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I’M also going to show you what the price and upsells on, how much all this cost, and on top of that, I got some really cool custom-made bonuses for you to help you get the best out of webinar. Okay, now, in a nutshell, webinar care is an auto webinar builder.

There is going to help you build webinars in a matter of minutes. So, as you can see, I’m here inside the dashboard, I’m going to show you a glimpse of the software. Basically, you can choose a article or upload a article from the URL from the URL, so if you are or if you have uploaded your webinar on YouTube, you can get the URL and put it right here and then you can put audio details. All you have to do is click on details and fill in all these details.

It’S basically guided step-by-step. So if you are a beginner and intermediate or a professional of making more webinars, it doesn’t matter because this software is the best is going to help you whether you know how to make webinars or you don’t. So all you have to do once you pick up your copy of webinar kit is go and click on getting started and read these article tutorials that will guide you through on how to build your auto webinar.

Now, let’s talk about my bonuses that I’m offering alongside the software that will help you get the best out of it now remember these bonuses are exclusive to me and myself only they’re not going to be available through everybody’s link. So if you are reading this on youtube, just click, the link in the description come through to my bonus. Page click on one of these green buttons. Once you do that, you’ll be taken to this sales, page scroll down and click on, get instant access to webinar kit, and then you can pick up your copy of webinar kit and get all my bonuses free of charge delivered to you.

Now you have to do that before the countdown timer on my bonus page to hit zero, because once it does, this page will disappear, and so will all my bonuses. Now. My first bonus is going to be I’m going to give you access to the five best traffic sources to use with webinar KITT. It’S obvious that once you build your webinar or auto webinar, you have to drive traffic to your webinar in order for you to make sales, so I’m going to show you the best or the five best traffic sources that you can drive traffic to your webinar.

My second bonus is going to be the best high ticket offer to promote with your webinar kit. Now, I’m going to show you the best high ticket offers to promote with the webinar kit to make $ 1,000 $ 2,000 $ 3,000 on each and every sale that you make. I’M going to show you the best ones that you can integrate with this. I’M also going to give you the webinar, so you can upload the articles directly here inside of webinar kit and start making some huge chunky commissions.

My third bonus is going to be a hat on how to write high converting webinar scripts. Now, if you are or if you ought to go that road and make your own webinars and sell your own courses, you have to be good at writing. High ticket webinar scripts. So if you don’t know how to do that, I’m going to show you and how to write a high, converting webinar script and sell your course using webinar kit. My fourth bonus is going to be access to Aurora pro now.

Aurora is a software or a tool. They’Re launched via John Armstrong and Brandon Mays last year. This tool is a webinar builder and it has its own traffic sources built into it. It has Pinterest traffic source and Instagram, so you’re going to get access to a Pinterest traffic source where you can get traffic from Pinterest via following other people on Pinterest this to go out and automatically follow other people in which these people are going to visit.

Your and click the link to the webinar that you have built with webinar kit. Also you can do this via Instagram as well. So it’s the same process. This software will go ahead and follow people on Instagram, specific, targeted people, and once they see that you have followed them, they will visit your profile and they might click the link and visit your webinar kit. So let’s do a simple math. If you have, if you have the software following up to 60 to 100 people per day, let’s say 20 % or 30 % of these people go and click on your link.

You have 30 visitors to your webinar and you might have up to 15 attendees to your webinar, which is really really high. Now let’s say you are selling a course of two thousand dollars and you are making a thousand dollar Commission. If you have one sale, just one sale, you’ll be making a thousand dollars a day, so you can imagine how powerful this is and I’m giving it away to you for free. In my fourth bonus, my fifth bonus is going to be access to all the vendors bonuses.

Now I don’t know what these bonuses are, but what I do know is that most other affiliates are going to be offering these bonuses alone. I have gone above that and gave you all my extra custom-made bonuses for you to help you get the best out of webinar kit so, like I said, if you want to pick up webinar kit anytime reading this article just come through to my bonus piece. If you are reading on youtube, just click the link in the description, the first link you’ll be taken to this page.

Then click on one of these green buttons you’ll be taken to the sales page of webinar ket, just click on get instant access and pick up. Your copy now, once you pick up your copy, this is the members area that you’re going to have access to they’re, going to send you the access credentials via email and once you log in you’re, going to be hit with this dashboard. Now what I recommend you to do first X, click here where it says getting started, and I want you to read these articles because they are tutorials on how to build webinars using webinar kit.

It’S really simple and self-explanatory, but they’re going to explain everything step by step for you if you have never built a webinar in your life now once you do that, just hover over your email and click on dashboard. Now, let’s create our first webinar right here. I’M going to click on new webinar and the first thing you’re going to be asked to do is put in the webinar article. Now you can either use a article url if you have uploaded your webinar on YouTube, Vimeo or any any article platform whatsoever.

You can upload the article directly from here if you don’t want to. If you haven’t uploaded it yet just click on here and then you can click on browse and choose your webinar article file. So let’s say this is my webinar article file just click on it and then it will be uploaded. Just click on save now, once you do that, you’re going to click on next, I’m going to click on details and we’re going to go to the next step.

It’S very very simple: it’s very beginner friendly. As you can see, you don’t have to know anything. You don’t have to have any tech skills. You don’t have to know any languages to build pages. It’S really really simple! Now here we have the webinar details, so the webinar is an active. I’M just going to activate it. You can put the name, so I’m going to name a test for the purposes of this article.

You can give it a title: I’m going to name it make money, for example, subtitle a description, a webinar duration. So let’s say a webinar duration is going to be 90 minutes. Then you can add a presenter. So, for example, you can add a presenter. You can add the presenter name biography in email and then you can upload even a presenter photo. If you like, this is optional, you can you can upload the presenter or you cannot.

You can choose not to upload a presenter now. The last step right here in the detail section is the webinar schedule. You can schedule webinar, I’m sorry. English is not my first language, I’m trying my best to explain everything to you, but, as you can see, it’s pretty simple to use. You can check out the articles like I said once you pick up your copy, and this is will be so easy for you now once you’re done with this section, just click on save right here at the bottom, I’m going to go to the next section, which Is the registration section, so you can choose the registration type right here.

You can play around with these, as you like. You have so many customizations to edit. I’M not going to go through everything. As you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory and anyone can use this software. Now, let’s talk about a little bit about the price and upsells everything I just showed you access to the webinar kit, software and training modules is going to be thirty four. Ninety five dollars now for the first upsell, if you want to upgrade to the pro version in the pro version, you’re going to be able to upgrade your account for a limited time one-time fee.

This will include additional professional registration, page templates, so they’re going to give you registration, page templates, in-house article hosting unlimited bandwidth, time handouts and one click. Reply pages pause everything you can read here on the screen: you’re going to get access to and you’re going to get access to, they’re going to upgrade you to commercial rights on everything. So if you want to get all these extra features, you’re going to have to pay $ 67, I recommend you get this.

If you need the extra registration templates, I recommend you play with the you play with the webinar kit, a normal or front-end version. Then, if you like it, you can get an upgrade to the pro version, which is really really good. In my opinion, if you are a professional and you have made money from webinars before I highly recommend you get the first, the first upset because you’re going to get so much more features now the up sale.

Number two is the chat simulation with this upgrade you’re going to be able to set your auto webinars funnel software into a lean, mean selling and engaging machine. You can set automated chests to increase engagements on your webinars, as well as including automated calls to action for customers, so this is really really crucial. This upsell is really good because it will upper your conversion rate.

Let’S say you are making a webinar and you have a 30 percent conversion rate. This tool will help you get the conversion rate up to fifty percent, because you’re going to be add in all these extra tweaks, which are the automated chats and automated call to actions. This is really crucial in the marketing business, so I recommend you get the second upsell if you want to get a higher conversion rate which is recommended.

So if you are making $ 1,000 per sale, I’m pretty sure 37 dollars, investment won’t be harmful to you. Now the third upsell is webinar CAD sales. Axillary accelerator with the sales accelerator is designed to help you accelerate your webinar. Sales include the included, is 15 ready done for you auto webinars. Now I don’t recommend you get this upset because I got you covered, I’m going to I’m going to show you the best high ticket offers in my second bonus, I’m going to show you the best high ticket offers to promote with the webinar kit.

I’M also going to show you I’m going to give you the these done-for-you webinars, so you don’t have to get it third upset, because I got you covered in my second bonus now. The first opps default up sale is going to be the agency for $ 97. With this upgrade, it’s a one-time price is the biggest no-brainer for everyone, as they say, you’ll be instantly upgraded to allow you to turn into proper webinar engine see in one click.

This includes sub-accounts, so basically you’re going to be able to sell this webinar CAD software as your own. If you want to get 100 % Commission’s on all the funnel, all you have to do is pay $ 97, and this software will be yours. So once you send traffic to this sales, page right here, you’re going to get 100 % Commission’s on the whole funnel. So if you want that, you can get the option on a paper, it’s the first.

I recommend I nearly recommend. I personally recommend you get the front and of course, the first up sale. If you need the second up sale, I highly recommend you get it. The third up sale, not not really needed, because I got you covered in my second bonus and default upsell. If you want to sell this product as your own, so thank you for reading this article. I hope you liked this article and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below in the comment box and I’ll see you in the next review.


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