WebinarKit Review & Demo- ?ALERT! Watch This Honest Review Before You Buy

I am going to show you a complete demo and walkthrough of this new webinar platform and its name is webinar kit. So you can see our guys, I’m currently inside the dashboard of the webinar kit and on the dashboard. You will see for getting started option. A contact option, all your webinars, so you can select your active in us, then inactive webinars done for your webinars and all webinars here.

So let us see what we get so you can see here. This is an active webinar. That is two registers and 30 attendees. Now you can easily edit these. Let me show you options first, so you can see here. This is a link option. So if I click on this link option, then you will get this registration link. Then read room, link, replay room, link and control room link, and let me show you what we get so if I click on the registration link, then your webinar registration page will look like this, so you can see her name email and this is you our webinar Topic then, if I go to the washroom link of this active webinar, then let me show you so your webinar read room link will look like this, so you can see here or here you can add means a live chat and your webinar will play here.

Hey everyone house, so you can see the webinar is auto play going always well on your now customers. You can create polls, then your customers will chat here, this very Excel. So you can see here this article is automatically plain so and also you can allow your users to download these presentation slides. So this is the webinar room, washroom page and in the analytics section let me show you can see webinar drop-off times.

You can see her minutes, then total number of registration, page visitors, how many of them are registered. Then we’ve in our attendees replay attendees. Then your conversion rate, then your engagement. That means average time in webinar average time in replay offer clicks in webinar offer clicks in replay, and you can see here your resistance. That means the email ID and their name last name: phone number registration date, presentation debt.

So this is the analytics section of this webinar kit, and now I am going to show you how to create your first webinar using this software. So if I click on the new webinar button, then you can add the article url or you cannot also upload your own article for now, I’m going to add the article url. So I have added this article URL of the article or any other account. So in the next step you have to see the that means your webinar is active or inactive.

Give your webinar name like demo, one two three then title your description or webinar duration. In times, then you can also add your presentation here. You can add your team members. That means here, and this is the option where you can schedule your webinar, so you can see here just in time, scheduling is enabled. That means that you can host your webinar or you can run you in webinar on every Monday.

At 12 p.M. Est, or you can just select or web or date, select a particular date and boom you are set to go so in this way you can edit these details. Now in the registration page, you can select the registration page type. That means you won’t standard type, all right side, cover left side, cover right side, image, flip side image. So you can select the background color of your webinar registration page.

Then you can add the background image you arrive here. Then text color, whether you have to show weave in a title or not, we have in our subtitle countdown timer. We will have presentator first name field last name, field, email field and your brand logo. Now you can slip your brand logo here. So in this way you can add these webinar registration page details. So if I click on the new button, then in the webinar live settings you can ask your visitors to for questions with email or you can also enable or disable we’ve been at live chat here and you can redirect webinar attendees to a particular URL after your Webinar has been completed, so these are all the settings here now inside a webinar.

You can also add different different offers like if you are selling the course related to email marketing, then you can add your offer. A line has email marketing of a description of our price. That is, ninety seven dollars offer call to action, offer call to action to and all these things here. You can also enable already so countdown timer and you can also add a webinar poll during a webinar, and you can also use this webinar handle settings like we’ve, not hand out, is disabled or enabled, and all other things like that and in the simulated chat settings You can add chat messages.

So if I click on the new button, sorry next button, then you can see here in the webinar notifications section, you can say automatic confirmation emails to your webinar attendees. Then you can send automatic one day. Reminder emails as well as automatic automatic 30-minute reminder emails and also you can send automatic, replay reminders and you can integrate your autoresponder light active campaign.

Then aweber convertkit get response and MailChimp air software clicking on the complete button, so her first webinar has been created. Let me show you that we’ve been analyzed just wait for a minute, so you can see our webinar is demo one two three and currently the webinar is in the inactive mail. Now, if I click on the Edit Settings button, then you can see here you can select all these settings and boom you are set to, or that means you can easily host your webinars here now, if I click so our webinar is active now now, if I Click on the Save button, so you can see an over webinar is active now and if I see the page, that means how our webinar will look like.

So you can see that this is a webinar registration link of the page of the webinar that we have just created. So if I go to the link, then you can see her. We have just created this simple page, where we have headed this way in a title demo subtitle discount on timer, and we are asking for the first name and email of your subscriber, and you can also change this image here. You can add your own logo here and all these things like that and in the webinar washroom link.

Let me show you what we have so you can see here. We are asking there for email, their questions and boom. Our webinar is ready. So in this way you can create your amazing webinars, using these webinar kield software. Also, if I go to the sales page, then if I go to the bonus section, so if I, if you click the link in the description, then you are going to get to get these three bonuses. So the first bonus is feiyu preloaded, done-for-you webinars and these are or height or our high quality webinars, where you get affiliate link to promote these webinars of the high ticket offers, and you get this software like a rapid traffic source software and with traffic training.

So these are three bonuses are incredible and talking about the price of the webinar Kate. Then it is around 37 or 38 dollars and I highly recommend you to get this deal, because if you see these a demo of mine, then you can see very easy to use software and it’s dashboard is really amazing. So if you are on the fence to get the webinar keyed guys, then definitely go for it, and let me know in the comments, if you have any questions or queries, also click link in the description of this article.

To get these three amazing bonuses, and if you like this article, then please subscribe to my blog and also with that like button again thanks for reading this article. Let me know in the comments, if your your questions regarding this software and until then see you in the next article guys


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