Webinarkit Review – a MONSTER Piece Of Software!

Software called webinar kit and I've heard about webinar kit since December. At the time of recording this, it is a 22nd of February. I'Ve been hearing, bits and pieces about it. I'Ve actually been very excited about not just to review it. My plan was to buy it after I'd heard what it does and who the product was being launched by.

So I will be the first customer when this goes live, I'm going to buy it straight away and probably invest and the first 200 TOS. I don't need to resell rights, or anything like that. So this to me is that's going to change my business this year. Now I'll show you the sales page quickly, the members area, but I just want to I want to impress the power of this on to you so webinar kit. What it does is you can with it's so easy to use you'll, be you know when I show you you'll be like what that's it and it's so simple and I've.

I have created some very quality trainings in the past. You know they've got great reviews. People are saying to me: why are you not selling them for more? You know you can put them on a high ticket. You could put them on a web, a you. Could you know, put them in the members area and I just didn't, and then I started to think: okay, I'm going to do a webinar and I looked a few different software's.

I even bought one, and it was just so confusing that was so confusing that I ended up, I'm not going to say the name of the webinar software, because I don't want to insult the person who it belongs to because he's kind of a friend. But it was really hard to use and it was slow and it was clunky and blah blah blah. So this year I am going to create another SEO course, if you've seen any of my SEO courses before, for example, if I scroll down one of the bonuses that I'm giving away the first turn about webinars, which makes complete sense and I'm giving away my it's Called the big five, but it's you know my big five plus the first two OTO s got two awards, so you know this could have been sold as a salt in a webinar as a high ticket, because probably how you found this website or article is by Seo so I know how to rank things and it's a pretty good skill to have and it's a skill that people will pay to learn.

You know so yeah. So, instead of releasing a new, updated SEO training about how to get organic traffic, I'm going to really put all you know, put every detail in and put it in as a webinar. Now what that webinar webinar kit, it allows you to run auto webinars. Now, if you go on to Clickbank, there are there's so many of these already there and you click on it, and you read like an hour of training, maybe where somebody shows you how they get, for example, and how they get.

You know. 100. 1000 clicks a day from Facebook, using this special method and then at the end they sell you something usually a training of a software and that's what webinar is now an auto webinar is when you've done the webinar once, but you just put the replay in and Then, at the end, people can click the click on the screen and purchase if they want, and if you go to clickbank clickbank.Com and you look through you know some of the products you're probably going to find one in ten is an auto webinar and that is Kind of what this does, you can do real live webinars where people are on and you're talking or you can do auto webinars, and I know my friend Stephan Cianci he's one of the guys behind this last time I spoke to him.

He was he hadn't launched in a while, and I I asked them like. Are you out the lunch game and he said no, I'm just I'm running this running webinars and on my last launch he was the guy that did the webinar. For my my lunch, my I was a low ticket launch, it was a software social sharing software and it was him and his partner that did the webinar on the back end of that lunch, and we made some good money and you know he got.

He got money from the webinar, so 50 percent of the sale went to him and he got all of our links when went for him for us. No, so we don't know so much. We made some money, but our leads were then with more. You know more people, so yeah, so anyway, my policies very quickly. I'M going to show you here, you can have a look. Basically, I thought that there wasn't enough traffic now there is traffic as part of the package, but I just thought that you know you want a kind of variation.

You want different types of traffic methods, you want free, you want cheap, you want this, you know you want a variation of traffic methods, and that was my only real thing that I could you know make this better with, as you could say that, so I have 23, free traffic methods, the Somerset and forget some – are you know you update them daily on my ads, those 24 different types of online ads here complete fill package.

This I put together with my virtual assistant, because Stefan uses a lot of Pinterest and on the sales page you'll see if you click the button at the bottom of my website or at the top you'll see the Stefan uses mostly Pinterest traffic, to drive people to His after webinars, so I put together this package with my three and basically just tells you everything that is not told about pinterest in the you know, in the review copy that I saw, I haven't going to show your review access so yeah.

I'M really excited about this because it means that I don't have to anyway. This is the bonuses click. The link below you know subscribe, be really great and trying to build up. My subscribers and you know, click the link. Go to my website, your you're not committing to anything you're just going to my website and you can read the box read through the bonuses yourself and we'll be taking this one down after the launch.

Also, this software is a one-time how to say during the launch period it's a one-time price after the launch, it's going up to monthly fee and I really recommend getting in at the low price it starts at twenty. Seven then, will go up on like a dime sale, so we'll go up to thirty seven, I believe on the the front end and really the front end is all you need if you want to invest in the old Tio's and you're excited about that.

Like me, then, do it another thing just before I flip all? Okay, I'm going to flip right now. So this is a sales page. Another thing right, you might be thinking okay mark, but you have a product that you can sell through a webinar. You know about SEO, so that's easy for you, but what you can also do and, like I just said about Clickbank, they have all of these webinars or these replays of webinars.

And then you can request your affiliate link and you have your affiliate link at the end of the webinar when the guy pitches for you, so you don't actually need to have your own webinar. You just use other people's webinars and I have to say I really love love that feature about it. I mean this would be a great software for everybody, but the fact that you're actually getting in the in the front – and there are five webinars you can.

You know that you get access to and you can use, but a little tip for you go on to Clickbank, look at a few offers, and you know when the make money online niche or the fitness niche, whatever initiation people are using these auto webinars. For for all types of products, so going to Clickbank to find a few, and all you really have to do, is you have to take the webinar ask for your affiliate or request your affiliate link, which you get and Clickbank instantly? And then you upload the webinar to the software and then you know you put your affiliate link and you get the sale for somebody reading that webinar.

So you know you can find your own webinars, but but with this software, it's coming with five ready to go yet ready to go webinars that you can just upload and they're there. So we'll look at the software on just one sec. So it's like pick a pre-loaded funnel a funnel look. Basically the replay of the webinar grab your affiliate link, webinar kit automatically, though automatically builds all the links for your auto webinar.

So that's like your funnel the different links, signup link, replay, link, etc, etc. Setup, your passive traffic and the method they're using that I said that I told you about was Pinterest. So that's why I added – and I did my own research again on Pinterest cuz. I I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest, but that's just me, but these guys they particularly Steph and he uses them all. You know he drives so much traffic from Pinterest, that's unreal and one of the bonuses and bonuses as well.

What I'm giving to you is about Pinterest ads, and I thought that was actually really interesting. I readed it myself myself, because I was quite interested and I didn't even know that Pinterest had ads, but it turns out that they do and they seem to be very easy to use, and this is like a case study training put in you know, rolled into Smaller package that use easy to understand and quick to get the idea of so anyway.

That'S that's what they use Pinterest, but I've. Given you multiple other types of traffic sources, so yeah, so you can go down. Have a look over this upload, your webinar on seconds! Webinar funnels complete grab your bottle. Webinar link set up your passive traffic, read your business scare like never before. Okay. No, I just want to see where it says this sales page is really good, and it's really true as well.

Like I said Stephan, you know he got out of the he used to be launching every month and your product and he got out of it because the the actual return on a lot of these low ticket launches, especially when you have four people in the launch, You'Re dividing a list of maybe 800 people between four of you or your own mailing. That list you're dividing the sales between all of you and a lot of these low ticket launches are 100 % Commission on the front end, so you're only making any more.

You know you know you're only making money on the OTO s or up sells so yeah, it's kind of killer, but yeah read through this sales page and Steph, and I know Tom I was speaking to today – Phillip, I actually don't know who he is, but he's The guy that designed this very cool software so have a read over and you know the sales page will sell, use sold me even after I knew I was already going to buy it and yeah and you have you know you're it's great for beginners, it's great For people who want to expand their business like me or who have a good product and they hate to see it being sold at $ 10 or $ 12 or $ 17, you know because you can sell if sell these products for a lot more, if they're Good so yeah, that's a sales page enough of that.

Let'S go to the software okay, so a webinar kit! This is the this is the dashboard okay. Now, if we look down here, you can see that already. This is a review copy. So it's a demo webinar kit, damn will JV when I work it's other people have been on this and they've used it. So this one you can end it. So this is the article URL. If I was to open this, this would be the replay of the webinar. If I go back, you can get your links, so you get your registration links, so that is what you would probably depends.

Actually, if you're going to put this below, you know YouTube articles or in your website. You may just want to put the replay room link, because that way people think maybe skip forward a little bit and get to the end and buy, or you can go all out if you're doing like a big paid, cam. A big paid ads campaign, for example, and you want people to register and you're going to be on the webinar, even if you're just talking about somebody else's webinar, it doesn't matter to just maybe answering some questions.

So that's. That is how easy it is and simple. It is, I was expecting everything and you see all the stats of the people that come on, so you can see when people drop out and how many people registered how many attendees yeah all of these styles here so like I said this is just a test. Account, but even with this test account, I know that this is just so easy now these are some of the the the included webinars for people who don't already have webinars.

You can just run these as they are by putting your affiliate link in and that's it. You have a author webinar ready to go so an author on an auto webinar you're, going to be selling something metamour minimum minimum of two hundred ninety seven dollars. Yeah I mean webinars go up to 197. They go up to five. Ninety seven. They go up to ten thousand dollars and even more so there's a crypto booster ultimate webinar.

I know this one because I wash above a li domination, instant email, profit, YouTube ads, cracked, less building, crypto girl, so they're there that they are the webinars that you get when you. You know when you, if you decide to buy this, if you decide to invest in this now getting started, they explains in two articles. That'S all you need, because it really is that easy explains where you put your okay.

So I said if you're new to webinars just getting started can be a bit confusing. Yes, very much so you know very much. Don'T worry the simple easy getting started articles on this page will walk you through everything. You need to know in no time at all. So it just this just shows you how to navigate the the dashboard where to put your affiliate link view analytics, which I just showed you change.

Some settings grab your links and this one as well as just about this, is if you're going to do a live, and this is, if you're going to do it. Well, you this. This actually explains live and with a replay. If you go to settings, you see how little the rows in here you know it's so so little stuff to confuse you or trip you up is just that easy. Now, like I was telling you you get leads of the people.

So if somebody signs up to your webinar to you know to read a live version or they just sign up to read the replay, you get their email address and you can integrate with get response of a web or these other ones, MailChimp MailChimp's actually free. So that's one you can choose if you're you know on a budget, and here you would add you click here. You add your presenter, a little name put in your photo.

That'S that's done and one the web and the webinar software I bought it took me. I spent about three days on it before I just that's it done. I don't want that anymore. So, yeah, you add your presenter and you can have multiple presenters on the live webinar. If you're using your own, if you're not, then you don't need that and that's that's really it I mean the articles of course, they're going to show you in more detail than I am because I don't want to.

I mean those does not read else to show you that this is how easy it is so yeah. It'S I'm excited about this and most of the guys that are making serious, serious, serious money online and doing all – and you know a couple of hours a week – they're running webinars – they are doing the back end they're doing high ticket. So right now I'm doing a promotion of something I've done about 23 sales, which is about two hundred and sixty dollars.

That'S not even the same as one sale from a webinar, for example, you know so it just makes you think, and this is so easy to set up it's so easy to run, and I just don't see any way that this can of this. This would not be a tool that you would want to have that's my opinion. I love. I can't wait to get started with this, so yeah, so going back very quickly. Just before go remember if you're on YouTube click the link below go to my website, you can click through here.

All of my bonuses are there waiting for you, you don't need to send me a message or anything just they are waiting for. You have a read over my review, maybe there's something in my review that I didn't say that would clear up any question you have. If you have any questions, leave them below the article or you know, leave them on my website yeah. So guys. Thanks for reading this really is a awesome piece of software.

It'S going to be maintained. It'S going to go up to monthly fee, so you know you can get it now, a one-time fee, so I think it'd, be you know crazy, not to get it. That'S just my opinion, because I know how much money this is going to make me in the future or next month or however long it takes me to get my my own webinar set up in there, which won't take long because of this software, so yeah. This is the way forward: you'd rather be making high ticket sales and low ticket sales, and this software provides you the way to do it so I'll leave it at that.

Thank you very much for reading guys. This is Mark gray from the wolf of online marketing. Comm with a webinar kit review thanks for reading


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