WebinarKit Review: Is It Worth It For You To Buy?

We know they make huge money and provide insane conversions. Big marketers make big money by selling high ticket products using webinars we’re going to take a look at webinar kit, I’ll totally do on a webinar, funnel platform that allows anyone to tap into the conversion and profit power of webinars without ever having to run one live.

This is Dennis right for the online digital tutor. We hope you like and subscribe to, our blog for the latest reviews and tips to help you make good buying decisions and get your online business off the ground. Until now, selling with webinars was hard work needing to always go live building, clunky funnels needing to get into areas of marketing that are not what you want to focus on. You want to focus on growing your core business.

Let’S look at some of the objections. People have to doing webinars, they need their own high ticket offer, they need traffic and high quality targeted traffic. They need to sit two hours and be experts in a topic. They need to own the room. They need to have experience, they need to have content for a webinar and they need a good webinar in which to offer. Webinar kid tries to address many of these objections.

Let’S take a look at how it works behind the scene, log in to webinar kit, and you see a pretty straightforward interface. Looking at the demo webinar you see, this button gives you your link. You get easy-to-follow analytics all on one page, giving you all the data you will need. You can go in and edit your webinar for any stage of the process. This is simple and easy to use for any marketer, regardless of their level of experience.

It gives you your metrics, your analytics and all of your links with the push of a button users can create easy, auto webinar funnels in minute. So now, let’s take a look at what a typical auto webinar page looks like here is a sample registration page and you can customize it inside the software. This is the room. People will see when they go inside. They can chat or respond to a question or a poll.

This is a highly interactive, auto webinar software. You really can’t distinguish between a live and an auto weather. Now, let’s click on the new webinar button and you can see the steps laid out for you. First, you add in your article, then add the webinar details. Then you add the registration details and then customize the page by turning buttons on or off and you can add a branding image. You add in your offer details and then your webinar notifications with notices and reminder there are numerous autoresponder integrations, such as Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp click complete and you’re done.

You can see how simple it is. Webinar kit makes it very easy for you to create high converting webinars you’ll love. How easy this is to set up and to customize the details. You can get a slew of analytics all on one page. The one-time price during the launch period is $ 37, but then it will revert to a recurring payment model. There are several one-time offers. The first one is webinar kicked pro, which sells for $ 67.

This will include additional professional registration, page templates in-house article hosting unlimited bandwidth, one-click replay pages polls, embeddable registration pages and an upgrade to commercial rights on everything. The second one time offer is webinar kit chat simulator. This is a huge feature, but $ 37. The third one-time offer is the webinar kit sales accelerator for $ 67. This upgrade is designed for you to celebrate your webinar sales included, a Dean ready to go for you, Auto webinar, and the final upgrade is an agency license.

There are a lot of webinar platforms out there, each with its pluses and minuses, there’s nothing to really object to here with webinar kit, its functional its affordable, and it seems with the recurring payment model in the future. It can be supported. We recommend you take it for a test drive, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can access it in a link below in the description. This is Dennis right for the online digital tutor.

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