This FREE Traffic Is The Best For Affiliate Marketing (Should You Use It?)

Now, if I don’t know how you can ask me, questions at the end of the article I’ll spend to you how I have a line that you can contact me with personally, and I ask questions in these articles now.

I do this to help. You guys understand how to build a business online, make money scale your business online and generally just get started online. If that’s something you want to do so, let’s jump in this is a very simple article, a very simple question. We actually have two questions and make sure you stated in because I do have a question that a lot of people have been asking me. I’M finally going to reveal my answer, and that question is: why do I do these YouTube articles? What’S in it? For me, what do I benefit? That’S someone, that’s something that someone asked me so I’m going to answer that question after the first question should make sure you stay to the end all right.

So this is the first question guys from one of the viewers or the one of the subscribers I wan na know what is the best way to get free traffic SEO or interest. I heard before that. Vinter is a good way to get traffic fast better than a SEO, so I want to know what do you think about it and we? What letter do you recommend me right now, because I’m just sorry, my look okay, so what are you asked was? What is the best traffic source, free traffic source search, engine, optimization or Pinterest? First of all, you’ve got to kind of understand how both of these platforms work they’re, both a search engine, so people go and search on these particular platforms.

Pinterest. On the other hand, things can go viral, so your pen can go viral. Your article can go viral on Google search engine, optimization you’re, just getting searches for a specific product or niche or keyword right so that you’re kind of limited. You can’t really. We can’t go viral, so what is the best traffic source out of those two? My favorite is search engine optimization, but when I first started online – and I recommend everybody – does this go and do both because they both have their advantages? Um Pinterest is quite easy to get followers and you know grow, and you just keep posting content, and I know it does take a while to do both and at the start you’re going to be like this is a drag.

It sucks it’s taking so long, but I actually used Pinterest at the start of this YouTube blog to send people to this YouTube blog and it helped it grow quite quickly and then I kind of slowed down once I once I grew and search engine optimization. I used to grow my blogs, so it really depends on what you’re doing, but, in my opinion, there’s no one’s not easier than the other. They both take a lot of time.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so I would recommend you do both because then you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Okay, I would recommend you do both now. If you are going to do Pinterest, I do recommend using a program called tailwind. I think it’s called and what that will, let you do is that will let you automate pins? Okay, so you can literally go and get a bunch of pins made.

You can use canva.Com, it’s completely free. Well, they have a free plan. I think you can go and use that and you can maybe spend one day a week, just scheduling all your pins, whether it be 20 pounds 30 pounds 100 pounds. Then you can spend the rest of your time going and doing search engine optimization. You’Ve just got to kind of delegate your time to specific things: okay, but if you, if you are trying to get free traffic, the way I would be doing it is search engine optimization and both Pinterest Pinterest is quite good, because if you can get a viral Pin you can get a lot of traffic quickly and I know someone who is getting over 20,000 visits per month to her blog just from Pinterest.

So Pinterest does work extremely well and they’re both search engines. So there’s no other reason why, when it wouldn’t want to use it another great traffic source for free is YouTube and it’s one of the best free traffic sources. It works really really well, so there might be another one that you might want to add into your arsenal of free traffic. Now, let’s go to the next question guys, because this is something that a lot of people ask me all the time and I never really replied some more it’s busy, but let’s just go over it real, quick and see.

What’S up and I’ll reply to it, I think it’s quite loud hi, Frank. How are you my name is Eduardo. First of all, I want to say that I am a big fan of your content. I love all of your posts. Oh, I love your articles. I just wonder why, being such a successful and trip intrapreneur yourself, why do you spend so much time helping others sharing your strategies? Sharing your secrets, I wonder: what’s in it, for you, okay, this is a great question.

I get asked this all the time and it’s completely understandable if I’m making so much money from my flip marketing businesses and my Shopify businesses. Why am I on YouTube? Well, you got to understand the reason why I asked out of my YouTube in the first place before I even started YouTube, I had blogs and I had a blog where we’re online dimes calm, where I was basically doing. I was just documenting what I do.

My businesses, there was no reason for I didn’t have a reason. I just thought. Okay, I’m just going to start writing down what I’m doing. I was working on other websites. I had. I had Amazon affiliate websites at the time I still do have a few, but not ones that I’ve had back. Then I had Adsense websites, I was doing drop shipping, but I just started documenting what I was doing. That’S all I was doing, and I never really had any intentions to make money from that blog.

But I started putting an affiliate links as you do, because it would make sense to just do it. If you get in traffic and then I started doing YouTube as well, I started doing YouTube sort of like I started, doing YouTube based on affiliate marketing, how to rank websites and stuff like that and then actually a lot of hate at the start and a kind Of made website add the YouTube blog get bigger more subscribers, so I just kept going and a lot of people always say well white.

You know two people. Why are you doing this? If, if you make so much, money from this, you’ve got to realize that YouTube and my other blog – and you know why I do this – it’s simple. This is another. It’S another income source like if you had a YouTube blog where you were getting traffic and all that sort of stuff. It just makes sense to put ads on it. It just makes sense to maybe do affiliate marketing or maybe sell a course.

However, the primary goal of this blog has always been to help educate people. I try to do the best in-depth tutorials I possibly can sometimes it’s quite hard because I you know I do work on my other, my other projects and my other businesses and you might notice that my YouTube blogs kind of slow down a little bit. So I’ve been kind of just taking a break going back to my usual businesses and kind of sticking to those, because they are my main focus and I’ve get him back into ranking websites and that sort of stuff.

But you’ve got to understand that the let’s say people like me, like I get a lot of hate like people like, oh you’re, scammer. You know this doesn’t work. This doesn’t work. Why you doing YouTube? If I wasn’t doing YouTube or people I mean weren’t, doing YouTube or blogs teaching people you wouldn’t have anybody to learn from, and that was one of the hardest things I came across when I started. I had nobody to literally nobody to learn from.

There was one blog I learned from and that was called math. You would would hurt co uk I had nobody else to learn from. I literally had to test everything myself and it took so long. It was very, very painful. Now you have all these people, you can learn from and a lot of you guys don’t see it, but in my emails, like literally probably once or twice a week, sometimes more, I get people show me results that they’ve got from following my training.

Follow my youtube. Following things that I teach in my blog as well, so that I am helping people and that’s the reason, the main reason why I do this, but yes, there is a factor as well with money you get paid with ads, you get affiliate commissions, you could sell A course, but it makes sense to do that – it’s smart business to do that, like I’m, not going to give away my course for free that I spend months creating that I spend hours every single week helping people inside the course.

So obviously, you have to charge a fee for that time is money, but to answer that question for you the reason I do this is because I just first started documenting everything I was doing and I didn’t even have any idea this YouTube blog would grow. I didn’t think I would grow at all. I thought no one’s going to care whatever I’m just going to put out content and then once it started growing, I kind of seen like okay, I’m just going to keep going right once you kind of see that growth and you can it kind of got to Thank the haters for their because they’re, the ones that made it grow, they’re, the ones that talk about you they’re, the ones that spread you around, because I did get a lot of hate when I started.

But it helped me – and I did put out a lot of great tutorials the past. I wouldn’t that my youtube-blog, the tutorials, have kind of gone down a little bit downhill and the reason for that is because I have been focusing on so many things. You’Re, focusing on drop shipping affiliate marketing. All my blogs, I mean focusing on offline stuff property. I’Ve been focusing on all these things and I will admit yes, my YouTube content has gone downhill a little bit.

So that’s why I’ve kind of brought it back a little bit doing instead of doing articles every two to three days. I’M now doing articles every 4 to 5 days. Just so, I can bring out better quality for you, guys and kind of dock go back to more of documenting what I’m doing. So if you go back to some of my really good affiliate marketing tutorials, I share stuff that no one else has ever shared before online.

Ever I’ve got case studies that no one’s ever done online. I should leave a link to some of them below. I did a case study where I use YouTube ads to make a lot of affiliate marketing commissions with click funnels. No one, there’s no other article on the planet right now. That shows you that method, because I’m the only one that did it for that particular platform and use that particular funnel that I had so you just got ta kinda.

Remember that we’re here to help you well I’m here to help you now when I first started, I was just putting out content because I was like I’ve got a bit of spare time, I’m going to document what I’m doing and I didn’t think anyone would care And then people started coming in and learning from me. So that’s another episode down guys if you do have any questions. Okay to do this. We’Re going to do is go to the link in the description, click on it and you can ask me a voice message.

You can ask me, questions there and I will use them in these series to help you bidder yourself online. You know start making money or grow your business if you already have one online and I kind of want to put it out there guys that it is possible to have a business online, a lot of people are really skeptical. They don’t. I don’t know why, like he, some for some reason, this online world is like everyone thinks everyone’s so skeptical as if they don’t make money you’re a scammer.

Well, if you go and start a plumbing business and you fail, is your university – a scammer is you’re, the gut person that told you how to be a plumber, a scammer, there’s plumbing, just a scam. It’S to say it’s all the same like online and offline. Is the same thing: it’s just running: it’s just a business you’re trying to start an online business. I think it’s! Maybe it’s because people are like trying to make money quick and they don’t make money quick and then they just blame the next.

The next person in line well, they blame the person that taught them. Who knows anyway I’ll see you guys the next article there’s some free training on the screen. You’Ve got ta, learn how to make money online start. Your own business also leave some articles down below. You can click on those articles. They will take you to some free training. You can also click the link to ask me a question: don’t forget to subscribe Ted that notification about guys smash that like button, if you do, have any kind of like questions right now.

You can’t ask me in the comment section but I’d rather you ask me in the link below click the articles and I’ll see you there

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