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Welcome to my webinar kid review and, if you’re asking yourself, what is this product all about? Well, this is an auto webinar software cloud based software with which basically lets you upload done-for-you webinars, made by professionals that are going to make this hell for you now. Usually, these are meant for high ticket products because of the high conversion that you know, webinars has with high ticket products and that’s something that I’ve been doing.

I send people to an auto webinar and get sales through those auto webinars, okay. So, but before I show you inside this product here, I’m going to talk about my bonuses and if you click the link below this article you’re going to find my bonus page, there’s a timer there and once it hits here are my bonuses are going to expire. Now I spend a lot of time creating my bonuses and all of these bonuses here are custom made by me.

So that means that everything here is not private label content. Okay, so that being said, let’s talk about the bonus number one, so the bonus number one is my brand new exclusive copy and paste’ high converting warm five-day email, webinar sequence template now. Why is this important? Because if you don’t warm up the people for your webinar, the chances of getting a sale are actually lower. So I would recommend you having a warm up.

Okay, a five-day email going to give you this here, not entitle unnecessary, but it’s going to increase your results. So the bonus number two is how to get obscene amounts of targeted traffic to your webinars. This is something that I’ve learned from other people and it’s one of the best ways of actually getting the best kind of traffic for your webinars, and I’m going to show you that inside is bonus.

The bonus number 3 is where to get a powerful hike. Whurling webinar script created for you for just $ 10. If you want to do this, you can outsource this and have it done for you and just run the webinar. The bonus number four is where the final high ticket done for you webinars and OTO webinars that you can use with webinar kids. So if you are in the Philip Morris for promoting others, other products from you know other people creating high ticket products and the problem is sometimes where to actually find those auto webinars.

I’M going to show you exactly where you can grab those done for you. High quality made by professionals okay, so this is something that you’re definitely not going to are not going to receive anywhere else now you can click any of these green buttons to get to the actual sales page. That being said, if we talked about the bonus number five you’re going to get my simple five-step formula for turning your existing webinars into a full-fledged product that you can sell, you know for even more profits.

Now. This is something that I could actually sell as a side product, but I’m including this here instead and do believe you’re going to benefit from this one. I spend a lot of time creating this specific bonus and all the resources which are free. If you want to do that and and those are included here – the bonus number six are, of course, all the vendor bonuses that every other affiliate are offering to you.

So that being said, let’s head over to the actual product, so once you land here inside this, a cloud-based software, if we click on this link here that says getting started, you’re going to get all the documentation. This is our you know: getting started, guy the webinar kids basics, how to create webinars everything that you need to get started, but you can do hmm sorry. You can read that on your own time.

So how does it work and I’m good, and I’m going to show you exactly how this works here and basically you want to start here when you start a new webinar, I’m going to take this example here you can select to use a article that you upload From from your computer, or you can use a specific link that goes to a webinar online, so I’m just going to use this webinar that are, you know, is on this URL hosted here.

Then I click on next and then we have a couple of settings here. You want to click on this to make the webinar active. Then you want to name it. You want to set a title, a subtitle and a description. Okay, then we have the web description in minutes. If you want to do that, and it’s going to leave it as it is, and then you can add a presenter here, if you want to I’m going to leave it as it is, and then we have, you know the webinar schedule, you can have different dates Here and you can click on this button here to add a specific date or dates now, if we go to the next section here, you can have you know, a registration page type in this case is going to be a left side image, there’s no different options Here you can have a background color, I’m just going to leave it as it is here, and then we have this link, I’m going to click on this.

You can have a preview of how it’s going to look like and look. You know something like this looks very, very professional in my opinion and the then, if we continue here, there’s a couple of functions that you can enable or disable such as you want the title to be shown. The description to be shown. The count and timer which I recommend you add to make, and I you know, give out or give scar City have scar City which is going to increase the conversions.

Then we have the webinar presenter that you know you can have that shown. If you want to the first name field also – and you can have the last nine last name hidden, if you want you and other functions or settings as you want, then you can click on the next button and we have some other functions here, such as you Know, email, questions box if you want to disable or enable you have a live chat, enable which is you know great for interaction, then we have some webinar offer or this heading here.

If you want, you know, offer headline description and they offer URL and so on. I’M going to leave it as it is, and I’m going to keep on going here. You can add a poll if you want to, then we have a webinar handout settings. You can also include these settings here if you want to, for example, I click on this button is going to be like this. We have a handout started minutes and the end in minutes as well.

You can also add a shad message here. I’M going to include these ones that are already included, but it looks like this. If you want to add it, and then we continue to the next section actually, so then we have the webinar notifications. We have their. You know automatic confirmations emails. If you want that enable, if you want you, if you want, you know automatic one day, reminder emails. If you want those enable and different settings here, you can integrate a webinar kit with different autoresponders like active campaign.

Aweber convertkit get response and mail shim. So there’s you know different options, which is going to automate the whole process of getting cells with high ticket products and webinars. So I’m going to click on complete now and that’s basically it now. You can see this chain icon here and you can also see a stats link if we click on this link. Here you can see the analytics and the steps for this specific webinars.

You can see the traffic that registration, the registrants, the attendees, the replay at Indies, the conversion, the engagement, every detail that you know everything is going to help. You know if you need to do. You know changes to your webinar, etc or special. If you’re doing this. For yourself I mean this is your own webinar. There are a couple of changes you might want to do possible. If you’re do we using you know an auto Bernard kind of hard? I think, if you’re using done for you a article webinar from a vendor, okay, a product owner, you might can edit it.

If you have the rights to do that. But anyhow you can see all the details here and if we go back, I’m going to show you here and click on this Shane icon and you can see all the specific and most important links that you need, such as the registration link, the read room link, The replay room link and the control room, so each one of these are going to click on this link. Here, it’s going to look something like this.

This one is the read room and look something like this and I close it. We have the replay room link and I’m just going to mute this article, but basically is going to look something like this and then we have the control room. That’S going to look something like this and that’s basically how this works. Now, if we talk about my, I mean the prices and the upsells the front end products going to cost start at 7 dollars up to twenty seven dollars, not really sure.

If this is right, I think it’s going to cost. This is the actual price okay, but this might be updated. So you want to check the actual sales page for this, and it’s, I think, it’s very probable that the price is going to stay low during the first hours when this launch is okay. So why don’t you wan na check that anyhow you’re going to get access to the powerful webinar, kids, software and training modules, everything that I just showed you the option? Number one is the pro version of webinar kit, which cost sixty seven dollars and you’re going to be able to upgrade your account to pro for a limited time now this is a one-time fee, and this is going to include additional professional registration, page templates in-house article Hosting unlimited bandwidth time, handouts, one-click replay pages, pulse embeddable registration pages.

So you might remember that I talked about one of these things. I’M talking about the times, handouts, replay pages, post, embeddable registration pages. These functions are available in the option number one. So I definitely recommend you get at least absol number one and they’re also going to get commercial rights on everything. Ok, so that’s actually a great offer for this price. Now the option number two is: is the webinar kit shot simulator? I also showed you that earlier this cost thirty seven dollars and with this upgrade you’re going to be able to set your auto webinar funnel software into a lean mean selling an engagement machine.

So the shaft possibilities or function is actually great for engagement and engagements. Going to turn into more conversions, more cells, sales, and you can also set automated chats to increase engagement on your webinars as well as include automated calls to action for customers, and this is actually going to give the webinars a huge live effect and increases the overall Engagements and profits for you in this case, so if you want that, I would definitely go for the option.

Number two definitely recommend that the option number three is the webinar kit sales accelerator for its $ 67 and inside this upgrade you are going to get well. The sales accelerate accelerator and this is designed to help you accelerate your webinar sales. So what’s included here, it’s included. You know fifteen ready to go done for you, other webinar funnels not entirely necessary. I’M, including you, know, specific webinars that you can get.

If you just have to pick this up through my link, okay, but if you want to get this, that’s what this is about and you basically get this and you know, get better results. You actually need other webinars. But if you wan na skip this one, you can do that. Okay, then we have the option before this is the agency version for $ 97 and with this upgrade, which is one time, and this is going to get you better results.

If you want to sell this as an agency, okay and you’re instantly going to be upgraded to the agency version, if you want to do that, it also includes sub accounts to add five team members, an entirely separate client webinar area to easily manage client webinars of One-Click webinar analytics to impress your clients, increased article storage and, of course, commercial rights for everything. So if you want to do this for clients, you might want to get this one okay.

If not, I will go for the front end product, the option number one and the upsell number three at least okay. So that’s what I can say about this product. It looks really great, looks awesome and it really helps you get. You know scalar business with high ticket products and then don’t forget, you can see a deem of the product on my bonus page below. Don’T forget, you’re going to get these custom-made bonuses.

These are you know, custom made by me: you’re not going to find them anywhere else, and when I say that I say that I’m actually actually mean that those are not private label content and I’ve spent a lot of time creating all of these bonuses here. Okay, so you wan na might want to have a look at any other bonus, page and you’re going to see the V start, one of the best bonuses for this very specific product.

You can see everything here below in the description. If you have any questions, if you have any type of comment, don’t hesitate and leaving them below in the comment section. Okay, so thank you for reading this article. This was my webinar kit review. Thank you for reading and talk to you soon. Take care, bye, bye,


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