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I’M going to break down what this auto webinar software does. If it’s worth your time and money, I’m also going to go over the OTO s, I’m also going to let Phil Schaeffer give you a demonstration on how this works. This is my brand spanking new account with webinar kit. I have experience using other webinars myself, but I usually send that traffic to an affiliate.

Now I can host my own okay. This is, for example, affiliate sells with auto webinars that I’ve done with vendors product vendors. These are not my own, auto webinars is me sending traffic over to a trusted vendor. As you can see, I’ve made quite a bunch quite a lot with auto webinars. Now I can host my own. This is my brand spanking new webinar kit and I’m going to let Phil Shaffer demonstrate and show you how it works.

Welcome to the demo of the absolute best, auto webinar sauce platform, as well as funnel builder on the web, welcome to webinar kit. Let’S go ahead and login to our demo. Webinar kit account to see just how easy and smooth the webinar kit is to use to help all types of businesses so immediately when you log in you’ll, be taken to the dashboard and you’ll, see, there’s no confusing elements whatsoever.

You’Re able to see your list of webinars right away and you can see we have a couple of demo webinars already and on each webinar. We’Ve got a few very simple buttons now. This second button with the link icon immediately, gives you your links so that you can get them right away and you can see how easy this is all the relevant links that you might need for. Your auto webinar funnels are available immediately.

Additionally, you get beautiful easy-to-read analytics for all of your webinars by clicking on this third button here, as you can see, everything is consolidated on one simple and easy to understand page every single metric you would want or need is on this page. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this now if we go back to the dashboard and click on that first button of our little demo webinar. That will allow us to easily edit this webinar, and you can see that we’ve broken down the process of creating and editing webinars into a simple series of steps so that even someone who’s never built a webinar before will be able to easily do this.

Previous auto webinar softwares are clunky, outdated and oftentimes hard to use. This is something so simple and smooth that anyone can get in here and create full, auto webinar funnels in literally minutes. That’S because webinar kit was designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use, regardless of experience level so that even someone who’s completely new to webinars and auto webinars can create a high converting webinar funnel in just two minutes.

Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the actual webinar pages that the software creates for you. So here, for example, is a beautiful registration page that we generated in literally seconds using webinar tape. As you can see here, this is the actual registration form where potential webinar registrants will enter their information, such as their name and email address, and this is fully customizable inside the software.

We’Ll take a look at that in just a moment. So this is a simple, beautiful, modern registration page. It looks great on desktop tablets and phones, so you’re not going to lose out on any traffic visiting your funnel and once people register for this webinar they’ll be taken to the read page and again here in the washroom. We have a simple and elegant layout with everything you need to drive high ticket sales.

Obviously we have the article which can be full screened very easily. On top of that, we have customizable logo branding, which you can change to anything you want. We have live chat that you can choose to enable on the read room as well, so that you can run like live webinars at a certain schedule time so that you can easily answer any questions that viewers may have. If you don’t want to have live chat.

No worries you can disable that and just enable the email questions box, where viewers can type in a question and an email will be sent to your account and you can directly reply to those viewer questions. In addition, we obviously support live offers during the webinar as well. So you can set your product offer to display at a specific time, during the webinar presentation, and obviously you can set this button link to be whatever you want, so that when the viewer clicks on that button, they can be taken to a product checkout page.

For example – and we make sure that the article starts auto-playing for viewers when they enter the room, so it’s pretty much indistinguishable from an actual live webinar, allowing you to retain higher conversions. So everything is totally optimized to be a great doing. Experience for the viewer to help answer any questions that a viewer might have about the webinar or product and drive higher conversions.

So with that said, let’s jump back inside and see how easy it is to create your own, auto webinar, funnel here back on the dashboard you’ll see this button that says new webinar and we can simply click that to get started on the first step. Here we’ll be asked to provide a link to our webinar article file. Super simple just provide a link to a article file hosted anywhere such as Vimeo or Amazon s3, for example, and that article will then be shown in the washroom super easy super simple.

On the next step, we’ll be asked to fill in a few details like the title and description of the webinar, the person who will be presenting the webinar and then. Lastly, the schedule of the webinar. Now webinar kit is very powerful in terms of its scheduling options and it lets you create webinar schedules for various date configurations. For example, you can do one specific time and date, or you can do webinars – that repeat every certain time and day, like every Tuesday at 3 p.

M. For example, and then of course, we also have just-in-time webinars to maximize conversions, so that anyone who shows up to The registration page will be able to read the webinar within just a few minutes of registering and just to show you how easy it is to add dates for your webinar. Let’S just do a little test run here. Let’S say I want to add a webinar to play every Tuesday, we’ll just select Tuesday from the strap down here.

Let’S say we want to have it play at three o’clock p.M. Est time and we’ll just click. This add date button and that’s it. This webinar will be presented every Tuesday at 3:00 p.M. Eastern Standard Time. Now, on the next step, we’ll be able to edit our registration page. Here you can easily edit things like the background, color text, color, branding images and any of the title, subtitles or descriptions that show up.

Plus you can specify the fields that people will need to enter in order to register such as their first name last name, email or phone number. On the next page. You can easily configure what the viewer will see on the webinar launch page. You can easily hide or show the live, chat, the email questions box and your webinar offer and then, on the final step, you can configure your email notifications for the webinar again webinar kit is super, convenient and easy to use.

So we automatically handle sending out beautiful notification emails with your branding to anyone who’s registered for your webinar. That way, people will be notified when they’re scheduled webinar is about to start and you can easily set which emails people receive just by flipping these toggles here and that’s all handled automatically for you. But if you want to get a bit more advanced and set up your own email, autoresponder sequence, we integrate with all of the major email autoresponder software’s out there, such as active campaign, Aweber convertkit, get response MailChimp and we’re planning on adding a bunch more in the Very near future and once you’ve filled in all the basic info, you can just click the complete button and your auto webinar funnel is created and good to go.

So again, you will absolutely love how easy we’ve made this entire process of creating auto webinar funnels. You can literally get up and running within minutes of using webinar kit. Once your first webinar is created, you can easily edit the webinar grab any links you need like the registration page or the read page, and also check out detailed and easy-to-understand analytics for your webinar. There has never been an auto webinar software like this before that creates such simple, beautiful, smooth and modern webinar funnels for you to profit, so I’m sure you’re going to love it.

That concludes this demo. Thank you for reading now that you understand how webinar kit works. Let me go over the custom bonuses I have for you bonus number one. Is my article traffic and profit report? How I made hundreds was a seven minute article. My case study, plus how-to guide, bonus number to my webinar kit. Premium bonus keyword, research for 2020. I said $ 98 value yet for free, most important type of keyword, research.

You need to do for traffic, how to Plus case study. Okay. This is my bonus. Bonus number three and one of the most important ones here – is my Pinterest traffic toolkit, the best converting Pinterest template for free and fast traffic to get a template. My template and how-to guide. Okay for bonus number four: you get my youtube traffic method plus guide. My best-kept secrets for youtube traffic software case study plus method.

Okay, number five webinar care premium bonus. Let me help you I’m going to give you access to me, or we can ask me questions and get help from me direct okay. This offer is available as long as this countdown timer is ticking away. Okay, really important to remember and also remember that webinar kit, webinar kit will be available at a one-time price. You pay once and that’s it. Okay after the launch period.

Okay, it’s going to be a recurring monthly, so if you get in now during the launch period, then you don’t pay again ever this is yours for life and that this launch period will end. Let me see right quick. This will end on February 26. 2020. Okay. 20/20 February 26. So, let’s get back to the bonuses before I get to the OTO s, bonus number six, my retargeted traffic method. One of the best ways I get leads is to get my traffic that has left my site and get them to return back to my site for very cheap.

I’M going to show you how to do this as well and convert that traffic into leads, and that’s what you want for your webinar kit. You want to do wan na turn your traffic into leads, so you can convert them into sales. Just like this number. Seven. All exclusive bonuses for webinar kit you’re going to get through me as well. Okay, I want to don’t want you to understand that you’re not missing out on anything not only to get my custom bonuses, they get all the bonuses that come with webinar kit number eight.

My twenty twenty traffic method, how I get over a thousand these targeted visits a day, all free traffic, I’m going to give you case study and how to get I’m going to show you exactly behind the scenes. How I’m able to do that and number nine neo loss tracking the new way to do loss tracking to undercut the experts? Okay, so there are professional people out there who make a living with launch jacking.

You don’t want to go up against them. You want to pick products that you can actually compete with, and you know products that have a good search value. I’M going to show you how to do that. With bonus. Number nine bonus, number ten! You get my laptop mobile ready, Landers. I know that you know these types of page builders like thrive themes and click funnels or little bit a little bit expensive for for people who are starting out.

So I’m going to get you a free alternative, completely free, I’m going to show you how to edit it how to design your own Lander is all very easy. Just you know you type in your information and you upload it to your to your server very easy stuff, I’m going to show how to do that with uh with bonus number ten. This includes my templates. I have over thirty templates in ten different issues. Number eleven.

You get my Facebook algorithm hack for traffic at a ton of high converting traffic using this neat little hack yeah. My case study, guide, plus script and number twelve learn how I earn online every day and wacky little niches with our website. This is my case study plus guy okay. So that’s that’s. What are the rubb webinar kit bonuses? I’M providing for you? Okay, make sure you claim those, and, as for the OTO, there are four now I would never ever promote a product or review a product that requires the OTO s.

I have my opinions where I think some of them are recommended that they could help you out, but none of them are needed. Okay and number one is pro version. This includes additional registration templates, article hosting and pull so you can actually put a poll up during your auto webinar and get people to answer them. Truth be told, I don’t think you need this. It will. You know right. I do recommend it because you get additional templates that you can see if they convert better for you or not.

You know you can see you can actually test with different templates, but I just have the standard version. Okay, I don’t have any any additional templates, but I can see why it could help again, so you can test to see which template your your traffic reacts better. 202 number two is that 37 bucks again recommended, but not needed, set automated chats to increase conversions within the webinars. This also includes automated call to actions CTAs, so you can have these CTAs pop up at different times of your auto webinar, okay and number 315 done for you, high ticket funnels that are ready to go and built in in the built-in sorry webinar, cadet.

67 bucks. This is recommended again but not needed. I believe that one of the vendors Stephane ciancia, no, I believe, is how you pronounce his name. He has one of his funnels ready for you to go. If you get this, if you get o to a number three you’re going to use one of his funnels that I know converts very well actually I I profited the if you see these little 18 dollar commissions I made I made this off of that funnel.

So I know this funnel converts, so I know this funnel converts very well, so I recommend that as well but again not needed. You can find your own. If you don’t want to get Stefan’s funnels, you can also get funnels off of Clickbank and a variety of niches and number four. I don’t think you need it all unless you into providing services, I’m not anymore. So I’d like to give opinions based on what I do currently online and if you’re into this providing services to other marketers or other small businesses, then yes, why not agency makes sense, but if you’re, if you’re, all about passive income like like it like, I do, Then I would recommend not getting this and just stick to one two and three.

If you want again to take advantage of this one-time deal, remember after February 26 2020 everything is going to become recurring, so anybody who purchased to purchases webinar kit after February 26 they’re going to have to be on the recurring monthly okay. So if you buy it, if you get this now, you don’t have to deal with any of that. If you get any of these ot OHS, you have to deal with any of that.

So I highly recommend you get get them but again not need it. So that’s my webinar kit review in a nutshell, if you have any questions about the webinar good software about how it works, how I source how I source out of webinars – let me know in the comment section and I’ll, be happy to help again these bonuses that I have for you down below, are cream of the crop. This is what works for me. This is what I, what I’ve been using for the for the past couple of years to profit online, so I hope you take advantage it.

Okay, take care. Let me know what you think and talk to you later: bye, bye,


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