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It’S a new product which is called a webinar kit and it allows you to do webinars on autopilot. So these webinars are not live. There are pre-recorded, and then you can decide when these webinars will be shown. So when people sign up for your webinar, they can register every day at 6 p.M. For example, and you can set up all these times and there’s a lot.

A lot of things possible and webinar kit also comes with five pre done-for-you webinars itself that you can run and you can make money with at the end. So this is what you will see. This is the back end of webinar, kids and I have tested webinar. Kids – and I have to say that I’m really impressed by this software – it works really smooth everything. Is you go step by step through the process to setup your webinar and it’s very easy to do now? One of the vendors is Stefan CNC, oh, and he has run webinars over the last couple of years very successful.

He has also run webinars for for me and also successful, and now he has built his own webinar platform, which is called webinar kids. Now let me show you how it works so that you have a good idea. What this so far is now to run the webinar. You create a new webinar like this, and then you only have to do a few things. Let me zoom in so you can see it better, so you can choose to put a article URL in here, so this could be a YouTube article, for example, or you could use your uploaded articles.

So let’s say you want to use this article. Then you select that article and you click Save and then you can go to the next. So now it’s using this article as an automated simulated webinar, you click. Next, you go to the details and here you could choose if the webinar is inactive or active. So here you could switch it on and off now you could give this webinar a name. You could give this a title subtitle, a description and duration of the webinar in minutes, or let’s say it is webinars 90 minutes, then this webinar will be shown as 90 minutes.

Now you could add presenters, so you could simply click on at presenters. So you could add your own name, you could say this is timber Dow and you could do the biography and the presenter email, etc and then upload your photo and then add the presenter in here. Then you need to schedule your webinar, and this is very interesting. So you can say, just-in-time scheduling is enabled, and that means that you can say every day and let’s say 6:00 p.

M. I’M a p.M. I’M going to run this webinar at date, and now people can choose every day at 8 p.M. They can follow this webinar or you could add another date that say you want to do this every day, also at 9 p.M. Add the dates. So that means when people register for this webinar, they can choose from this specific dates. You can also run this on a single time, so let’s say you run this one time in a week at Monday, at a p.

M. For example, that’s also possible and, as you can see, you really go step by step step through the process to set up your Webinar, it’s very easy, so you click on next. Here, let’s go to the next page now here you can choose from different registration, page design. So here you have the standards. You have a right side cover a left side cover right side, image, left, side image, and this looks really really nice.

I’M going to show you preview, oh, you can do that by clicking this button, and here it shows you how it looks like so. This is the default webinar, but I’m going to show you also some others that Luke really slick, and you don’t have to do much to make it look good. It is limited in design, but that makes it also handy for you that you don’t spend too much time by designing your registration pages etc.

So here you could do your background gradients. You could do background image URL, so you could add your own images, so it is flexible. You could add your own things, but it’s still very simple. So here you could enable/disable things or the title. You can hide that or show that you could do your webinar description. You could do timeline time or enable or disable. So you get a whole bunch of fields, your name, your last name, etc.

Your Brent logo will be shown. You could upload your logo and simply hit safe and then go to the next tap, and here you have some options in a webinar itself. Now it comes with some pretty cool options, so you could do the email questions books is enabled, which means during the webinar people can send you an email. If they have a question, you could also do a live chat so that people can send chance to you and you could redirect attendance attendees after the webinar has been ended, so you could redirect them in here and then also you could set up offers.

Of course you want to sell in a webinar, so you could add up to three different offers during the webinar, as you could see, and you could also add the time the countdown time countdown timer during these offers, you could do webinar polls so, as you can See this platform has everything that the bigger platforms also have. They also do polls to get more interaction with the people etc. So you can add a poll in here.

You could do a title, a question and when the poll needs to to start so when you have a pre-recorded webinar, you know exactly when these polls needs to be added. So you simply click on a poll and the poll is added, you could add, also webinar handouts to your to the people that have joined your webinar. So you can enable this the headline, the handout URL to your to your file, so people can download that and another cool thing is this – that you can add chat messages also, so you could say this is this is Tom, and this chat text is this? Is so cool and then you can say okay, this needs to show after three minutes and add this chat message.

So you could add up a whole bunch of chat messages, and this makes it look like the webinar is reading life when people go through this webinar. Now simply save go to next and then that’s the last option. That is your emails and you could enable automatic confirmation. Emails. Also one day reminder before the webinar starts or 30 minutes reminder and also automatic replay reminder, so the replay will be sent to those people.

Also, you could end integrates with your own autoresponder, so active campaign, a weber, convertkit get response and milchem can be added. So when people registered for the webinar, you could follow up with those people yourself also, and then you hit complete and then your webinar is done, and this is so easy. So let me open another, so it will appear at the bottom. As you can see, a lot of webinars have been added in here, so simply hit this page, and here you have your web webinar registration link.

So this is what people will see with the registration. As you can see, this looks really good. This is an other design, so here’s the backgrounds here is everything that you’ve added to your registration page and here people can choose from the different dates that you have specified. They can register and then they will be sent to the page now. This is the first thing that will be shown. The second thing oh shoot this.

Let me go back to this. Let me pause the article and there we are again by accident. I close the webinar. Let me hit that link again. So here you have the read room, so this is how it looks like when people are in the washroom. So this is how the webinar will look like hey everyone, how’s it going how the webinar starts. So there is no forward button, there’s no play button, etc. It simply starts playing here.

You can see the handout, the poll the chance where people can type the messages etc, and this really looks professional and that comes with webinar kids. Now, there’s also a replay room link, there’s a control room where you have to control where you can also join the chat in here and send messages to that specific webinar. So it’s pretty cool they’ve set it up really well, and this is how easy you can run webinars and it comes with five webinars now it also comes with some cool bonuses.

When you go to my website. There’S a link below this article if you’re reading is on YouTube that will redirect you to my websites and that will go to this specific page, or you also see everything about this product, so we scroll down. You will also see my bonuses that you’re going to get now. One of the bones that I’m going to give away is that you’re going to get access to a product article that you can upload the webinar article that you upload and which will pay.

You 50. Commission 50 % Commission’s on a two thousand dollar webinar. So when you sell this you’re going to make thousand dollar Commission’s with this webinar you’re going to get access to that. The second thing: what you’re going to get is instructions how to run webinars like a pro and by the way. Normally, this first bonus is $ 197. I’M going to give you away this as free to you as a thank you for buying a webinar kid through my link.

The second thing is training about how to run webinars. The third bonus is, if you want to create your own webinars, I’m going to give you a PowerPoint template with 50 pages, and it shows you exactly what to fill out on those pages so that you know exactly what to say in your webinar. It’S very very valuable, it’s also in keynote. This is a two hour training of the perfect webinar that you know exactly what to say in your own webinars.

So, like your webinar converts, you know you when you do webinar, you want your webinar to convert how to monetize your webinar without having your own product. I’M going to show you how you can do that. Also this is one page. Webinar teach you the very handy. If you look at this cheat sheet, you know exactly what to do during a webinar. This is the best traffic sources to run your webinars. So if you want to know how to run traffic to your webinars, that’s also a bonus that I’m going to give away.

These are nine design tips for converting webinars. So you know what do you with your design in your webinars, and this is a twosie webinar guides that where you can learn exactly how to set up webinars that convert, so what I’ve tried to do is to make these bonuses really congruent with the product itself. So if you want to run webinars yourself and webinars are really the way to go, this is really something that you want to do in the 20 20 if you want to create some nice commissions.

So this is what you will get make sure you hit the button below this article. This is by the way, a one-time fee, a one-time payment and you’re going to get access for life to webinar kit. This is really a no-brainer and I highly recommend you to so make sure you click the link below this article and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and hope to see you in my next review have an Austin alien toxin.

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