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.., My name is Uliana. I work for Nuffield Health in Shoreditch Hi, I'm Dave, I'm a Wellbeing. Personal Trainer at Leatherhead Hi, my name is Rupi, I'm from Leeds ( The Light ) club Can't Remember that far back I was fourteen the first time I ever set foot in the gym. I remember My rugby coach telling me “, you have to get bigger'', You know people wearing the nice lycra And there's guys working in the weights area and there's kettlebells being used and I had No idea what I was doing and I was scared, Difficult initially trying to learn different Movements trying to understand how all this technology worked and how it was going to Help me My body was sore for about two to three days.

Ah, this is really cool. I have No idea what I'm doing and I put all the weight down to the top and couldn't move any of it. Overall, after all, the soreness was finished, I did actually feel quite good. I found that I loved it. I got some really good advice from a trainer at the gym. Showed me how to use Everything and from then on felt a bit more comfortable made me come back more and helped Me long-term One time I was running on a treadmill.

I was instructing a class Playing Around with a friend in the gym, I looked turned to the side and, as I've looked, I started To drift I literally shuffled forward and as I went back, I slammed right back into the Mirror and knocked my head and fell flat on my face and it was on camera, Decides to try And pull my trousers down. Unfortunately, boxers come down at the same point: ummm…, My foot's Obviously, caught the stead bit on the side and luckily, as I've gone down, I managed to Catch on to the bars, Probably one of the most embarrassing points of being in the gym, But I can look back and laugh at it At the end of the day, it's just a little bit of fun.

Yeah that wasn't that wasn't funny at all When you're having that feeling of like there's a big label. On you, saying'this is my first time' just try and remember that everyone had their first Time some time, so everyone understands how it feels and probably felt like that at some Point themselves: There's no easy answer for people who are taking their first step into The gym Never feel self-conscious about being in the gym.

It'S just your own self-conscious. Amplifying a lot of things that aren't really there Speak to people If you're really nervous. Don'T try and go it alone. I was petrified of the gym floor myself. It was only from the help. Of a Personal Trainer that got me comfortable on the gym floor that I managed to transition Best thing to do would be try things just try. Things Always seek help if you find It so nerve wracking, going into the gym a class or whatever seek help.

Just try and Do it with people, because if you are nervous doing it alone, doesn't always work Talk to One of the staff straight away: They're there to help they're there to advise, give you The best knowledge you can get to get you where you need to be, You can start getting Motivation and tips of them, and it makes it a lot more enjoyable experience at that point. Don'T be scared to ask people, people will always be happy to help You'd, probably be Surprised that the ones that look the stoniest faced, if you actually went up to them and Said “, do you mind showing me how to use this machine? Because it's my first time?'' That They would probably be more than happy to because they are probably remembering their First time when they didn't know how to use the machine and how awful it was, The more Advice you get the better off, you are.

Knowledge is power In reality, all you're trying to Do is better yourself, so you shouldn't be nervous about trying to improve your own wellbeing. At the end of the day, Don't be afraid to ask for some help. Personal Trainers aren't Scary they're normal. If you want more health and wellbeing, advice subscribe to our YouTube. Blog

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