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So in this review, I’m going to be showing you what wedding a kid is, and mostly monthly, also up together some cost on bonuses for you to ensure that you get the best out of webinar kids, so webinar kids is a software that allows you to set Up webinars, most importantly, OTO webinars and profit from webinars, without the experience without having the experience or without even having to create your own webinars.

So, in essence, this puts you on the same level as experienced marketers or as experienced vendors, because it allows you to take advantage of the same resources allows you to get the same result without you actually doing the work and the vendors us. The vendors are back. Eliminating this a lot easier by also giving some bonuses, what I’m going to be telling you about also it shows well. So this is my bonus page, and the link to this page is down in the description of this article.

This product launches today, 22nd of February by 10 a.M. Est, I’m going to show you the bonuses now that I’m going to drop you to the dashboard for me, show you how this works and how you can start profit from webinar kit with zero experience. My bonus number one, I’m going to be showing you how to drive free and targeted traffic. We are going to get access to a PDF guide. That shows you how to drive free and targeted traffic from three different traffic sources.

Also bonus number two: I’m going to be giving you access to my cloud-based software that allows you to drive free and targeted traffic from Instagram in an image we are going to be getting the upgrade of this particular software, this software long in November of last year, That November of 2019, I’m going to be giving you the upgrade. This upgrade allows you to connect up to 20 Instagram accounts, they can be all accounts or new accounts are going to be able to drive traffic.

Using these accounts, you can easily use this to drive traffic to your webinars. We are going to be able to host a viral content. We are going to be able to repost viral content from other Instagram users. We are also going to be able to take advantage of viral and trending hashtags. You are also going to be able to share to your posts to grow in the future in the future. It allows you to post your Instagram account as well as your Instagram stories.

Also, I’m going to give you access to my premium article training that shows you how to set up your own landing, please bonus pages and your own autoresponder inside of your WordPress website. So I don’t be able to send up. We are going to be able to set up your landing. Please add opt-in forms to your piggies and when people fill in the app details like names and emails in your opt-in forms on your landing pages, they’re going to be added to your list in your autoresponder and you’re, going to be able to send out emails to Your subscribers, from time to time without having to pay any monkey fees to email services like get response or Avella, also almost number four, I’m going to be giving you access to premium article training that shows you how to rank your YouTube articles.

So when people are searching, this allows your YouTube articles, where I show all search results and allows your articles to a tiny rank high in search result and this Durante’s free traffic from YouTube to your auto webinars. Also bonus number five. We are also going to be getting access to all the vendor bonuses. That event was given to me to get to you to make sure they get the best out of engines, and these bonuses include, we are going to be getting five pre-loaded done-for-you webinars.

This calm, winds, webinar, kids, so you don’t even have to basically do your own webinar. You are going to be having never be getting access to this five webinars, which you can easily profit from and beautiful. Funnels are ready to go protein burner hidden week and they are ready in second, so you can easily set this all and start profiting from this immediately. Also bonus number two: you are also going to be getting access to this software that allows you to drive free traffic, also to your webinars, our secondly, limited time bonus is our rapid traffic suits software.

This software is responsible for our POS drive about 1.5 million free print views to one of our websites alone. Totally awesome use rapid traffic suits to help drive free, passive traffic to your store, import, webinar funnels as well as anywhere else. You need traffic. Also bonus number three are going to be getting access to the rapid traffic training. These are epic traffic training that explains the old network.

From start to finish that we used to automate 1.5 billion feed stores to one of our websites, so also are going to be getting access to all these bonuses, in addition to my own bonuses, just to insure against that based out of webinar keys. So I’m going to be showing you inside the dashboard of webinar kids right now to actually let you see how this works and how you can actually get started with this there’s also, article training inside of this dashboard actually shows you also go about being anything or The team is, this is actually very, very easy to use.

As a matter of fact, this is the easiest webinar and auto readiness of that have ever seen so to start, creating your webinar, just click on new will be also able to see will be lands that you have previously created. So to start, we need to do. Is click on new arena and then you have the option of either using the URL or uploading a article for your webinar. So what you need to do, let’s assume we want to use a URL.

Now it can be article, it can be YouTube URL, article URL and all that, so let’s just go and do to use. Ok. Why so less copy these um? Let’S copy this a grants to hands article and let’s come on tasty game and also just click on next and then you can turn on the webinar. I also name. This is your name. Ok, let’s give it at community and also the tides room that was gone copy. Details of this of this webinar here to stop in living from paycheck to paycheck how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck.

Less me is so tied to the same thing. Description same thing, duration of the webinar is like 30 minutes. Webinar are usually longer so let us say 30 minutes, and then you have the opportunity of adding presenter to your webinar and then you also have the option of dueling your webinar, so it can be set. It to be on a particular day and then set a date or you can say the webinar should run on specific days of the week lesson you want.

You all be not so wrong. Every team’s day they say June 10 G p.M. Eastern Standard Time and then just updates, and then you see, our dates has been added, just go ahead and click on next, and also you have the option of selecting the funnel type does for the registration page. Let’S just see right uncover and then let’s say the webinar registration page. You have the option of selecting colors you have the option of work.

Dance of test would be eating. Webinar description shown countdown timer will be shown, so we have a bunch of options right aids. Today, around weeds or let’s just go ahead and click on next and then you have the ocean of a anything the life chart. You have the option of the living email questions. You also have the option of a redirecting attendees after our website is disabled, and then that is, you need to put the redirection, URL and also the webinar or far settings which is supposed to be like the affinity offer right now.

So, let’s see make money online of a description, big money, online of a priceless strength, modulus or farquaad’s, rock-solid click and now and offer you are all this supposed to be lovely. So I’m getting a coffee. My bonus P link on today, okay, and we also have some optional of a2 and all that we’re just good to go. They just see. We also have the webinar pool settings and pull in your webinar and then let’s just go ahead and on your T, simulated chart settings, we can add us need a chart.

So let us go ahead and click on next and then you also have the option of webinar notifications. You can set up reminders to send out reminder emails through anyone who registers for your webinar, so I can invite them to start the webinar and also you can easily integrate these Reed’s existing autoresponders like Aweber like get response Meucci, and all that also. Let us click on complete and then our webinar has been set up.

So let’s go on before it’s now from called evidence that has been created. Okay, so here we go so now we have the option of editing it and we also object. You know reading out all our links, so this is the registration link. Now this is what this is: the link they’re supposed to a link directly to so let’s go check it out now, so this how this italicum look like you can easily put in their first name their email and then click on register now and the agna be Able to see the title of our webinar, and also you have different options for this page.

You have the option of selecting the type of funnel you actually want to show up here, and also this is the watering length is what the watering is not look like. So you have the child and all that, so when people are reading, this is actually how the interface is like, and so it allows also plain meaning that people joining the webinar would actually not be able to distinguish or taillights and auto webinar attorney shows of us In life when EULA, because it’s fast lane immediately, there are so many amazing features for webinar kids – also this training year to yesterday, and all that this is so easy to use Alfred.

I believe anybody can actually take advantage of this. So what you need to do to lock in all my bonuses with webinar is click on any of these buttons on these bonus page and when you click on any of these buttons is going to take you to the sales page of webinar kids. That looks like this and says ever wanted to tap into the massive retention of webinars I ticket sales, but couldn’t quite figure it out.

You love this easy done-for-you solution, first-ever of the webinar software and system lets you make easy folder than 97. Now that I’m 97 and 1097 dollar sales, even as a beginner, by handling all steps from funnel creation, the traffic in five minutes flat also feel free to come and check out the article presentation yeah and they have the cee-trust of Waylon foster market of webinar platform. To let you sell your article products faster and easier than ever before, Scott McLean see, even if you don’t have your own product or webinar, stop focusing on low return methods like ads or selling low ticket product skill by having the auto webinar software sell high ticket Products for you or the so without mostly software fees and also come check out all the features of webinar kids.

It’S easy to use pick a bigger data for now. Grab your grab a feeling. The webinar key automatically use your autograph on your GCF lately set up your passive traffic and then what your business skill like never before so feel free to come and check out this page, because there’s a ton of information that, in on the sales page of webinar Keys also air are some of the extra bonuses you’re also going to be getting from me.

These are part of the bonuses that the vendor is giving me to get to you to ensure you get the best out of our webinar keys. So I’m going to be showing you Oxana upgrades for webinar kids right now, the front end: this is the elevator price and this price is going to go off within the period of this loan. So, in order to block this down and the lowest price possible, you need to get in as early as possible, anytime from 10:00 a.

M. Est 22nd of February to lock down were lucky at the lowest price possible. Now to the optional upgrades we have the webinar to eat, crow wit goes for $ 67 and you’ll be able to up article accounts to prove for a limited time, one-time fee. This will include additional professional registration, page templates in article or steam limit abundant times and outs won’t likely take these pose embeddable registration pages and I’m going to commercial rights on everything also of Greenham, but throughout the webinar.

Kids chat, simulator, and that goes for thirty. Seven dollars with this object be able to set up your own webinar for your software into a lean mean selling an engagement machine. You can set automated charts to increase engagement in your webinars as well as include automated call to actions. This gives the webinar a live effects and increases the overall engagement and profits for you. You also have the upgrade number three, that the webinar key sales accelerator, and that goes for $ 67.

It is upgrade the webinar heat-seals accelerator is designed to help us enrich your webinar. Seos included is fitting ready to go tone for you or to webinar funnels you thinking, get your link and drive traffic. We are also including our flagship, rapid traffic, so software and traffic trim, which helps you dry loads of free traffic and use the same at all. You used to drive one 1 million 3d stores to one of our website, also upsell number 4, which is the agency, and this goes for $ 97.

This upgrade for into burn time. Pride is the biggest no-brainer for anyone with this, you be able to instantly upgrade you’ll, be instantly updated and allowed to turn into a proper webinar agency. This include this includes sub accounts to add five team members, an entirely separate claim to webinar area so easily manage Trent webinars, one click within analytics to increase your client increase, the article storage and, of course, commercial, write.

Everything so feel free to click on any of this link is going to take you to the sales page. We are going to be able to get more information and also we’re going to be able to kick off web Nazis. So that’s going to be my review for webinar kids. Thank you for checking out this review and it’s bye for now.


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