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This is the first ever auto webinar software and system that is built for high ticket sales that make it so that you can easily earn 497 997 1999 sales, even as a beginner, by handling all the steps from phone creation to traffic and five minutes flat. Basically, they’re taking all of the hard work out of webinars and putting it in a reasonably-priced software, and I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into the cost of hosting webinars and putting on webinars.

You will know that this is a great deal now. I know you want to see how it works, so here we go. This is the basic software the webinar kit starts out. This is the dashboard, and these are webinars that people have added in. This is a review copy and just a matter of let’s go with the crypto booster. Okay, you can edit the information. It shows you the steps it’s offering to translate this. Someone must have done it in another language, article details, registration, live and then the email follow-up system.

We don’t want that and let’s go back to the dashboard okay. So if you don’t have a clue, what you want to know is: how do you do this well and getting started? We have explanations and tutorial how to use the system, how to create your webinar if you so desire. If you are someone who is new to the whole webinar business new to trying to earn five hundred dollars on a sale, you may be interested in the done for you up in ours which hey what does that say done for you Evan ours? Now the system comes with three or four pre-made webinars.

You just go in it’s real, simple, that’s the simple part. They say you pick one. First, you need to get approved to sell it. Put your information in and start into traffic machine you’re ready to go now. Here is the list: if you buy one of the upsells that you get, I think it’s 15 of the auto webinar funnels that are already put together. You just go there put in your information and then the thing is to drive traffic.

Okay. Some of these. You may have heard of I know I have, I don’t think well, there’s one that I’ve even purchased and you just have to get approved for as a by the vendor. Okay. So that is how you get the auto. Once now, let’s see what didn’t we see? Go back to the dashboard. Let’S look at the settings, your a profile change, a password put in your presenters integrations for the email. You can leave your emails there or send them directly to your autoresponder, upload your article and then there’s the possibility for adding some accounts or people who are working for you or, if you’re selling, access to someone okay.

So we’ve looked at that. We’Ve looked at that now. What you want to know is that traffic question. They said that they had traffic now the traffic is called rapid traffic suite now. What this is is a system that works through Pinterest. Now this is a review copy again, and so I can’t go through and set it all up, but you basically put in your Pinterest profile here and what it’s telling you with this number here is that you have 1769 profiles that you should follow.

It basically picks out everyone who’s in this program. You should follow them. You should go there every day and follow people who followed you and then you need to confirm your follows and what you’re doing is building a Pinterest following and once you build a following, you can create boards and Pinterest. You can invite other people to your boards and when they’re on your boards, you can sell to them when you’re in a board.

Whatever you follow the rules and you can sell to them. So that’s basically how you’re getting the free traffic is through Pinterest boards and tribes, and all that that’s a whole thing. You can go learn from Pinterest now they do have training on it here and how to use it. This is how to use the software. The board finder, so you need to find people in your interest area and then there’s a section on marketing training how the system works.

Looking up finding these setting up your whole system, everything is spelled out for you and how to use Pinterest boards group boards and then the Tailwind tribes. All of those are aspects of getting Pinterest traffic at no very little cost, I’m not going to say no cost, because if you join till when there’s some monthly fee, you can use it a little bit for free, but it’s not worth it. You need to pay.

So don’t fall into that. I think that’s the only thing that will cost you money here that the tell when tribe thing does help you just get more and more build up with your traffic okay. So let’s look at the funnels for webinar. Get the the front end you get well, it says one I thought somewhere. I think, there’s some discrepancy here. I am sure they did said you got three at least and that they for, but whatever you get one by this auto webinar and then the rest of them.

You have to build yourself and one-time offer number three. This is like $ 35 there. So, a little bit less one-time offer number one is webinar kit pro you get a different additional professional registration page. Let me did bandwidth it’s an enhanced version. I would say you probably need that the next one is a one-time offer. Webinar chat simulator. Now this is an add-on, that’s not that expensive, but it makes it look and feel like there’s a real person there you can have you can do it can have a virtual assistant.

Do it and then there’s some auto features in that and one time off at number three is the sales accelerator now this is where you pick up the 15 ready to go done for you on a webinar funnels and in unless you have webinars already put together. You probably need to pick this one up for sure, so that you can get started right away, because it will take time to put one together from scratch. Okay and then what time offer number four is the agency.

This is where you set up with five team members or five sub accounts, so you can sell that access or you can have virtual assistants signed up to use that access. So there you have webinar kit. Now, if you purchase this by clicking on the link below this article, you will come to this super keen bonus page for a webinar on art. I have put together a number of bonuses that will enhance your engagement with the webinar kit.

Now, that’s there’s a recap of the prices, the funnel just for information, all that it does there’s a article on welcome to our demo. The absolute best is fashioned by just a bit of both, and here, if you use one of these green buttons, I have some very special bonuses that make this all worth it. This is a bonus put together by my friend Jojo Armstrong and what he’s doing for a short while he hasn’t agreed to how long this will be available.

But it’s access to a webinar that Jono and Brendon have on the project profit system and they you will make like $ 1,000. If you make a sale, it’s like $ 2,000. So give me 50 % and that’s not going to stay there long. He said it might be available for just a matter of hours, and it will come down, cannot leave that there forever. The other bonuses are all custom put together. Just for the webinar kit, and this one is bonus.

Number two is how to run a webinar like a pro bonus. Number three is a tutorial on the best traffic source to run for your webinar bonus. Number four is how to monetize your webinar without having your own product again, there jono has a source or other webinars that you can have access to that are already there just for you to use, and then the last one is. There are bonuses that the vendor has and they will all be included on the sales page.

When you click this link, you will receive a bonus page with all of the bonuses that are available to you at that time. Like I said, these bonuses are, will mostly be there until Monday at midnight, but some of them may come down sooner depending on how many people get them can’t afford to give them to everybody. So there you have the webinar kit. I think it’s a good deal going to buy it myself and there’s some possibilities there.

So that’s that review and I’ll be back with another one before you know it Thanks.


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