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This is your host Mike Thomas and today, on the show we have Stefan ciancia on and we’re going to be talking about an auto webinar system. That’S going to allow you to make 497 997 even up to $ 2,000 sales as a beginner without actually having to do webinars, yourselves and even including steps to get free traffic, let’s get into it.

Here’S Stefan we are here today with Stefan see on CEO. Stefan welcome back to the show thanks Mike it’s been a while it’s been a while. I mean the reason why it’s been a while is because I know that you personally haven’t been doing a lot of product launches. You’Ve actually been off working on your own webinar. You’Ve got over a million dollars in sales on your webinar. It’S pretty amazing the success that you’ve had with that now.

I know that you’ve come up with a software. That’S going to help automate that success, so I’m going to go ahead and read op the headline to this. It says here: first-ever, auto, webinar software and system lets you make easy. 497. 997 $ 1,997 sales, even as a beginner, by handling all steps from funnel creation to traffic in five minutes flat. No, you know that’s a little bit high P and you’ve even said that to music bottles a little bit height, be there so bring us underneath that hype what’s going on here, and why should we be excited absolutely so? As you said, I’ve kind of stepped away from doing a lot of product launches and I’ve moved into selling a lot of higher ticket products on webinars.

Now, there’s a ton of benefits to doing that. Obviously, you make more money. You can charge what you believe you’re worth and you don’t have to sell as many products to get the same result and usually you’re dealing with people who have money to spend, which is really good. So the problem is what we realize is. The huge problem is like a lot of people who are just starting out have have a lot of roadblocks to be able to tap into this high ticket market.

So if you’re a new affiliate, marketer or you’re a business owner of some sort – and you want to sell stuff online – it’s a lot easier for you to sell something, typically with that’s like $ 7 or $ 14 or whatever the problem is, you have to make A lot of these 7 or $ 14 sales to basically see huge, huge growth in your business, whereas if you make a few sales between $ 500 and $ 2,000 you’re, basically, you know you have to do a lot less work to make basically a full-time income.

I grow your business either whether you’re an affiliate or a product creator. So some of these roadblocks that have traditionally existed for people is a you need a product, that’s worth being sold at that price point B. You need a webinar C. You need like usually a lot of tools to set everything up, like you know, like expensive monthly tools to basically run these webinars and D. You need a lot of time.

Someone who’s just starting a business. Oftentimes is working full-time or they don’t have a lot of time to sit there and rerun webinars over and over again and an e. Sometimes people are shy and they don’t want to. They don’t want to get on camera, so we’re thinking. How can we solve all of these problems in one to make it as easy as possible for someone to sell high ticket products without wasting a lot of time, building a webinar even having their own products, and how can we also cater to people that already have A webinar and want to be able to make more money from it in an automated fashion and that’s how we created our product webinar kit, so that that headline there is a little bit high P.

But the cool thing about that is that what we’re showing is that we basically all-in-one created something that anyone can come in and tap into high ticket sales, such as 497, 997, 1997 and basically come in press a few buttons and set up an entire funnel. That will basically do the selling part for them of these high ticket products, and they don’t have to go out and put all these pieces together annually to be able to tap into the high ticket market and then, in addition to that, the traffic part we’ve also.

Basically used my personal traffic method, that’s driven me well, over a million free visitors and combined the two to give people everything they need not only to build these stunning webinar funnels that basically automate the high ticket sales, but also give them the traffic they need to Get started and go out there and drive traffic to these high converting funnels, so we’re really excited about it.

I’M sure you can see that I’m excited, as you said, that I’ve stepped away to do a lot of this stuff from from the whole launch space. So I’m really excited about this, because this is something that really anyone, whether you’re, a newbie affiliate or an established business owner, can benefit from webinar kit and basically use it for, like I said, they’re established, webinars or if you’re new, there’s a bunch of pre-built webinars In there with products ready to go that you could just press a few buttons and they’re ready to promote.

So in a nutshell, that’s that’s kind of everything bring it in. Let’S I’ve got a bunch of questions for you, but let’s take a look inside and I’ll. Ask as we go along okay, you want me to pull up the software. I do I do. Okay, all right see, one sec just go share my screen. Okay, can you see my screen? Yes, we are in okay, so this is inside the webinar kit. Dashboard now hona other problem that we noticed about other software out there.

That kind of did the same thing was that it was clunky. It was outdated, it was kind of difficult to use for newbies and it was just like you know. Anyone who’s ready to set this up and automate webinars automate sales to webinars is not looking to learn, basically have some sort of MIT degree to run their software. So we built it in a way: that’s simple, easy to set up and a few steps and you’re pretty much ready to go so we’re inside here.

If I click on new webinar, you can see that it takes me through a very simple process here of from from article to email, to set everything up. So the first thing is you add your your webinar article, it’s very simple. The next step is, you add your details, so you really can’t mess this up. You don’t have to know what you’re doing at all. You never have to have done this before, but within minutes you go through this process and you’ve got a webinar setup.

So you got the details, you’ve got the you know the presenter, the schedule, and it takes you through all these steps to be as simple as possible. So you can see here. This is where you build your registration, page and and I’ll show you some examples of what some of the funnels look like at the end, but essentially coming here. You build your page. You can’t mess anything up here, even if you’re a newbie you just go in, you, follow the steps and then you go through you.

You answer all the questions and then, by the end, you you set everything up and you basically we have at the end. We have email integration with major autoresponders as you see here, so it’s actually very easy for you to even integrate your own email list here. So you’re building your list, while you’re you’re, promoting your webinar funnels and then when you’re done you hit complete and you have a webinar, that’s basically ready to go and I’ll show you what pump pops up.

Basically, when you’re done you get these three links, you get your registration link, you get your read room link and you get your control room, which is basically all the different things that you can. You can do with it so like, for example, if I open up the registration link, this is a this is one of the pre-built webinars. That’S ready to go, and this is what the registration page like. It’S got all this info on it that people see and then, if you come here, you choose your starting time.

You choose your name, you choose your email and then it enters everything into the room and basically from there people go into the read room which I’ll show you. What that looks like – and this is what the read room looks like I’ll – just pause that well actually I’ll just plug the music, but basically it pops up. This awesome watertight room here where people read the webinar and at the end it’s very easy to pop things.

In in your settings, you could sell stuff at the very end of the webinar, so this is a. This is really a compact all-in-one solution from start to finish, to build these really powerful, auto webinar funnels integrate them with your autoresponders, and then you can also view beautiful analytics at the end to see how many attendees you got so, for example, here’s your traffic information, How many people visited the registration page, how many people actually registered for the webinar? How many people attended the webinar and how many people attended the replay, then you’ve got conversion information.

You can actually measure how well your offers are are are converting. Well, I’m sorry! Then you can see like a registration page, your webinar attendance rate, your replay attendance rate. You can see the engagement, so you can see how many, how much time people are actually in the webinar, and you also have a manual way to export your registrants. If you don’t want to connect an autoresponder, so that’s really powerful whether you, whether you have an autoresponder connected or not, you can still use the tool to build these auto webinar funnels and collect your leads information.

So, in a nutshell, just go to the dashboard here. That’S really what’s really powerful and you can see in here. These are just a few of the pre-loaded webinars that are basically ready to go and available reloaded webinars Stephan. How many are included on the front end, so you get five pre-loaded webinars on the front, end that are included, and basically those are ready to go. So you can literally just take those apply, the traffic stuff that we give you.

We even give you a traffic software as a bonus. What that’s one of the ones that I personally develop that relates to one of the traffic methods. I’Ve been using and you’re ready to go. I mean you literally come in here. You get your link and you are ready to start promoting. It’S very simple and very, very easy. You basically just come in here. You can add your affiliate link in here, and everything is basically just just ready to go so, and you know there’s going to be full tutorials for everyone in here, so that they can.

They cannot basically work everything we have some of the tutorials you can see in this in this demo account that I’m in, but basically everything that you need is in here, so you can get started, whether whether you have a webinar, already or or not so essentially So essentially, it’s very easy for you to come in here and basically grab a webinar and, at the same time add a webinar. If you have some new one that you’d like to add and what’s really cool is for launch week, only we are doing a very special one-time pricing on these software.

So anyone who gets in early is getting an amazing deal to have this in their arsenal. As a powerful tool without having to basically go out there and spend several hundred dollars a month on an alternative, they can actually get webinar kit for one-time price and and basically have it forever, but for you know, and basically be able to use it without these, Like $ 300 a month alternatives, so it’s really really an amazing deal for anyone, whether you’re an established, webinar seller or you will want to have a webinar in your business or your even an affiliate who wants to promote high ticket and not have all those barriers That I mentioned before so it kind of covers everything for a really low one-time price and, let’s be clear, this is for automated webinars not for live webinars.

Correct, that’s correct! So this will do automated webinars build these amazing funnels and then you won’t have to go. Live and worry about all of that stuff. It’S all built in for you. If someone has questions during the calls there any way that you’re able to handle that yes, so inside of the tool, there’s actually a control room here so I’ll just pop that up and basically you can basically check the chat and respond to people directly in the Chat, you can hire someone to do this for you, you can do it yourself and additionally, there’s actually go to the washroom here.

You can actually like if someone is Sai just pause this. If someone is typing in the chat, basically, you can even set it up. So that you get an email when someone is posting in the chat for one of your webinars, so if you’re reading TV or something and someone’s reading one of your automated webinars and asks a question, you can actually answer it directly from your phone. Additionally, like I said you can hire someone or just go into the control room itself and answer all of the chat here and basically, like you know whatever it is, so, yes, you can actually handle all of the chat questions and some other really cool features.

Is that there’s polls and other things that you can basically set up to basically keep engagement, high and and have these different features that are popping up throughout the throughout the presentation that make it like really engage people you can give out handouts. You can put up polls and it just keeps people engaged and helps kind of helps. Basically, uh, you know, keep keep the keep the interest very high as you go through the webinar and it basically comes off as like a fully live webinar, which is really really cool.

Okay, so that’s the front end offer are. Stefan. Is there anything else on the front end that you want to mention before we move on to the OTO s, so the front end is really cool because it includes the lifetime access to the webinar kit software for a one-time fee for a very limited time. It includes five done-for-you Affiliate, webinar funnels, where you just grab your affiliate link plug it in and you’ve got five high ticket funnels ready to go.

It also includes my rapid traffic suite software, with all upgrades included to help you start driving traffic immediately, which includes rapid traffic training. It also includes basically yeah rapid traffic training, rapid traffic software, five done-for-you funnels that you can drive traffic to immediately and lifetime access to the software. So yeah, that’s everything on the front end. It’S a really! Everything is included all in one, regardless of your experience.

Level established businesses are going to have a field day with this, and newbies are finally going to be able to break into the high ticket market without worrying about tiny little $ 7 sales. You know they can. They can make five hundred to two thousand dollars sales, so basically yeah. That’S everything on the front. End cool okay, welcome through the optional upgrades sure, so the first optional upgrade is webinar kick Pro, which is going to be another one-time fee to basically get a ton of really high quality features that help you turn webinar kit into even more of a lean mean Selling machine some of those features, are you get unlimited bandwidth to add all of your articles hosted directly in the platform you get.

You get a bunch of upgrades as far as conversion booster. So inside of the of the software you like, when you’re running webinars, there’s more conversion elements on the webinar that you have in your control panel and in general there’s. Basically, just a ton of upgrades on the pro that that had for one-time fee turn this into something that becomes even more of a robust selling machine to help you sell more, make more money and then make you know basically make your webinar as more professional.

It also includes a ton of more templates for your registration pages, so you, you have a lot more customization over how your funnels look so just a lot of turning the software into something with a full-fledged suite of awesome tools. The second optional upgrade is webinar kit chat, and this is actually going to allow you the ability to automate the chat box. So you can actually have someone oughta mating questions in there.

So maybe at three minutes in you want to ask a question to the audience and then at 27 minutes – and you want to ask another question – and the cool thing is that the chat bot becomes another engagement tool. It’S another traffic blog to basically sell these people. You know you can talk to them in the chat and give them calls to actions in the chat automatically. You can engage them, give them a call to action.

So just it’s another, really cool selling tool that becomes part of your webinar kit arsenal and then the cool thing about that is, like I said you, you get it for a one-time fee, whereas normally you’d have to pay monthly or yearly for these things. The the third optional upgrade is webinar kit, accelerator, the sales accelerator, and what we did here is we basically paired. We paired a bunch more done-for-you, webinar funnels, so there’s going to be there’s over a dozen ready now in there that there are more products that you can promote and more being added a lot more being added, basically so that you have all these done for you Funnels ready to go, you have a whole arsenal of done-for-you funnels and it also includes additional traffic software, which is something that I’ve personally used as well as developed to basically help you increase your sales with with webinar kit.

So that’s the sales accelerator and then the last optional upgrade is the agency. Now what we did with the agency is really amazing. We actually made it so that you can turn your webinar kits software into a full-fledged agency. This means that you can add roles into the software. You can add, like a team that can come in and have different roles and permissions. You have a lot more bandwidth for adding your client webinars.

It basically adds an entire client webinar section to the tool so that you can manage your client webinars. It also has a one-click analytics reporting tool where, basically, you you load in your clients webinars. They don’t have to know that webinar kid is doing all this work. For you and then at the end, depending on how the webinar goes, you can you can create a link that you just simply send to your client and it has all of their analytics a very professional automatically set up report for them like a client report where They see all of the stuff on how the webinar went and you look like a pro because you have this awesome report.

It also includes prospecting templates. It includes a lot of awesome things that basically allow you to copy and paste templates to get clients very quickly. For this very unique offering, and with that you can charge anywhere from 500 to 1,500 a month for the service, you can build up a recurring income just by using webinar kit as a tool where it does all the heavy lifting for you. So those are the four optional upgrades and, and the really cool thing is like I said like during launch week: everything is for a one-time price, so you don’t have to pay monthly or pay.

Like the you know, the competitors are outdated, they cost as much as $ 300 a month. So this is something where you can have all of this for a one-time price and you can go for the whole shebang. You can go for just the front front and then the pro or just the front end whatever it is. But this is an amazing deal and I think people are really going to see that Stefan, thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Is there anything else anything we missed anything you wanted to mention before we wrap it up. I think just summarizing. I’Ve done over a million dollars in sales and switching a high ticket, and I can thank webinars and automation for doing that. For me with webinar kit, whether you’re a newbie or whether you’re an established webinar seller, you can tap into the power of high ticket. Automated selling, with webinars, without really needing anything else, everything is included.

So I think this is an amazing opportunity. This will be monthly or yearly very soon, so I recommend getting in when you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees again. Thank you. So much for coming on the show and best of luck with your launch thanks Mike. I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Stefan, if you are interested in picking up a webinar kit at its lowest price you’re going to want to come back tomorrow at 11 a.

M. Eastern Time on Saturday February 22nd. We’Re going to be able to pick it up at its lowest early bird discounted price, along with my special bonuses. Thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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