WebinarKit Review and Demo ⚡ WARNING ⚡ DON’T BUY WebinarKit Review WITHOUT MY ? CUSTOM ? BONUSES!

I’M at the members area of the webinar kit, where you create your own new webinars or have existing webinars and I’ll be going through in detail how to use this software, and I have some very exclusive bonuses which will really help enhance the webinar get software.

Now. What I wanted to also show you are the competitors to webinar kit, the webinar kid initial prices around twenty seven to forty dollars, and the pro version is about another thirty dollars as and if you currently wanted to do a webinar and create a webinar series for Your product, you would have to go to easy webinar and the standard version 278 a month. Pro version is 129 a month or there’s. The other alternative which you have which is called ever babban.

Are the installment plan that Street it’s about four hundred dollars with installment plan and you pandas five hundred? So you see, it is a great great bargain to get the webinar kit and this webinar kid has the same capabilities as the other two webinars are shown as I’m going to be switching over from the Evergreen to the webinar kit right away when it launches. Okay, now I have some very exclusive bonuses which will enhance webinar, kids, whoever that kid is a software right which creates a webinars for you, automated webinars, for you within five minutes with landing pages emails and all of the whole system is created, but it does not Have a lot of things in terms of processes? How do you manage it? What do you say to the subscribers and add all those things which are missing? I have bonuses to work on that.

So, let’s go to the bonuses. Let me show you my sales page now. The way you get to my sales page is that, if you’re in YouTube, when you’re reading my article, then at the at the bottom of the article in the description, there’s a link to the sales page it’ll come here or if you came via an email which I sent to my subscribers then you’re already in this page right here: okay, now, the my bonuses will expire in the time when the timer hits zero.

So it’s a good idea to as soon as you decide to buy in the system and I’m sure you’ll see it’s a terrific system for such a low price. You click on the green tab over here and I’ll. Take you to the to your webinar create sales page, which is what it looks like over here and then you click on the get instant access to webinar kit and that’s where you can buy, buy the software and if you buy through my link right now through This key right here all my bonuses, will also be attached to it.

Okay, so let me show you the the bonuses of YouTube we have set up just for you. The first bonus is, it is a really a hack, it’s an excess of 1k system. Now this is Jonah Jonah and I partnered with this it’s $ 197 and what the system does. It’S called a high ticket seminar system and it goes through each and every detail, step of how to manage a webinar. So after after its installed after you installed your webinar into the webinar kit, how do you, how do you contact subscribers? What do you say to the subscribers and then how do you follow up on the SUBSCRIBE as a courtesy to the customers who have not bought all of the steps are given in there? Okay, so you really need that.

It’S a system for a business and if you implement the system together, the webinar art you get consistent high ticket webinar profit of 400 to 2004 shot. So that system is a must and again. Webinar does not actually show you how to manage a webinar. It has all the capabilities and some really good good expansions on it, but they are major seven steps to do and follow for the webinar. So once you once you’ve decided on which webinar to do these seven steps are crucial, so that nothing goes wrong with it and we written it down and explain to you how what to do okay, and then we have the D traffic.

Now, with with webinar kid, you will get a software called rapid traffic software, it’s a very good system, it’s organic and based on Pinterest, so to slowly build it’s an all. Organic traffic takes a long long time to where it takes a few weeks to months. To do that, but it’s a it’s a good system for a long term for the short term, where you really want to make money right away within a few days or a week.

We have this tutorial here which will get you the best traffic source to run your webinar, it’s very detailed and it’s a and it you should be able to get subscribers within two or three days of implementing the system. So now that you have traffic, you know and then our two other bonus, which I showed you will man how to manage the webinars, how to systemize the whole webinar system and what to look for when you run a webinar, you have a complete and you have A complete system around webinar kit, now there’s one thing missing: what if you’re late marketing and you do not have any products? How do you get around it? You have five products predefined in webinar killed, but hundreds of people are going to be using it.

You want to be something unique well, this was created just for that you can monetize your webinar without having your own product. It’S a very neat system, never talked about. I’Ve, never seen it before so so now you can get a couple of products of your own. Install it in webinar kit and then your unique in that nobody else’s is marketing that webinar and will show you exactly what to do. Okay, and in addition to that now you have this special bonus which webinar kit creators have given and they’re very good to the first one is the five pre-loaded done-for-you webinars so, but you need to buy it real quickly.

It’S the it’s! It’S not going to! Last too long on that that helps you quite a bit, then here you have the truck rapid traffic suite software. This is almost a $ 250 software, with all its OTO switch with Stefan sells on its own and warrior plus, and also the training, which is very, very detailed. So this will actually help you get traffic its organic traffic. It builds up slowly in time. Okay, so now you get the idea of what the bonuses are.

You get to see how terrific my bonuses are here will really help you get it and make sure the way you get. It is to click on this link here, but you then go to the webinar. The sales page you’ve ever not get sales page with and then it where you can buy. Okay, let’s go to the sales page, so the diamond arcade sales page is the first-ever auto webinar software systems, where you can make these kinds of sales from big net by handling the steps and five minutes actual there right.

I have created a webinar in five minutes. It’S a little bit of a time is taken in some questions to be answered and we’ll go through that and you can go to the article there and – and it really is a it’s a first to market platform, which is which one with just one payment. There’S no other system which does then they’re always on monthly payment. So even if you’re thinking of doing webinars a couple of months from now, it’s a good idea to buy it because after this launch is done, they go into monthly monthly fees.

So it’s a four a couple of dollars: 27 to 37 dollars. This is worth it and you get all my bonuses. You get all my bonuses on this webinar kid bonuses which have got thousands of dollars, okay and they have a pre-loaded funnels. So you can use that and then okay, so you have all of these things right here. I you can so you get a pre-loaded funnel grab the affiliate link and webinar automatically creates a webinar, and then you set up your passive traffic or the traffic which my bonus will give you, which you can set that up, and then you can scale it and The to scale the system you have my exclusive bonus on the one case system, which I’ll tell you exactly how to manage, manage these webinars and the subscribers which you have so it’s you can you can go through the system over here? It’S very well written very well explained you know, and the the the partners, Tom Phil and Stefan the well-known super fleets they’ve been in this business for a long time.

They have done a lot of software and they’ve managed and maintained all the software okay. So, let’s now go to the OT ORS, and some of these rotors are very good, so the first audio you have and which is very useful, is the well that’s good. As friend the front-end is powerful. Women are kit and the training modules the pro version. Well, it’s a limited one-time fee. Then it becomes recurring. This is.

This is a must-have because the additional registration page templates in-house article hosting unlimited bandwidth – and then you have polls and embedded pages of good to commercial rights on everything. So it’s a one-time fee, so between these two together, you have a complete webinar system where other people are paying anywhere from sixty seven two hundred dollars a month. Okay, now the chat simulator this this helps in in in having a chat when the webinar is running.

It’S a nice thing to have the webinars. Ireland do not have that, but this is something for such a low price to have, because then to the people who therefore recorded webinars, people actually will when they have asked questions. You can then answer them. Okay and the work sales accelerator, this will accelerate your earnings by giving you 15 Auto funnels. You get and you simply get your link and drive traffic, so you’re, adding in 15, more webinar funnels in there and then the agency you get in the agency.

Now you can actually sell to two author’s author creators to local businesses who do want to do webinars on their products. You now have a system, and it’s only for $ 97. Ok, so it’s its first auto webinar platform with one pricing and then remember. You know when you do low ticket items, it takes hundreds and hundreds of sales to just get some decent salary here, a couple of sales a week you can earn thousands of dollars so make sure you understand that so now to get all the OTO s or Whatever to you think you need plus all my bonuses which, which you know are really great.

You need to click on the bank on the link here and go to the sales page where you can then click on the buy page in there and and that’s how you can buy the product. Okay, I was trying to get to that yeah and it’s right here under sales page. You could have GoToWebinar to do that and once you buy any purchase and you you go then it’ll look into when you purchase it. You hit you’ll, get a receipt in the village, a visa when you log on, and our bonuses would be right here, so you don’t even have to wait for it.

You don’t have to wait for email, they’ll directly, come in there. I hope that I explain what your bonuses are, which were giving you a plus the bonuses which the Stephan and the webinar kid people are doing. So now, let’s go through the system here, so the webinar kid. This is a front-end in there and they have some very that getting started when you click on the getting started. You get a starter guide, you get the basics, creating webinars or step-by-step done-for-you webinars and then for done-for-you webinars are how to the instructions on them are also given to you in detail, so you can go through the done for your webinars.

How do you work? You know the five webinars you have, or if you get the 15 more it gives you detailed steps of how to do it. So yeah they’re very well documented in them. Now these are some of the webinars created as demos, because I’m in a review will be member site and it’s not too hard. You go to the click on the new webinar and it starts the process you put in the URL of the webinar you wan na, where you want to promote.

If this is a new webinar, you want and then just answer the questions they have when they go. Next, it’s that simple, the detailed name, subtitle description, what is a webinar duration usually are hour and a half, and then you have who’s the presenter, the schedule when you wan na schedule, you can do it scheduled in 50 minutes interval, okay, and so it’s a neat System where you can really get the things down here, let’s to move this a little bit, so I can do a next and then the registration page type standard.

And then you just go through an answer. So it’s really questions and answers and then you’ll get your system in there. Then settings we’re going to offer settings you’re, offering description price and then call to act of a call to action. One action to action 3 and all of these are in the tutorial. What are you put in these things? So when you create a new webinar, you can do that. You can even do poll settings.

You can add a poll to it. It’S a fantastic system just for 27 to 30 dollars. Okay, so and then you have the webinar starting eyes and then the the rapid traffic’s system which you get this is the Pinterest system. These are the training right here. There’S an extensive training on how to set up your system, your Pinterest system, but there’s marketing training over here. How do you market to the to the people – and this is all free – you get in fact I’m buying this just for this traffic software, which I can use in the system in there.

So this is some very good every training you can get and then so between the webinar system, which you’re getting plus the free free traffic traffic system, plus all my bonuses, which you see you’re, really getting a good deal in in this when you buy this to My link – hopefully this was a useful webinar for you, so you can understand and again make sure that if you’re interested in buying you buy through my link here, so that you can get all my affiliate bonuses.

Thank you very much and we’ll see you next time.


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