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Let me ask you a quick question: would you like to have your very own, smooth, professional and profitable, automated webinar funnels in your business, making you 497, 697 997 and even bigger sales, while the funnel does all the selling? For you, even if you’re an affiliate without your own product webinar or any idea how to drive traffic for the past couple of years, I’ve done well over seven figures in my business by selling higher ticket products via webinars, including many sales days.

That look just like this, and today I want to tell you how I’m working with my partners, Tom you have sukhov and Phil Schafer and how you can scale your own high ticket sales, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a brand new affiliate. In fact, with what we have for you today, you’ll be able to set up your very own stunning, professional and profitable automated webinar funnels in just minutes, even without your own product, webinar article traffic, page builder, or even hosting, and allow you to drive real targeted traffic To it for free, even if you’ve, never ran a webinar or even considered running a webinar before, are you skeptical? I bet you are in the next few minutes.

I’Ll explain everything. As I mentioned, we’ve done over 1.2 million dollars using webinars to promote higher ticket products. Now you may be asking yourself: why should you be caring about webinars and high ticket sales? Well, the answer is simple. Low ticket profit options like Adsense and promoting low ticket products are much slower and take way longer to scale your business. Why focus on those when you could focus on making high ticket sales? Well, traditionally, there’s been a few things, stopping you from being able to do this in your business right now, some or all of the following probably applied to you right now.

The first is creating webinars is not beginner friendly, as I’m sure you know, they take a very long time to set up and require a lot of testing and tweaking to make sure they can learn. Next, once you actually have a webinar, if you have time to scale your high ticket sales you’re going to burn out giving live webinar calls all the time it’s just not feasible. So the solution to that is pretty simple.

Auto webinars, you simply drive traffic in the auto webinar funnel. Does the high ticket selling for you day in day-out, however, until now this still was a huge problem for you, since other auto webinar software are clunky, buggy and worst of all outdated. They also don’t provide you any traffic assistance. You would need to basically have a PhD to try to navigate the existing auto webinar software on the market.

These legacy software are already outdated and super difficult to use. You need to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software and every time you have to go in and use it again. You already feel the headache coming back, not to mention these legacy. Software come with hefty ongoing monthly fees if you’re, just starting out or even established paying hefty fees for clunky outdated hard to use software is the last thing that you want to do.

That brings us to another roadblock. Even if you do manage to get your auto webinar photo set up, you still don’t know how to drive traffic to it. So for the first time ever we’re actually solving all of these problems for you. So existing businesses, like course creators, coaches, service providers and everyone in between, can take advantage of scaling their high ticket products sales using webinars without all of the traditional roadblocks and affiliates, even those just getting their feet wet, can finally take advantage of promoting high ticket products Without needing their own webinar, product traffic budget or even web hosting sounds pretty great right, we wanted to put together a solution that lets existing businesses with webinars scale, their webinar sales like never before, let’s affiliates, even newbies, be able to take advantage of promoting high ticket Products without even having to have their own products webinars or hosting and help both businesses and affiliates alike, drive traffic passively without any big budget, using the same 1.

5, 3 million visitors method that we use. We’Ve now made this possible for you from start to finish. Introducing webinar kit. Webinar kit is a first of its kind, stunning, Auto webinar, funnel builder paired with done-for-you, auto webinars in our free traffic method and software we’ve done 1.2 million dollars with webinars and with webinar kit you can tap into webinars and high ticket sales for your business.

Even if you’re an affiliate without your own products or webinar webinar kit is a special package we’ve put together, consisting of a hottest new, auto webinar software available that lets. You build stunning high, converting auto webinar funnels for you in minutes and hosts all of them. For you, the ability to load up unlimited, auto webinar funnels for your own webinars pre-loaded, done-for-you webinars, so that, even if you don’t have your own high ticket product or webinar, you can still promote high ticket products as an affiliate and take advantage of the same easy Scaling and our 1.

5 million free pageviews traffic training and software, allowing you to scale your business with high ticket products and auto webinars without relying on clunky, outdated, older, expensive software, with ongoing fees, promote your own webinars fast and easy, as well as promote our pre-loaded webinars. As an affiliate and drive passive free traffic using our 1.5 million pageviews method and software, including the traffic to be set up as set-and-forget, so you have passive traffic going into your high converting funnels day in and day out, where all of the high ticket selling is Done for you, webinar kit works for both business owners and affiliates if you’re a business owner.

Anyone from a coach to a course creator to an accountant, webinar kit can help explode your sales in a few short steps. Step 1 upload your webinar in seconds step. 2. Your webinar funnel is complete in minutes and easier to use than anything else available. Step number three is grab your auto webinar link, step 4 setup, your passive free traffic running into your auto webinar, funnel using our 1.5 million free pageviews method and software and then step 5.

Read your business scale like never before and if you’re an affiliate without your own product or webinar for the first time, you’re totally covered as well step number one pick: a pre-loaded funnel step 2 grab your affiliate link, step 3 webinar kit will automatically build your whole. Auto webinar funnel using your affiliate link, step 4 setup, your passive free traffic running into your auto webinar funnels using our 1.

5 million free page view method and software and step 5 read your business scale like never before super simple right with webinar kit. You are getting access to everything we used to scale our business to seven figures in sales. You don’t need to ever go live. Let the automated webinar funnels do all the high ticket selling for you and set them up in minutes and read them go. If you don’t have a product or webinar, simply select one of our pre-built, auto webinar, funnels ready for you in minutes, set up passive free traffic using our training and software.

The same method responsible for over 1.5 million pageviews to one of our websites alone and get high converting pages with professional design copy article headlines and everything necessary. You never have to worry about experience or Authority. These pre-loaded webinars are ready for you to profit from and are proven and best of all never worry about hefty ongoing fees from an older, outdated, clunky, buggy, Auto webinar solution for a limited time.

Webinar kit and all bonuses are available for a special launch week. One-Time fee want to see it in action, simply scroll down our page and you’ll, see a professional demo of us creating a highly profitable, auto webinar funnels that are optimized to make high ticket sales day in and day out, everyone is covered with webinar kit, whether you’re A seasoned business owner or an affiliate just starting out, I’m talking about course, creators, coaches, service providers, affiliate marketers, ecommerce store owners and just anyone that is looking to get higher conversions from high ticket sales, even affiliates without their own product, service or traffic.

And, of course, across all types of niches, business, finance, internet marketing, digital marketing, health mindset, personal development, accounting and most other niches, as you can see like I mentioned you are covered here, regardless of your situation, not to mention, have you ever seen an auto webinar solution That includes done-for-you webinars and traffic and software that helped us drive over 1.

5 million pageviews. Just like you see here, you are no longer priced out of the auto webinar and high ticket sales mark and you’re no longer limited by anything that was holding you back before. You’Re selling is automated your product and webinars are created. If you don’t have them already, you are being giving our personal traffic methods responsible for over 1.5 million free pageviews, and we show you how to set this up for passive free traffic day in and day out into your high converting, auto webinar funnel since its launch Week you are getting the following massive advantages when you take action now, one one-time pricing you’ll get webinar kit for life before it goes to a monthly fee.

The window is short, so you’ll need to act fast to pre-loaded webinars, promote high converting webinars and have your pre-built, auto webinar, funnels ready to go in minute. And lastly, our 1.5 million free pageviews traffic method and software get our favorite solution to set up passive daily traffic, perfect for sending right into your auto webinar fund. And of course it comes with a full commercial license.

So you can even create unlimited, auto webinar funnels in minutes for high paying client and webinar kit integrates with all major autoresponders. So you won’t need to do any moving of lists just to make this work. Webinar kit is the perfect solution and software to start making high ticket sales, even if it’s from scratch, because it takes care of every single aspect, including traffic webinar kit, is beyond just a webinar hosting platform, it’s beyond just a traffic source or a way to make Money, it’s beyond an ability to simply host a webinar passively.

It’S everything we ever wanted for ourselves, packaged into a beautiful, simple, effective marvel of technology that takes care of everything for you with webinar kit, you’ll have full flexibility and the ability to use our preloaded templates or your own webinars in any form and now you’re going To get it at a super insane special low price before it goes to monthly pricing. Webinar kit is the one-time price for the founders week.

Only additionally, our bonuses will also be removed after launch week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is the deal of the century and there’s absolutely no risk, since you’re covered by art guarantee so scroll down. Take a look at all the details on this page then grab webinar kit to set your high ticket sales on fire. Today, we can’t wait to hear about your results.


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