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Now, in this article, I’m going to show you exactly what is webinar kit about how it works, how it’s going to make you money, and on top of that, I’m also going to give you some amazing customized bonuses that I made specifically for webinar kit to help You get the maximum results out of this product if you decide to pick it up through my link, which is on the bonus page, which is the first link in the description now, let’s get started so, as you can see right now, I’m in serve the members Area of the webinar kit and this branch, a brand new software product brand, new cloud-based software that allows you to host out of webinars and it’s going to create an entire webinar funnel for you, it’s extremely booking and friendly, and it’s even more affordable than any other.

About webinar software out there, so if you’re going to just search for like oh, let me just search for ever webinar pricing. Let me show you how much is let’s say every webinar, and this comes with just a one-time price. No monthly fees and you get to use as many webinars as you want. I believe – and let’s compare it like every webinar, which is like 500 dollars per year, and this is extremely affordable.

It’S like one tenth of the price for just one-time price. It allows us to create our webinars. It also comes preloaded with some auto webinars that you can use as your own and promote them as an affiliate for high ticket commissions, which is anywhere from 500 to even thousand dollars per sale. That you’re going to generate, which is really cool and you have to record any webinars it pretty much comes all done for you and you just got ta promote it.

Also, if you have your own webinar or you want to use somebody else’s webinar, you can just upload it right here into the software. It’S going to create the entire room for you, the entire outer webinar funnel and you can promote it. So it’s very cool where it’s a very good solution for webinars. If you are looking to get into webinars and yeah, that’s pretty much it I’m going to show you more about it.

Show you how it works in just a second, but before I do so, I would like to quickly go over my custom bonuses that I made for these products if you’re reading this on youtube, please be on the first link in the description, so you come to My beautiful in bonus page, where you can read the article again right here and when you click on any of these green buttons to pick up your copy of webinar kit before they start a countdown timer runs out.

You will also receive all my exclusive customer bonuses that are ideal completely for free immediately after purchase in your jvzoo members area. So let me go through them. My first bonus is my one-on-one support to ensure that you will get results using webinar key. This is my one-on-one support and also a coaching call to guide you in the right direction. If your going to pick this up, a lot of people are going to pick up this product, and then we already know where to actually use it.

How to go about creating the webinar, how to put it there how to actually promote it? So that’s why I’m also including my personal support, so I will help you with the technical stuff and also the methodical stuff. So if you don’t know how to promote webinars, for example – or you don’t know how to go about making these high ticket commissions from webinars, I’m here to help you out via Skype, messenger email or whatever you prefer for communication, and I will help you out to Actually get the results if you’re going to pick up webinar kit through my bonus page bonus number two: is my effortless buyers list blueprint article course.

This is a brand new article, of course, that I have just put together where I’m going to show you how to get buyers, traffic and create an email is from it and buyers. Traffic is pretty much the best traffic they can send to webinars, because this kind of traffic is already, but it’s already proven to buy digital products, so they have a PayPal account or they have valid credit card and they are also interested in buying these products.

So, instead of just selling sending sorry couple thousand little quality clicks to the webinar, that’s not going to do anything for yourselves, because these people might be freebie seekers. I’M going to show you how to get buyers traffic, how to send it to these webinars. So you can actually make those Commission’s from people that are interested in buying these products, because, if you’re just going to go ahead and let’s say, buy a solo ad and set it to a webinar, it’s not going to work.

Okay, people are not going to stay for a couple of hours, reading the webinar if they come from a solo ad. But if they’re going to come from this traffic source from a buyer’s source of traffic, they are going to save to the webinar and they are also going to buy this product because they are what’s called a buyer in this space. So this is one of the best ways to actually get traffic and also one of the best kinds of traffic to send to the webinar.

Both of our three is my autopilot traffic secrets, where I’m going to show you how to get over $ 300 worth of paid traffic for free. This is where Hannah percent legit and also beginner friendly. So this is additional traffic source which just takes around 15 minutes to set up, and it’s going to be sending targeted traffic to your webinars again, another traffic source, where you can get even more traffic sent to your webinars and start making those commissions as soon as Possible both over for is my secret weapon to $ 200 paydays.

This is one of my best selling affiliate marketing courses. Where I’m going to show you how I make anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars per day with affiliate marketing, you will get 100 % free access to the full article course with temples of your short articles. So this is additional method that we can use as a standalone method. Just this method alone, or you can also combine the traffic sources and the methods behind it with Berman, arcade and start promoting webinars instead of the Philadelphus.

Did I show you how to promote in the secret weapon and those number 5 is access to open the Brahma Street, so pretty much all the bonuses that other affiliates are going to be offering you as their custom bonus package. You will get also access to them. Right here and those are okay, so those are the special bonuses for the launch week only getting now to secure, secure, ok, so pretty much. These bonuses are when the ones so 5 pre-loaded and free webinars.

You can start with pre-loaded webinars. You don’t have to create any one yourself, you don’t have to download any upload any. There are webinars already in the webinar key that we can start promoting when you join then rapid traffic suite software. This is a traffic software that you can use to get even more traffic from Pinterest. Now this is great software. However, I believe this, the traffic strategies that I’m going to show in that bonus number two and both of us to be out even better and are going to get you even more conversions.

So you might get a lot more clicks from rapid traffic suits, but it’s all about how many sales you are actually going to generate. So this is a third traffic source that I would recommend you to use. So first, go with the buyers. 1 then go with the autopilot traffic secrets and then go ahead and use the rapid traffic suit and bomber study is the rapid traffic training so how to actually use this software to start generating traffic.

So all these bonuses that are right here are also, in my bonus number five. So access to all banded bonuses, then Bobo is number four. It’S my secret weapon $ 200 paydays bonus. Number three is autopilot traffic secrets. Bonus number two is my effortless buyers list blueprint and bonus number one. Is my one-on-one super and a coaching code to help you get the results using the webinar kid all. These bonuses are 100 % free for you.

If you’re going to pick it up through my bones page through any of these beautiful, looking green buttons, so when you click there, if we come to the sales page and the headline goes first ever auto webinar software and system lets, you make easy. Four hundred. Ninety seven thousand and two thousand sales, even as a beginner, by handling all steps from final creation to traffic in five minutes flat.

That’S right, load, editor, large, completed right to profit, webinar funnels with high quality products, complete webinar presentations and even traffic from scratch, and few clicks. The traffic is the rapid traffic suite software. That’S going to get you traffic from Pinterest, which is alright, but again it’s not going to convert as much as the buyers traffic. So don’t worry, the traffic is included.

It’S not some be a solution like social share button or something like that. It’S actually the real solution that will get you traffic. However, the traffic is not going to be as high converting as what I’m going to show in my bonuses. That’S the only missing part to this entire webinar key product. So skeptical we bet you are. We would love to, we would be what should I prove? Oh, okay, okay and then the sales page pretty much goes over the features of this one, so first market outer webinar platform to let you sell your high ticket products faster and easier than ever before.

This is true because there isn’t a lot of webinar services out there. Actually they are most likely outdated, they do work, but they are like really old, outdated, not updated, and they are just like pain to use. So this is like a brand new one that you can actually use. Looks really good. Also feels really good if you are actually using it start making sales. Even if you don’t your own private urban areas, you can just promote somebody else’s product in webinar.

That’S also included right here, stop focusing on low return methods like ads or setting goal to keep products scale big by having the outer webinar software, so I think it products for you all day. Yes, you can use this pretty much to sell products all day, because the webinar is automated, so whether it’s 1 a.M. Or 1 p.M. In the morning in the afternoon, it’s going to work for you. We don’t manage the software fees for a limited time.

This is very important. The one-time price is only during the launch period. So if you want to pick it up, definitely pick it up during the launch period, because otherwise you’re going to pay monthly borås when you can pay just a one-time price, build the high converting outer webinar funnels in just a few clicks. Yes, set up a passive traffic using our method, and software has driven us over 1.

5 million free page use. For us this is the the Pinterest traffic. That’S going to get you a lot of clicks, a lot of views, but you most likely are not going to get as many sales, as I told you before, easier than ever to utilize webinars in your business. Even if you never run a webinar before what happens in true and then the rest of the sales pages goes how to use this so pick up, pre-loaded funnel grab your affiliate link.

Webinar kit automatically builds your whole out of our funnel. Using your affiliate link said about your passive traffic, again Pinterest traffic. What’S your business scale like never before, so let me show you the members area, so this is how it looks like it’s very simple, very clean, and that’s where I really like about it, because it’s not like some kind of outdated software like every webinar or webinar Jam or any of those previous webinar softwares, this is very modern and really not.

It has a really nice feel to it so in logging. This is the dashboard, then, on the top. Getting started is where the articles are so pretty much how to how to set this up technically and then done free webinar instructions. So if you don’t know where to find you down free webinars, you go to the getting started scroll down, and these are the done for your webinars. Ok. So this is where they are going to show you how to set them up properly and you will get a document which pretty much goes over all the details.

Ok, so all these are right here for the Danford webinars every magic week on new webinar. You use a URL or can upload your article really depends on what you want to do. So, let’s go for us URL, I’m just going to show you how it looks like I’m just going to really set up webinar. I don’t really have one right now to put there so webinar details. Webinar is inactive name title. You can all customize this as you would for any webinar.

If you don’t know what these things mean, don’t worry. There’S the article training for the getting started. That’S going to show you how to set this up properly and yeah pretty much it’s just a simple process of setting up webinar and then once you have your webinar done you just let’s say you click here to edit it. You click here to view the stats. So these are the stats of the webinar. You can see your traffic conversion rate engagement, registrants emails, you can follow up with them and, if somebody’s not going to purchase, you can just follow up with them, get them get them on a call and close them like that, and also this is where you get The links, so this is the registration link, so let me show you how it looks like this is the registration page looks very, very nice, so people are going to actually sign up for agent.

It’S not some kind of old school page that people would ignore. This is the page where they can read the webinar so again again, very clean and there’s also chat on the right side. So and also a poll then replay room. Pretty much looks the same, but I believe without the chat, because it doesn’t make any sense to add chat to a replay room and also you can give any handouts right here and then there’s the control room for you, where you can control the webinars.

That’S how it works very simple, also comes with the preloaded webinars, so they have to set up your at all and can just start promoting them with your affiliate link. Now the price of this one is only $ 34.95. It’S extremely great deal compared with other webinar services are charging you at around $ 500 per year, which is just too much for webinars. South software that’s outdated, and this is pretty much something brand new that I’m sure it’s going to go and it’s going to be love even more features over time.

This is just like the launch period where they are giving it away very, very cheap. Now, there’s four octaves with this one and the first one is called webinar kit Pro for $ 67, and this is where your customers will be able to upgrade their account to pro for a limited time one-time fee again, if you are going to be serious about Webinars definitely pick this one up because it’s for a for a limited time – it’s just a one-time fee.

So, instead of $ 67 per month, you can just pay sixteen six sixty seven dollars, one time and you’re good to go. This will include additional professional registration. Page templates in-house article hosting unlimited bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth times handouts, one-click replay pages polls, embed abilities, registration pages and an upgrade to commercial rights on everything. This is a no-brainer for the one-time price.

Yes, I had to present a curry with this one you’re just going to get much more features that you can use with your webinars, such as polls and also the handouts. Let me show the handouts. Those are very important because you can pretty much give something away for free to entice people to go and read your webinar and then this handout right here. Let’S say for for now: it’s called presentation slides.

You can give away some kind of freebie and it’s going to be timed. So it’s not going to be a well right away at the beginning, so people just go ahead, get the get handout and then go away. They will actually have to sit through the webinar and that’s how they get the download link. So let’s say after the first hour they will get access to the freebie, so they need to read the webinar. That’S something that I do recover typica, because this feature is very, very powerful, so the webinar kit Pro is something that I do recommend at you pick up is an audio.

It’S not needed, but I do recommend that you do it OTO number two is webinar kit chat simulator for 37 dollars. With this upgrade, your customers will be able to set their outer webinar funnel software into a lean mean selling and engagement machine. They can set automated chats to increase engagement in the webinars as well as include automated calls to actions for customers. This gives the webinars a huge alive effects and increases the overall engagement and profits for your customers.

So again, when we go to the washroom, this chat can be also automated, so you can get automated messages to entice people to message as well. So there’s going to be automated messages, because this webinar is going to be automated. It’S going to run every 15 minutes. Obviously, there’s not going to be as many people chatting right there, but we can add automated messages to make. It seem like this.

Webinar is just live presentation and there’s people engaging which is going to increase the conversion rate and it’s going to make a huge difference over all the new to number three is webinar kit sales accelerator $ 67 is again one of my recommendations. This upgrade the webinar details, accelerators that is designed to help your customers accelerate their webinar sales included is 15 ready to go down for your webinar funnels.

They simply get their link and drive traffic. We also include our flagship, rapid traffic, suite software and training. Okay, okay, okay, so you, instead of just five webinar funnels, which you will get as the fast action bonus right here. So instead of just five in this upgrade, you will get additional 15 done free, webinar funnels that I can promote as your own with the link. So this is something that I do recommend that you pick up, because with twenty done-for-you outer webinar funnels, you have pretty much as many as you need.

You don’t need anything more. You can just start promoting them using the BIOS traffic and you have enough webinars funded for the entire year. You can promote it in more than one webinar per month and you will still have fresh content that you can send traffic to. So this is something that I do recommend that you pick up 15 rate, go down through your webinars and over to number four is Agency $ 97 agency rights, not resellers way better $ 97 for these agency rights.

This upgrade for its one-time price is the biggest no-brainer for anyone with this customers will be with this customer will be instantly upgraded to allow them to turn into a proper webinar agency in one click using boots, sub-accounts to add five team members and an entirely separate Crime within our area to easily manage client webinars blah blah, so pretty much with this one. You can sell webinar kit as your own service, so just like, every webinar is selling their service for like five hundred dollars per year.

You can sell webinar kit, rebrand it and create and make it as your own sell it as a webinar service to other people. Even for like $ 17 per year, it’s going to Imagi and you’re going to be tons of customers. They want to promote their revenues using some kind of service, and because it’s like $ 17 per month, you can price it whatever you want. It’S going to be very affordable and you’re going to get a lot of customers, so this is the way to do it.

I don’t think a lot of people are going to be doing this, so that’s why I don’t really recommend it, but it’s a great feature. If you are into this, my my recommendation is the first one. Second, one and third one you can pick which ever ones you want, but I think these ones are the best upgrades. If you’re going to go for any of them and then the main product is 3495, so that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this review here.

Any questions leave them below this article and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I always reply to anybody. That’S going to send me a question, so don’t be skeptical about it. Just reach out to feel – and I will reply to you, okay, so that’s it! Thank you for reading this article and I’ll see you in the next one bye for now.


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