Webinarkit Review ? & Bonuses ?

Officially, they would launch his product a month ago, but it was really busy that time in the lounge scene, so they decided to launch it today and it’s really good. I already looked at this platform last month and it it works really good.

I’M going to give you a live demo of this product and show you exactly how it works. I also got some huge bonuses for you when you purchase this through my link, you can go below this article on YouTube. There’S a link in the description that will redirect you to my website, where you will also see all my bonuses that you’re going to get they’re listed in here and when you purchase through one of these buttons.

You automatically get these bonuses in your warrior, Plus accounts. Now, before I go over my bonuses, I just want to show you how this product works and webinar kit is a product. The creator of webinar kit is Stefan CNC, oh and he’s an experienced experienced host for webinars. He also has hosted webinars for myself after I’ve launched products, and we did really well with those webinars and now, Stefan after doing a lot of webinars himself, he created this webinar platform for you to use now.

First of all, webinar kit is not a live. Webinar platform, everything that you do with webinar kit is simulated, which means that you have pre-recorded webinars, and you can do that yourself and also that will I think there will be five pre done webinars for you with webinar kit that you can use. So you can run it automatically from the start and start making yeah profits from your webinars. Now simulated webinars are pre-recorded webinars and that’s what this product is all about, and I have to say that I have not seen a webinar platform that does that.

Does those simulated webinars that is so good as webinar, kids, everything and you will see it when we do true is is very, very smooth. It looks good, it works good and it’s just a very solid product. Now let me just show you how it works when you log in this is what you will see. You will see your dashboard and then you can create a new webinar here. So what you can do is you can use a URL that you can use as a article.

So when you click this, you can upload your own article. If you want to do that, so you can browse your computer and then you can upload your own article or you can simply use a URL and paste that in here. So in this case we’re going to use this one and going to click Save. And then we go to next now, then we need to fill out our webinar details. So here you fill out your webinar name, your webinar title subtitle your description and the webinar duration in minutes.

So let’s say this webinar in 60 minutes, then you can add your presenter. So these are the presenters. You can add presenters yourself. So let’s say you want to add presenter Tim for Dow. You could add your biography and the presenter email and the photo, and you can say at presenters so right now these are the presenters. You can also delete the other ones and then you can add presenters in your webinar.

Of course the others would not be there. If this is your accounts, but this is just a testing account and then here it comes the interesting part where you can schedule your webinar. Now you can do just-in-time, scheduling is enabled you can say I want to do this on every specific date, so you can say I want to do this on. Let’S say you want to run this webinar on the 23rd of February. At let’s say you want to do this at 6:00 p.

M. Then you can do it like this, so you can add your date and run this at one time replay a webinar or a one-time, simulated, webinar or what you can do is you can say I want To run this every day, that’s, for example, 6:00 p.M. Est at the date, and then you can take another one. I also want to run this at 7:00 p.M. Est, and I want to run this at 8:00 p.M. Est. Now this way, when somebody registers for the webinar, they can choose from three different times, and that makes the cool thing about simulated webinars these days everywhere.

Everyone knows that the most webinars are not live anymore and people don’t care. They simply want to see the webinar em. That’S why webinars are so powerful, because people really take the time to take a look at your webinar and your promotion to say so so here you can schedule these webinars in specific days or specific time so that people can choose. You can also say I want to run this every whatever you like, and then you simply hit save and now your times are being saved.

Then you go to the registration. You click on next and here you can do the registration page. Now there are different pages. So you could do the standard. The right side, cover left side, cover, right, side, image and left side image. So let’s take the standard for now and here you can change the colors on your registration page, so you can fit that to your brand’s. Also the background image you can do that you can do background gradients, effect, etc, text color, so there’s a lot to be modified on the page, but not too much that it takes you too much work to set up your webinar now here you got a whole Bunch of options which allow you to enable or disable so your web, one webinar title will be shown.

The subtitle will be hidden. If you want to hide the subtitle, the webinar description will be shown. The countdown timer last name. Well, you see all these the brand. The logo, you can upload your own logo, first name last name, etc. Just fill out the details, as you like, and then simply go through the next phase. If you want to see it, you could click on preview, then it will open a new page. You can see this is the simple registration page now you can also do something else like the right side cover.

I really like these designs. I think I need to save it first and then want to preview. This look how this looked like. So this is really cool and then you could do your own image in the background going to show you another example in the minutes that I already created before, and you simply click on next in here, you can set up your webinar. What happens when people visit your webinar, so you could do a questions box that is enabled you could do webinar live chat that is enabled you could do redirect attendees after the webinar is enabled, so you could redirect them to your offer.

Now this everything makes it look like that its life, so people can send questions through email that you will receive or the webinar Live Chat is also enabled, so that people can ask questions on the chat and there’s another really cool feature, also within webinar. A kid that I’m going to show you that has everything to do with this live chat. Now, here you can say the webinar offer settings you can set up an offer, so you can set up a hand, line a description, offer price, a call to action and you could offer multiple offers on offer to and offer three.

If you have multiple offers, you can add that into the webinar itself, and you can also add and countdown time or not this webinar kids webinar kit has everything a professional webinar. Also has I mean the countdown timer, so you can. You could put scarcity into your webinars, etc so that people have to decide before the countdown timer hits zero, etc. Now look what you got can do more, so you can add a poll to your website.

You also see that many times when we run the webinar, we pull so choose what you like, and then people can fill out the poll to make it really interactive and to get their attention to the webinar. Also, you can upload your webinar handout settings. So the headline description – call-to-action – not really upload, but you could do you could add a URL where people could download your your handouts.

You could upload this to Google Docs, for example, and you can tell exactly let’s say after 30 minutes. I want people to get the handout, so you could time exactly when you have pre-recorded pre-recorded webinar. You could tell exactly when people need to have access to these handouts and then the cool thing that I just talked about is the simulated chat setting. So you could also add chat messages as if they are live, so you could say this is, for example, this is John and John says here: hey this is cool stuff and then this message needs to be played in two minutes, for example, or at 12 minutes And an ad chat message, and now this chat is being added to your webinar.

You can see here it is hey, this is cool stuff, and this makes it look real. It makes it like that this webinar once was life or let’s say it, looks like the webinars live, because all the chat comes in. But if people know that this is another live webinar, it looks like they are reading a replay where everyone has responded to the webinar. So I really like this simulated chat also and, like I said everything is included in this webinar software that you normally see within a professional webinar software.

Also now, when we click Next, you can set up your email notifications. You can automatically send confirmation, emails, automatic one-day reminder, emails, 30-minute, reminder, emails and also automatic replay reminder emails. You can able that also, as far as I could see, you cannot change these emails and that’s why you can also integrate your own autoresponder. So you can say you can connect your activecampaign, a weber, convertkit get response in MailChimp.

You can set up your own autoresponder because you already have the links to your webinar. You could set up this webinar for them automatically. So when somebody registers, you can say automatically to send them the emails and then you hit, save and then complete, and then your webinar is done and that’s how quickly you create your webinar. Now let me show you here how it looks like so this is one of the webinars, and this is the registration form, and this is what I told you you could add your photo in the background here.

So how to sell anything with webinars in this webinar. Will teaching you how to leverage webinars for your own business and it starts in 11 minutes and you could select one of these dates in here and then setup your name and then your email and then register now and then you will be redirected to here. Thank you for registering for the webinar how to sell anything with webinars. The webinar starts in two hours, 26 minutes and 14 seconds, and right now I’m receiving here.

I don’t know if you can see that but you’re receiving here. This is from. Let me see if you can see that, but the top one – no, it’s not not too clear, but I’m getting a message in here. Thank you for registering for the webinar you’ll, find all the important details about the upcoming event below and in a webinar titled webinar description, webinar dates and the webinar read room links. So people can click this link, they will be redirected to read room and the emails will be sent automatically.

The look out of this emails looks really professional also, so that makes it a really true webinar experience. Now this is the read room link. So when we open the read room link, this is what the webinar read room. Every privacy and everything is in here also download the presentation slides you like this webinar people from chest closest and the admin chat has to has joined to chance. So here people can type the messages, hey cool stuff, and then this will be added to the chat also.

So this is a really cool experience. You see this is not a YouTube article that people will see. You cannot fast forward these webinars, they just start playing when people join the webinar room, as you can see here it plays now, then we also got the the replay room link. So this is a replay of the webinar, where it really can read the replay of the webinar and there’s also a control room link where you can say: okay, Trump control room, my first webinar, you can type messages during the webinar also from the admin, and that Is what webinar kid is all about? It’S a very professional platform yeah.

As you can see it looks really smooth. You can see all your webinars listed in here you can. You can go to the statistics of your webinar. So when you click this button, you can see exactly how many people have readed your visit. There’S how many registration page visitors, how many people have registered attendees to replay attendees. You can see the conversions webinar attendance rates, replay attendance rates engagement, so you can see exactly how long people actually looked at your webinar.

So you can also fine-tune your webinars there’s an average time in replay the offer clicks in webinar. So you there’s a lot of information here. You see my name I just registered for this webinar. You could export these people that have registered for your webinar um. I think personally, this is a very, very good platform. I’M going to test it myself. Also, I’m definitely going to use webinar kit, because I really really like what I see in here and I really like simulated webinars.

So let me see if I have more yet. I want to talk, of course, about my bonuses that I’m going to give away. If you, if you get this through my link, so there’s a link below this YouTube article, if you click that link, you will be redirected to my website, and this is my website and let me show you what you will get so my first bonus is you’re. Going to get access to a webinar, a two thousand dollar webinar, where you going to get fifty percent commission.

So this is a perfect webinar that you can upload to webinar, kids and you’re, going to get paint thousand door for each sill that you make through this webinar and everything is done in this webinar. You simply upload this webinar webinar kit. You put your link into webinar kids and for each Hill you’re going to get thousand dollars and normally this products being sold for $ 197, but you’re going to get access to it.

If you purchase webinar kid through my website now. The second bones is how to run webinars like a pro, so here we’ll get a lot of tips, how to run webinars. If you want to run webinars yourself, so you could record your webinar pre record your webinar and then upload it to webinar kids. My third webinar is to help you, if you want to do this, you get PowerPoint templates with step-by-step and trick instructions, so he can use this template and then use these instructions fill out your own details and this this PowerPoint and Keynote.

If you’re on, the Mac will guide you from page to page what to put on that page because webinars are structured in a specific way and this bonus, this template is going to take you through these steps automatically. So you know what to fill out in those webinar pages. So that’s a bonus. This is also a two hour long training article about the perfect webinar instruction article. This is a really really powerful training also that you definitely want to take a look at if you’re going to run webinars yourself, so I’m going to give that away.

Also, then also how to monetize your webinar without having your own product. I’M also going to show you how you can do that if you do not have your own products and you like to have specific products, how to do that and how to written webinars. If you don’t have those products, this is a one page, webinar cheat sheet so that you can see at a glance what to focus on during the webinars and also no more overwhelm by creating your webinars.

This is a bonus and I’m going to give away from Jono it’s Joan’s best traffic source to run traffic to your webinar. So if you run webinars, you need traffic to send to your webinars. So this bonus will cover everything about that. Then this is nine tips for converting webinars design tips. Sorry, so it’s going to show you what what you need to take care of if you’re doing webinars with your design and then this is my last bonus, A to Z, webinar guides, where you can learn exactly how to set up webinars that converts – and I think This is huge bonus package.

I see that I type in wrong bonus. Five bonus for bonus. 3. 3. 2. 2. 1. 1. So I’m going to change that, but simply if you want to get these bonuses go through the link below this article on YouTube. In the description will redirect you to my website and simply click on one of these buttons that will redirect you to the seals eh and, if you purchase them after your purchase, simply go to your warrior.

Plus accounts login into your warrior, plus account go to your purchases and then, when you have come to your purchases, you will see access your purchase and also access affiliate bonus where you get access to these bonuses that are listed on my website here and that’s basically, What webinar kit is all about this was my review about webinar kit. If you have any questions about webinar kit feel free to shoot me a message you can, you can hit me up on my website.

There’S a chat message here behind me now. Just send me a message I’ll be happy to answer you or write them on your YouTube comments, I’ll, be happy to answer you and yeah. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to check it out on the link and by the way here. Also, the pricing the front end is thirty. Four. Ninety five there are some upsells also make sure you read them so that you can see some upgrades if you want to purchase those alright, that’s it for today.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you in my next review. Article have an awesome day. Bye, bye,


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