, et cetera. They are Wide open and there really isn't too much competition. I'Ve said for years, there's always room at The top I was able to take this blog into one of The foremost digital marketing blogs on YouTube in three years Out of nowhere, People had decades worth of headstart on me.

And I currently rank up with some of the best search engine optimization and article marketers In the world Three years of hard effort, not too bad, My blog is now generating 55,000 visits per Month, in the same way, in some very competitive spaces, Remember I'm going up against digital marketers And when you focus in on racing drones or quilting or knitting or whatever it is, you Are interested in um, old, home style, Hungarian recipes whatever? That is that you're into You realize that the quality of competition goes down drastically and the number of competitors Go down drastically, Then you need to be more strategic than they Are All 570 articles on this? Blog are designed? To help you with just that, And then you need to outwork them, And this is the truth, And I've been working 60, 70 plus hour weeks.

For over a decade now – and I love it because all my time is focused on helping – you understand – How the game works to get the tools, the tactics, the techniques you knew, you need to truly Create the business of your dream, I wake up at four or five in the morning. Every morning driven no alarm clock, I'm just excited to get up to give more value. To you and when you find that level of for your audience and you're engaged in doing The active work and you're excited and you realize there is no shortcut – that this isn't Easy and that's: okay, because you just love racing drones or or a Hungarian, cooking or Whatever it is, you do and you just every day you get to publish more great content.

For your audience, That's the mindset, then you need to just stick. With it, Okay, so you need to publish more frequently Than your competitors do, If they're doing two posts a week, you need To do at least three posts a week to start to catch up and overtake them. If they're optimizing At a C level, you need to optimize at a B Level or an a level right, You need to work harder and smarter than your Competitors and then the key is to stick with it long enough for all of your results.

To compound And that's why it's about a three to five Year plan, Those are the five big lies of Affiliate Marketing. Here on the end screen, I'm going to have a article pop-up If you're new to Affiliate Marketing. I have A one hour, long free course here on YouTube, for you Click on that Watch that If you have questions for me, that's what The comments for below I appreciate thumbs up. I appreciate comments.

I appreciate you and I look forward to seeing You on the next article Be sure to subscribe, so you get notified when That comes out till we see each other again Be well my friend, soon

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