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In a nutshell, this webinar Kids program is the first of a kind, our all responder final software on which you will be allowed to build modern and a professional Archer worry nurse funnels on just a few clicks of a mouse okay. So if you are seasoned marketer or you are just a beginner positive for beginners – I mean when you’re starting out, you may have power, probably the capacity to go live with a certain group of people.

Okay, so in this case, when we are kids will give you the ability to build, you know crafted a professional automatic webinars on which you only need to drive traffic and nothing more of that. I am in the members area of this cloud software on we do which we launched it today on a 22nd at 10 a.M. Eastern Standard Time. This is my cloud server and with a few clicks you can you could build an automatic, funnel webinar, okay, and it is a simple to use in fact – and there is a full tutorial inside of this program on which I will take you, and I will just A little bit on just a moment – and I will you will see that actually has probably one or two articles on to you know the product creators teach you how to do it getting started guide we’re going to keep very six.

This is just fine, almost four-minute article create awareness to everything there is to it on 20 minutes. That is all okay and done almost were to tell you that in it comes with an automatic software type like you, traffic or rapid traffic to it and Amazon – and I know this one program on which teach you how to drive traffic to those webinar. So you can see how to welcome young gation, tutorial settings, tutorial, graphic tutorial or exchange tutorial and board finder tutorial.

Ok, it’s almost everything that you need in here. Ok on, in this case, you know with the webinars you have the chance to communicate when you want to communicate and sell as well high ticket products to those people. Ok, so you will have a chance to sell between $ 500 $ 400 on to you know $ 1000, okay and as well. I have one of those focuses on which give you the ability to collect those high ticket.

You know sales okay, on which I will give you the chance to own one of my mobile knows is how to get it. Okay, and if you this interest, you okay stick around because, like I’m about to tell you my secret bonus package, I’ve been taking a long time to get it on and you will get it when you click the link down below this article. If you’re reading on YouTube you’ll, you know be ended up on this page, but don’t forget webinar.

Kid will be live at 10 a.M. Eastern Standard Time on the 22nd of February okay. But you have to hurry that because you have this timer okay, when you, when it reaches zero. Okay, all the bonuses will disappear and as well or these pages divorce. Okay, I’m not afraid to be redundant of that, because the timer is ticking and it is quite a few days the chance to get it. Those bonuses – okay, inside of this page as well, you can find a article tutorial or a article kit.

What is the webinar kid? It’S all about, okay, starting with those bonuses, I will give you the access to a cool program on which almost guaranteed to give you each, which give you a chance to get up to $ 1,000. Okay. This is a system in which a to well-known super marketers used to get a ton of money, okay, using webinars as well, it’s almost guaranteed at me. I cannot and will not guarantee you that you will make money.

Okay, because I will lie into your straight up. You and don’t I don’t do that, okay, but it’s almost guarantee that you can. You know, make those high ticket commissions and don’t forget that all these bonuses are for your church. Okay, when you click the link down below this article – and you ended up in this page and by L by 10 a.M. Eastern Standard Time on the 22nd in a few hours time. This is a button.

Green banner will be live, and it will take you to this else, page on which I will tell you about in a little bit of a bonus. Number two is this: I want this is a tutorial on which two, great and well-known marketers will teach you how to run where in arson, like a pro every single thing I mean in your online career, you will have the you know the challenges to overcome, and One of those challenges when you are you know getting through more stages on your career are, is I mean running a webinar, okay, a live webinar or whatever webinar anyway, so these two well-known and super affiliate, you know, will teach you how to do those webinars like It should be okay, the borders and number three has to do with traffic.

Okay. This is the best ok traffic source to wrong with a webinar, okay, there’s no better traffic source than this one, and you have to find it out when you click a link down below this article and purchase this product, which I will tell you how much it Is on the prices on the upsells as well? Okay, but my bonuses are flat out: okay, free of charge. Okay, do bonus number four! It is a little tutorial on to teach how to monetize.

You know those revenues without you having a product to sell as your own. Okay, most of the webinars, you know I are presenting represented by people actually own the product. On this case, you have the product, but you can leverage the product without you during the life of webinar, and this tutorial, you know, will teach you how to do it. Okay, the bonus number four is how to like. I told you in a little bit before how to find high ticket products to promote and maximize your potential Ernie’s with a webinar okay.

This is a great opportunity to for you to make a substantial amount of money between 500 up to $ 1,000 commissions, you’re, not running a webinar. You know complimenting with a webinar kids product and don’t forget it will be live at 10:00 a.M. Eastern Standard Time. On the 22nd of February and a few hours time and the abundant number six is a special bonus binder which is given to me and to your free of charge and how to get those bonuses of your choice, a charge.

I will tell you all about in just a few seconds. Okay, when you see in this article, there will be a click, a link on which you can found it down below this article. Okay, now it will take you to my special page. Okay, now, when you are in this page, you will click those green buttons, okay, which it would take you to on the sales page on which I will tell you about in a second first, everyone wearing a software and system lets you make easy for ninety seven.

Ninety seven to two thousand dollar sales, even as a beginner, by handing all the steps from the funnel creation strategy, five seconds flat anyway, winners from where their money, the big money is for. Okay, I mean this is the sales page on which everything there is to it. I mean you need you need to know and is quite a lengthy, and I don’t want to spend all the time you know. Reading I’ll tell you everything about this sales page, because I value my time as well as yours and you can check it.

You know whatever the time you have available. Okay, and when you make this purchase of a webinar kid you know clicking those green banners. It will take you to a more your plus on, which is one of the platforms, and actually this product is selling and you will hover over. You know your user name and then you click on purchase history, on which you’ll take you to the next page. You know the actually will tell you a lot of new approaches before a list of product and actually your purchase and the first one will be webinar kid, and probably all the old SEOs.

Now, after that – and it will take you to this page on which here are two buttons in this one, okay, this is a button down which will take you to straight up for your product, and this one is as filling policies on which, when you click it, You won’t find my bonuses, okay and, as I told you before, these bonuses are absolutely free of charge. Okay, now I told you how to get it now, I’m going to talk about and the my prices are absolutely just mom.

Now, as I told you before, this, a new software automatic are out to webinar. Funnel will be live at 10 a.M. Eastern Standard Time. On the 22nd of February, okay, for it is special from this prices prices. When you know kid will be available to a customer for one time we feel only one time: free, okay and the difference between the old. You know webinar jam or GoToWebinar or the author’s webinar software and in fact, or soon they are they have.

I mean monthly prices with this one. You have to pay it once and forget about it. It will be priced at 34 97, which is the price of you know, which this program will be so okay after you pay that okay, you will have the access to the basic of you know, webinar kit program. Now the webinar creator pro, which is the option number one, will be available do-do-do-do-do, which is include additional professional registration, page templates, in-house article hosting limited bandwidth, time handouts, one click, replay pages, all available registration pages and upgrade to commercial rights.

To everything for $ 67, I mean you get all of this: okay, professional registration, article hosting unlimited bandwidth, which is very, very very important, and commercial rights through everything for $ 67 is a no-brainer. Now, the Weber. Now the option. Number two is a webinar chat, simulator, which is 37 and dollars. This is, you know, gives you the ability when you go, live or what is live or pre-recorded, to engage with your audience.

Okay, you can set out of many tests to increase engagement and include automatic calls to action to customers. Okay for $ 37. It will give you the ability to communicate with the audience and set up call to action as well. It’S pretty pretty no-brainer. Now the option number three is a webinar kit sales accelerator on which $ 67. It is going to help you accelerate your webinar sells 15 ready to go tones before you, don’t for you out of my auto webinar funnels, on which you simply get your link right.

Traffic and include our flagship traffic repeat: traffic, suite software and traffic training with help you drive course of free traffic and uses the same methods, so they used to drink 1 million free visitors to our website. Ok, this is a traffic program which teach you how to get free traffic. Ok for $ 67. It’S up to you! If you have the money for it, okay, but remember that actually in my bonuses and will give you the ability to get traffic straight up from two sources of traffic.

Ok, so it is up to you and the option. Number four is an agency. Okay. This is what you’re instantly operating to allow you to turn into a proper way have enough agency, one click. This includes sub-accounts, excuse me and add to five team members an entirely separate client webinar area and which easily manage client webinars work like wellness, analytics very important to impress your clients instead of article stories and a core commercial rights for everything you need.

Ok, so for agency price $ 97, I mean, and you can get your money back, which is with just one client. Ok, there’s at are a lot of things to consider it, ok being the first automatic other webinar funnel okay, which almost I can see, replace the use for another webinar tools: okay, we’re on which you have to pay a monthly fee; okay, so for one price, and Maybe some upsells, if you have the budget for it, you can get a substantial amounts of vamos, okay and I highly highly recommendable, because on with webinars, you have the ability to communicate with your audience and sell those high ticket products.

Okay, that actually have a big ticket commissions and as well make those juicy commissions. Okay, don’t sit on and don’t overthink it because you have this timer okay, when it goes to zero, this page will be shut down and all the bonuses will be gone okay. So this has been my take on webinar kid was on, which will be like tomorrow and 10:00 a.M. Eastern Standard Time. So I hope you find a very voluble and I will see you later on.

Okay Kay, so stay amazed, happy bye! Thank you for reading bye. Bye for now,


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