WebinarKit Review- ALERT- Watch This Before You Buy

I am currently inside the dashboard of the webinar kit. So, basically, with the help of the webinar kit, you can actually run webinars and, in my opinion, the by looking at their dashboard. I think so. This is one of the best webinar software’s that I have ever seen so inside the dashboard. You can see all your webinars, and here you can see your active webinars, then inactive webinars and are done for the webinars.

So let us see we have these for my first webinar. That is active, so you can edit this webinar as well as you can get its link and you can also see its analytics. So in this links option you can see the registration page link of this particular webinar. So if I go to this page, so you can see this is a webinar registration page that have been created using these software. So you can have a countdown timer.

You are logo, then you are your own photo and name and email capture form. You can also visit the webinar sorry read through page of the particular webinar here you can see the chat options and all other things so for now, what I am going to show is that I am going to show you analytics and after showing you the analytics. I am going to show you how to create a webinar using this software, so you can see our guys in the analytics section.

You will see the webinar dropout times, then you will see the traffic or analytics like registration, page visitors. Then we’ve been our registrants, webinar, attendees and replay attendees. Then in the conversion section you will see registration, page conversion rate, you were we’ve been an attendance rate and a replay attendance rate and the most important thing is waving our engagement and you can see here.

You will see average time in webinar average time in replay, then offer clicks to webinar and offer clicks in replay and in the register on section you will see the email ID of you, our people who have registered for your webinar, their name last name: phone number; Registration date and presentation dead, so in this way you can see all the analytics of a particular webinar that you are going to host.

So if I go to the back and let me create a new webinar for you guys so for creating your new webinar just you can either upload your own article or you can use the article url and you can host your articles from Vimeo YouTube as well As from Amazon, for now I am going to select these already done. Article then click on the next button. So in the webinar details you have to make this webinar active, then you, the webinar, that is, they move.

Let us create a webinar related to affiliate marketing. Suppose you have an affiliate marketing training course so for now, I’m just going to use the webinar name as affiliate marketing masterclass give the same name. The subtitle as we create marketing then give the description, give the webinar duration in minutes and add your present data here. You can add different present errors. As per your choice and in the webinar schedule button, you can actually host a webinar on a particular day and at a particular time or you can just host it at every Monday, 12 p.

M. EST or on a particular date like on 23rd of February or on The 24th of February etc. So after that click on the next button, so in the next page we have to seek the registration page type, whether you want standard, whether you have one right side cover left side cover, then rights and image left side image. So for now I’m just going to click on the standard option. Then you can change the background, color or webinar registration page.

Then you can also enable background gradient. Then you can change the text color and here that here are various important things like you: can active or disable or enable weaving a title subtitle description. You can also do countdown timers here, then you can display the last name as well as email capture form here, and you can add your brand logo or your phone number here. So I will just set this default here and click on the next button.

After clicking on the next button, we will go to the page where we have to change the webinar live settings. So in the webinar live settings you know to means you have a setting where users have to enter their email to actually a question for your webinar. Then you can also enable or disable webinar live chat here and with this option you can redirect we attendees to a particular page after your webinar has been completed.

Then in the Waveland offer settings you can add a particular offer during your webinar. You can add the offer headline your description of a price call to action and all other things also you can anyone countdown timer here and you can also add a poll during your webinar for creating airport just give the weather you like this training. You can means add the poll timing. That means where you wanted to add pool, so this poll will display after 5-10 minutes after the webinar has been started, and I will just sit seven minutes pool options.

You can add options like yes. No, so you can say we have added these two pools. They click on the add pool to actually add this pole. Then here click on the next button. After that, and in the next button we will have webinar notification settings where you can automatically send emails to your webinar attendees before starting of the webinar. That is before one day or 30 minutes, or you can just remind them, and you can now integrate your autoresponder with this webinar kit.

You can integrate webinar active campaigns, then Aweber convertkit then get response and match him. So, after taking doing your integration, click on the complete button and boom, our webinar has been completed, and now, if I select oh, I have to go to the bottom to see our webinar. So you can see her over webinar have been created where we have 0 attendees and 0 resistance. So you can edit this webinar by clicking on the pencil button and you can see the links to this webinar.

So let us go to these links, so you can see this is a rescission link read from link then replay room, link and control room link. So for now I am going to show you the registration page and read room page. So in the registration page you can see, this is a standard email capture form that we have just created now here you can add your own brand logo, your own photo here and the time time round. Sorry these countdown timer we display here now you will ask your users to enter their name and email ID and in the webinar Watson page you can see her.

Our article has been auto-playing and users can enter their email and their question, or they can also chat with you during a live webinar. So in this way guys, you can actually create an amazing webinar using the web market software and if you are on the fence to do the webinar kit, then definitely go for it. And in the description of this article, there will be a link to get the web locket along with some additional 3 bonuses.

So, in my opinion, this software is really amazing by looking at their interface and how it is easy to add a particular webinar or host a webinar using this software. So, overall, the quality of the software is really great and if you are on the fence to view the webinar kit, then definitely go for it again. Thanks for reading this article, if you have any questions or queries about the webinar kit, then please comment below.

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