As you can see, I’m right here inside the member area of webinar kit, the cloud-based dashboard, where I will be demoed this software for you and I will show you how what exactly it does and how it will help you to create a simply one snap of A finger webinar and convert it rapidly to make more money alright and in a nutshell, what webinar cap does.

Actually, it will create an auto, automated webinars for you as it sounds automated webinars, like first of all, if you don’t know how to create a webinar, you don’t have to worry about it. So this is not what it is that you need to create your own webinar, that put lots of people out of people off. Oh, it’s a lot of work. I cannot create my own webinar how to create a slide, how to come up with the page, how to be totally fluent in each and everything I have to know my subject.

No, this is not what about it. You can use other people webinars, that’s why it is called auto, webinar and included in your webinar kit, software and start making money with it and in the webinars. You are going to promote it using the webinar kit, some of the webinars they have already given to you, and one of my bonus is I’m giving you one automated webinar, which is converting like crazy Brendon.

This webinar is convert like crazy. If you send ten visitor five visitor is going to convert on this webinars is how crazy it is you’re going to make $ 1000 from each visitor. This is how crazy and big man is. I know in affiliate marketing and product creation. There are a lot of money to be made, but if you really want to scale this wants to make a big money, all this big marketer is moving towards creating a webinar and automated webinar means once you create a webinar, keep it in mind.

This is not you that who need to create the webinar. If you don’t know how to create it, you can use other people webinar plug it into webinar kit and automatically drive traffic to it. It is all automated, so people is going to come to your webinar. They connected the pre written emails, pre-written registration form, pre, written follow-up, each and everything. Okay, you need to sign up this. You need to sign up this webinar.

This is what you’re going to learn everything everything is done for you guys. This is the perfect solution, since there are lot of a GoToWebinar and webinar jam are very expensive, and this this will be the perfect solution for anybody who wants to make crazy by using webinar tech. Okay – and this is just a one-time fee – you don’t have to pay even monthly or yearly just a one-time, which is where you suite a great deal and the kind of work they have put it in.

I just gone through the review of this problem. This is exceptionally very well, so if this is something you are interested in, stick with me, because I have put together an exclusive bonus package, should you choose to purchase through my link, which is underneath the description of this article once you going to click on that Link you’re going to come through Midas bonus page and here. Let me explain you what exactly the first-ever auto webinar software and system lets you make easy for 97.

9. 97. 1997 sales, even as a big nerd, by handling all stem from valano creation to traffic. In five minutes flat, this is absolutely legit, there is no lying or they are not trying to exaggerate anything. This is how a webinar could work. This is how people is paying when they’re going to get to the webinar. Okay, let’s go down and we’re going to get to that or what exactly the webinar get all about.

You probably know by now. Let’S talk about my bonuses that I’m going to go back to the member radii we’re going to create FF, not in a snap of a finger. Okay, one more thing that you can read the demo of the webinar on my bonus page, which will really help you to understand what exactly webinar kit is and how it will help you to scale your business through webinars, even though you have never created webinar again, You don’t even need to create a webinar.

You can use people other people, whoever not just to drive traffic and you’re, going to make money. The big money this webinar remember webinar is a big money. It’S not that ten, twenty or fifty dollar product orders to go down to bonus number one access make $ 1,000 from every user can work like crazy. Okay. What is that? It’S a branded maze automated webinar, okay between webinar kit. You will be able to get access to this webinar.

All you have to do. You just have to put the URL and few tweaks. You have to put down your affiliate link and he’s selling this course in two thousand dollar profit project, profit project Academy, something like this. That’S the name of the webinar and he’s giving you 50 % Commission’s any user is convert you’re going to make $ 1,000. So this is how easy it is, and you are going to get access to this webinar and it will be available for you to plug in into your webinar software.

This is the bonus number one you’re getting insane value, both number two. Let us make you webinar expert in no time say: are you are using other people webinar to convert it and make money? Let’S say if you want to create your own webinar, there is nothing in webinar kit that they have shown you that how to create your own webinar in this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own webinar, like a professional pro bonus number three: let’s go Down use this traffic source to make consistent income from your webinar.

Okay, this is the typical kind of traffic when it comes to webinar. This is the by trapping. You need to have a people there in a state of line that really, and they are really interested in these kind of webinars once you’re going to pitch it and they wanted to buy. So this traffic source will show you how to get these kinds of minds and people to get to your webinar, so they can convert very well for you and each was don’t, have a definitely long-term and bigger value.

Bonus number for let’s say, as I was talking before no product, to run your webinar no problem. Let me show you how, without having your own product, okay in this tutorial, we will show you how to use other people’s webinar within jvzoo to actually drive traffic to it and make money with this automated webinar, you you will have to plug in these automatic webinar You’Re going to pick it up from JV zoo, which is very simple, going to show you that you’re going to put it into your webinar kit, you’re going to start making money with this.

So let’s say: if you don’t have any product that you wanted to pitch, are you are so scared to be on camera or you think that your pitch is not going to work or your offer is not converting so and so are you don’t know how to Create your webinar, so this bonus will come very handy and you don’t even have to have your own webinar to convert it. Okay, so will show you how to have your other people’s webinar to convert like crazy bonus.

Number five is actually it’s a vendor bonus. What webinar kit guys they give it to me to give it to you guys, which will be automatically available to you in your member area, all these bonuses, so don’t think that if somebody else is other affiliate is giving you these bonuses, I’m not giving you this. Oh, this affiliate is giving you the vendor bonuses, plus I am too so I’m going to give you all these bonuses too, but all these four bonuses I have just talked about these are exclusive to myself.

So I’m the only one who’s giving you these bonuses. So if this is what you’re looking for, if you are interested in webinar kit – and these are the bonuses – can really help you just click any of these buttons click on any of these buttons you’re going to get to the sales page off webinar kit right here, As you can see, you can read it on your own time. I don’t want to waste your time, and then you will see is the power of this software.

Okay power of this webinar kid cloud-based app and you can buy it from anywhere. Let me go down and they will have. It is not live yet get instant to have not you’re going to click. Here you will be able to check out. You will be able to buy this ok. So, at any point of time, while reading this article, you can click on any of these green buttons and you’re going to buy this you’re going to get to the sales page you’re going to buy the webinar kit and all these bonuses.

All my four exclusive bonuses will be automatically delivered to you in your for your plus member area. Okay, let me go down. Let me show you: what’s you’re going to sleep once you finish your purchase, you’re going to go to your body plus account on your right hand, side. You will see something like purchase history, you’re, going to click on it and you’re going to click on the product. Webinar kid and then thank you for your purchase.

You’Re going to have that message. Then, underneath access to your purchase, you can have affiliate bonus, excess affiliate bonus, the blue button. You click on it ain’t going to have all these bonuses, which I mentioned on my father’s page: okay, alright! So let’s go back to the webinar Kade dashboard. Let’S talk about how to create a webinar. How to it’s so simple, you don’t have to create your own Bremer.

Let me go to the first thing: we’re going to do we’re going to create a new webinar, okay here, what we can do they either. Let’S say you created your you create our. There is a webinar on article URL on YouTube. You can simply copy and paste the article url right here or you can simply use your neighbor right click here and you can upload it if the article webinar in terms of article is on your computer.

You can simply click here and you can upload it right here. Okay, how simple it is, after that, we’re going to click on next. Alright, the next step is details. The webinar is inactive. We are going to make that webinar active we’re going to click here. So when people is going to come, of course, they will be able to read it we’re going to put down the name title we don’t have to write down in subtitle the description what people is going to learn.

This is in this webinar. So let’s say you’re selling other people, webinars they’re already going to have all that information. All you have to do. You just have to copy and paste it here: okay, webinar duration. In minutes, let six to 40 minutes. 45 minutes. 60 minutes! Just just stop it here. Alright, so let’s go down, we have in our presenter. Let’S see if you are the one which apparently I don’t think so that initially you to do it you having to create your own webinar, you are going to use other people.

Who’Ve ever are to make money with that you can. If, if you are creating your own webinar, you can a simple click on add presenter you’re going to put down your name, you biography a little bit about you, your email address and from you’re going to click on browser. You can add your own picture at presenter and exactly you will be showing right here, like all these people are showing ok. So for now, let’s say any of these guys.

I’M going to choose this one and right. This is the this is the best part. I love about it just in time squadron TC, webinar, scheduled, just-in-time scheduling, is enabled. What do we need to do? Let’S see if we are promoting this webinar, I choose this guy webinar. What I want that people will receive automated email from webinar kit for every day. A same amount of time so that they can register it now start reading it and start purchasing it every day.

Guys imagine we just need to send traffic, they even have covered the traffic part within the webinar. Can imagine these people. This is the whole automated process. So we’re going to choose every right from here we’re going to choose every day. Even you can choose a different day if you want to choose it, but let’s say this is this: is insane you’re going to choose every day you going to choose your time? What time you want people to register and read this webinar, and these are different time zone.

You can choose any time zone from here. Okay, I’ve choose est and done it done after that, press press on a date and guys they’re going to get automated emails from these from the webinar kit on the same day every day same time, the people and they are they’re, going to go and read the Webinar they’re going to get that pitch and offer and purchase the product whatever they are offering in this webinar after that, we’re going to click on next next step is of restoration, okay, registration, page type.

So what kind of page you wanted to? They have a standard right slide lab, so you can choose any one, but I’m going to choose a standard one webinar registration page. So let’s create a preview it. How it’s going to look I’m going to open it in a new tab. Let’S see how it’s good! Okay, this is how it’s going to look when you’re going to send the traffic to this page. People is going to write down their email name and email or gesture now, and they cannot register nice.

You see all this process is automated. Look many other people is going to come to that, but it’s always going to show them like this is happening live, but it is going to be an automated webinar. So this is insane it’s pretty cool. Okay from here, let’s go down, you can change the image background, the middle of the page. I have just shown you background image. Url. If you want any background image text color anything you want to show do it, you can do it here.

It’S not an issue. Webinar title will be shown fine, you can enable and disable it. Of course you want it webinar title to be shown, so people will be enticing to come to your webinar. There’S no need for this subtitle. Webinar description will be shown exactly what they are going to learn in this webinar count and blog will be shown for this car city purposes. We have enough presenters will be shown.

If you want like presenters, will be in the camera, it will be, he will be showing his face inside the camera. If this is what do you want, you can enable and disable it. If you don’t want presenter to be shown, first name will be shown. Okay, that’s fine! Let’S go down email to you’ll, be shown brand locally, be shown. If you want to show a brand logo on to the webinar screen, you can you can press browse and you can upload it from your computer, any brand image and it will be presented on to the web, not just for the branding purposes.

Okay, after that, we’re going to click Next. Okay, now webinar live settings, email question box is enabled there will be a question box on a right hand, side. If people is going to write down there, whatever the question, it is going to go straight to the email and you will be able to respond them that way. The lot of engagement, you will see what people is asking you can enable and disable it, but the best thing to enable right here, webinar, live chat, is enabled we can enable this.

So any people is going to go live, they can ask question if they are confused about something. If they don’t understand anything, so it will be easy for them. Then, if you are live of or your virtual assistant is live, they can respond them right away and if there is something they are confused and you actually understood their question, you respond them right away properly and they will be able buy, they will buy that offer Right away, because we wanted to ask a question – and there is nothing better to answer them live on a call instead of email or any other manners, all right.

No, that’s another cool thing redirect a ten days after webinar is disabled. Let’S say after we were using disk our city like 10 days after 15 days, we said I’m going to take this webinar page down after so-and-so days. Okay, once this page is expired once this date is expired, what do you need to do when people is going to go to their webinar paid dinner? Monsieur? Oh, that has been expired. So what to do you can send them redirect them to another webinar which was congruent to the same webinar they wanted to read, you can send them to another webinar.

We and here redirect URL. You can simply enable it and you can put down the URL here and once the webinar is expired, they can simply go to the other webinar and start reading it. It’S crazy. It’S a it’s a rollercoaster in fact right, but this is how it’s going to work. All right, let’s go it down after that, webinar all for setting! Ok, that’s the cool part is here what kind of offer offer headline what people is going to actually learn offer description of her prize you can put down here, but the main thing in this section is right here or for starting minutes.

Let’S say the presenter is talking about the product and what exactly is teaching in the webinar and at the 40 minutes time he wants to sell you that ok now it’s time for you to pitch his offer at the time of 40 minutes you’re going to type Your 40 or 45 or 50, whatever the time it will be, that he’s going to pitch his offer. There’S a button will appear on your webinar screen and it will automatically be on your chat screen.

So people who click on it they’re going to go ahead and buy so just how powerful this is guys. Alright, let’s go down. Okay, we have a poll setting, you can even add polls. You cannot ask people. How did you know about our webinars? How did you like it? Is there anything you don’t like about the webinar? Do you do you think that we should continue this, so you can ask you can ask different question and this user people’s feedback.

They give you more opportunity to create a better webinar and pattern engagement in your future webinar, and you will know exactly what kind of webinars to promote your audience. We have not hand out settings you can enable it. This is disabled at the moment. So, what’s going to happen, when people is going to put your webinar on right hand, side, there will be a box, they will click on it, so all the handouts will be downloaded to their computer, so they can read it on their spare time.

It’S always handy is a good idea for the brand purposes as well. Then we’re going to click on simulated chart setting and you can add, chat message. If you want it like here, Chad use the name, chat Tex, you can add any messages and people will get it on right hand, side on their chat, sealing system right. Okay, next, is click on next alright. Finally, as you can see that the email, webinar notification, automatic information emails are enabled, you make sure that you enable it when people is going to sign on sign in and register to your webinar automatically, they can receive an email from the webinar kit that you have Been sign up with the the source or the webinar, so they will, they will get that email, automatic one day reminder emails and I will make sure reminder one day reminder: emails are enabled as well.

So one day prior people will receive an email as well that they have signed up for that webinar. So on so time that can remind them and then there will be more chances they’re going to come to the webinar. Okay, automated 30 minutes reminder: emails are enable 30 minutes prior to the webinar start they’re going to get another email that is 30 minutes to go so just come down and read the webinar automatically reminder.

Emails are disabled, so there’s this cool option. If you enable this automatically remind the people who did not read the webinar, that system webinar kit is automatically is going to deduct it. So what they’re going to do, they’re going to send them a replay or sorry we missed you, you didn’t read the webinar they’re going to automatically send them the replay you’re going to have the more opportunity from these people to sell your offer and to buy your Offer or whatever you’re selling in your webinar, this is cool.

Alright, then they have the integration part after you campaign, Aweber convertkit get response and MailChimp. If you have any of those autoresponder, you can convert it and whenever the people is going to sign up with your webinar, you can import it. There will be automatically added to your list and these people will be a future prosper, so you can sell them over and over again for the other webinars as well.

Once you’re done with this, you can simply click on complete. There you go, so we done with that. We created our webinar, as you can is how simple and straightforward the processing. The next thing you can do right here, as you can see, we’re going to click on to the middle that chain icon the registration link. You can check this out if I click here and if I paste it right here here, you go as you can see.

The how to sell anything remember I was talking about the title and the description of the webinar in my previous slide. Okay, how to sell anything, as you can see that that’s a webinar kids showing you that’s the title, there’s a description and in five minutes is going to show, even though that has this is an automated webinar. It is not exactly is going to run in five minutes. This is an automated paper.

Right has already been recorded, so people is going to come every day. Scanner seems like this is an automatic web. Not here, that’s the read has been much implicit is obliged to what is you have read that I just show you get especially and there’s a replay link, replay room, link, uh, let’s say the people who missed it, and you realize that you did not even get Your email as well, so you can simply copy that link and send them the replay link right away, go ahead and read it.

Okay read the replay that people have the more opportunity to sell to these. These people, control, room or control is where pretty simple. Let’S go back, your VA virtual system are yourself. You will be able to write a quick write, write down. If people is asking any question you can answer them right away. Let’S say if I say hi, if I type hi here you go Edmond. The question is going to go out from me that I have sent it high, and people is asking me any question.

I will be able to respond them and admin myself will be Edmond. Are my virtual system will be able to respond them? It is so simple guys, so this how it’s going to work people is going to get respond right away. That’S definitely view the more opportunity to convert it all right – and this is a final thing – I’m going to show you about the stats. Let’S go back to the stat okay right, you read this webinar dropout times how many attendees are actually in this webinar when people starting to drop out and all digit is going to show you all these factors? Okay, this is perfect, so you will know that and the best part is what’s going to come down.

You will see the traffic just in patient registration, page visitor, webinar, just earned webinar attendees replay attendees, how many people to see twelve people’s is reading replays. So most of the people, they are working some time and they don’t have a time. So so many people read replays and they converted the Bioman ever the Varshney replays, the webinars as compared to when they are live so either way it works.

Great conversion is going to show you what exactly the conversion rate is webinar attendee date, how many people’s attend the replay attendance rate six hundred percent. So you will know that what exactly you need to do, the time frame and the replay can what variable? So you can send more and more replay webinar to the people who did not get the opportunity to get to the webinar, live all right guys, every time in webinars, all the statics going to show you.

And finally, it’s going to show you all the people right here, since we just created that account, I’m going to show you, the two people have register we just created for the demo purpose, so two people that let’s say you 100. 200. 500. 10 days. All these people is going to show up here. You can simply explore export all these registrants and you can import it. You can export it to your computer, import it into your autoresponder and from there you can have all these people.

You can send them new webinar offers each and every day every week whenever you feel like it are, you can set them in webinar kit automated process. So you don’t have to do anything. So that’s what it is. Let’S talk, let’s go to my bonus page. Let’S talk about what are the upsells? Okay, that’s pretty much it about the webinar kit. What exactly is thirty? Four? Ninety five of the front end access the power web that gets software and training modules you’re going to have everything in $ 34 upsell one.

You will be able to upgrade your account to pro for a limited time. One-Time P, this will include additional professional registration page. You have seen the recent page. It was pretty simple. They will give you more professional, adjust range page in-house article hosting, so you don’t have to host webinar anywhere else. You can in-house hosted, you don’t have to host it, be me or Wistia and pay them the money you can host it within the webinar kits platform.

Unlimited bandwidth, which is great I mean this – is there is no restriction times handouts and one-click replay pages polls, embeddable registration paid and upgrade to commercial rise to everything. This. I think this is a no-brainer, so if you’re really getting the webinar kit, I think this really makes sense. The absolute number one pro version: okay, absalom, a two web – netiquette chat, simulator, okay, but this upgrade you will be able to set your auto webinar photo software into a lean, mean selling an engagement machine.

You can set out many chats to increase. What’S going to happen, you can write down some question. Automated question: are your VA will be write down some question automated question people asking this question when this keyboard is going to trigger automatic response, they’re going to go to them? Okay, which is great people, is asking these questions. It means they are curious about it by using this chat simulator.

What I was talking before, and it is going to go automatically respond to these people, who include automatic calls to action. You see to rebel as well as include automatic calls to action or customer. This gives the webinars a huge live fact and increase the overall engagement and profits for your customer. That’S a no-brainer as well guys absol, number-3, webinar, kids, sales, accelerator accelerator.

What it’s going to do this report, the webinar kid says accelerator – is designed to help you accelerate your web nurse is including a fifteen ready to go done for you or married funnels. Okay, which is this is great. They are giving you 15 ready-made, webinar, guys to promote it and make money plus they have a traffic training. I think this is no brainer, honestly speaking, ok, topsail number four is $ 97.

This is an agency if you wanted to use webinar kit for other people and let’s save some some some company and wanted to use it governor, kate and they don’t want to buy. They said. Okay, you have the agency license, you use it we’re going to pay. You the money, so in so money and you use it and you use it as an agency, creates a sub-account and let us we’re going to run our webinar through you. So if you want to do that, if you want to be an agency, I don’t think so you want to manage for the other people.

So that’s what all about it. There are some key benefits. You can read it on my bonus page and make sure to read the demo article webinar kit as well guys. This is going to be really help you out at any point of time or reading this article. If you want to purchase webinar kit, you can click any of these buttons guys any of these greens button. You are going to come through to the sales page right here and you can read it on your or time.

Honestly speaking, this is an exceptional insane power. Your software one-time offer alright and they have given you the built in webinar as well. There’S a big money to be made if you really wanted to make a big money by using webinar. This is something you should look for. It, ok get instant access to it. You will be clicking here or there will be more button down once you’re going to scroll down.

You will be able to purchase this and all my bonuses once you’re going to click on this page this, but you will get to the sales page from there. You’Re going to click here and purchase it and all my bonuses I have mentioned on this page: will they automatically deliver to you guys insane value? I hope lie. I hope you liked my review of webinar kit. If you have any question trap me a comment underneath the description of this article and I will be able to help you out.

Thank you so much for reading my review of ebonite kit and I will speak to you soon. Take care bye for now.


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