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So if you don’t even have your own product, if you’re more of an affiliate marketer, you can use these funnels, they give you to promote those high ticket items, and all you have to do is just send traffic to him and the webinars will do everything else. That’S already included so visit my website here. The link will be under the article and it’ll go over more details about the product. It’Ll tell you about the upsells, the pricing and you can pick up some exclusive bonuses that I’m going to be offering.


If you decide to buy a webinar kit through my website – okay, so let’s jump in here. So this is my webinar kit membership area, and it is, I mean you just take a look at you can see wow. This is nice, there’s not much here and, and that’s one of the things I love about this tool, is it’s so easy to use and everything is just a step-by-step pattern and once you do that and get it set up, it just runs on its own.

So webinars these are perfect for especially promoting high ticket items because you can set these up to run a specific times day after day after day and also build your email list. So I’ve already got one built here, but I’m going to go through and build an entirely new and for you, so you can see the full process of how it works and how easy it is to use anytime. You get stuck and go to get started.

There’S a few article tutorials there to show you how it works contact for help and if you ever want to return to this page, they didn’t put a link up here for that you actually have to go over top of your name and click on dashboard. To return here, otherwise, if you click on the logo, it takes you to the sales page, okay, so we’re going to click on new webinar okay. So this is the first step of creating your webinar and what you want to do is put in your article url or if you’ve got the bonuses that were included, you can just use one of those if you don’t have your own to use.

For this example, I’m going to use a article review – I’d done a article me, so I’m just going to copy my link and I’m going to paste it here and that we use this article as the webinar article. So I’m going to head and click Save and next now, in this section we can go ahead and mark the webinar as active. If we want I’m going to go ahead, just turn that one for now and we’re going to give it a name and I’m going to call it vid Nami review or I could call it vid nominee webinar, which ever a title and, let’s just say, create articles Online with ease – and I’m not going to put a description in there and then a duration in minutes.

This is 10 minutes and 37 seconds, so we’ll just say: 11 minutes the webinar presenter. So I’ve already got myself added here. What you do just click on add presenter, your name a little biography. If you want to add it your email and then add your photo here now, once that’s done, you’re going to schedule the webinar and you can schedule it, what says just-in-time scheduling is enabled and then what you can do is you can schedule this? However often you want it to to show up so if I want it to be every day, I’d say: let’s do 8 a.

M. And then click Add date and then let’s say I want to have it again at 9:00 a.M. And then I can do this for Every hour every half hour, every 15 minutes, if I wanted to so regardless of what time they register for this webinar, the next webinar is going to be starting in the next 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. So they don’t have to wait that long. Okay, so once that’s done we’re going to save it and scroll down and click Next, and here we have the registration page type now, depending on whether you get the pro version or not you’re, going to have different options here to set up your registration page.

I just have the standard page which, if we open it up, looks like this here and we can change the background color. We can change this logo. You can see here. This was the name we gave it. This was the description and they can register here by putting in their name and their email address and registering, and this will sync up with your autoresponder, so they do have autoresponders in here. If we go over to settings, I believe and integrations you can see.

It has active campaign, Aweber convertkit, get response and Mel Chim. Currently, okay. So let’s go ahead and close out here now the webinar registration page. You can design it with a background call or a gradient. You can change the text color and you can choose what shows up on it, such as the title subtitle description, the countdown timer and all the other information you can see here and then you can also choose your own logo to show up once.

That’S done, you want to click, Save and next now webinar live settings. Okay, so we can have email questions, email, questions, box enabled, and I’m going to show you this here in a minute, once we go into the webinar, we can do Live Chat, enable that and we can also redirect them to a different URL after the webinar is Over there’s also webinar offer settings, and this will show up within the chat area up at the top, where you can place an offer and have a description, a price and then a link for them to pick it up and then down here you can do an Offer countdown timer either enable or disable it so, let’s go ahead and click Save and next ok, webinar notifications, automatic confirmation, emails, one-day reminder: emails, automatic 30-minute reminder email.

So all this is going to be sent out. You don’t have to do anything with it now before I forget there would be another option here under live for chat and it’s a really neat feature. It’S one of the upsells and it allows you to schedule chats messages to show up within the chat as your article is playing, but you set up the messages yourself. So basically, when you set up the webinar, you can go in there and you can have these messages pop up in the chat.

Looking like they’re from other people asking questions saying things whatever it is just to cut just to bring about more interaction. Arouse more curiosity within the product itself, which is a very, very neat feature, so we’ll go ahead and save this down: here’s where you’re going to integrate it. If you’ve synced it up with your API, you would just click whichever one it is and then there’ll be a drop-down box for you to choose your campaign from whichever integration you chose, so we’re going to click complete and that’s it.

Now, from this page, we have three links. So, first of all, we have our stats, so we can come in here and we can look at our stats that the dropout times all the traffic, the conversions, the engagement, the registrants, their email first lastname, everything which is incredible – I mean everything is so easy. So put together if we want to go back, look up here go back to dashboard and we can also edit it again.

If we choose the edit button or we can choose the link and the link is going to give us access to all the links that we need for this webinar, so the registration link, we can copy it by clicking this one or if we pick this one Here it’s going to open it up and show you what it looks like. So this is the webinar if we were to go in here and if I was to put in my information we’ll just do this and go register.

Just thank you for registering I’m going to get emailed about. It’S going to notify me, send me a link to it and then at that time I can go and log in and read it. What you’re going to see here in a minute? Okay. So this is the read room link which we want to go in a second, but this is the control room link. So if we open it up, this is basically where you can see the admins join the chat, you can type messages, send them and you got emojis and all that cool stuff.

But what we’re going to do is go in the read rooms, we’ll open it up, and this is what it’s going to look like. So here’s my article that it’s going to automatically place whatever article you’ve added in here, whether it’s one of the done-for-you funnels they have or whether it’s your own article. This is going to be it. They can ask a question in our email enter question. Here’S the chat, type of message.

Everything is right here and it’s all just done automatically. So once you set it up, you can just share that link. You can create whether they’re articles, whether you do it from your website, maybe it’s through an opt-in where you provide you know a free article or training for this or that and they register, and then they come here. Then they can read this and then if they decide they want to buy it, they can pick it up and it just continues to do this 24/7 on its own, which is why webinars are so powerful for most of both affiliate, marketers and product owners and to Be able to pick this up at a one-time price to get.

What I just showed you is is is an offer that I have seen before, because if you know most of those other webinar services online, the one-time price you pay for this is what you pay. Every month, at a minimum with a lot of these other services, so it’s a super deal and from what I am told is that, after the launch date, this will be a reoccurring monthly product. So if this is something you guys are interested in being able to set up these evergreen reoccurring, webinars to promote affiliate products or to promote your own products and services pick it up this week, go to my website the links under the article where you can see About the upsells that you may also be interested in adding on to it and also the bonuses you can get if you happen to buy it through my website, so this is webinar kit.

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