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This software goes live tomorrow, February, 22nd, Saturday, at 11 a.M. Eastern Standard Time. Now the bonuses I have to offer and the launch period ends at 11:59 p.M. Eastern Standard Time on Monday February 24th. So get it now.

So what is webinar kit? It’S the first of its kind, auto webinar, funnel software that lets you build auto webinar funnels with just a few clicks. What’S nice about it, as you get a group of auto webinars right away in the box that you can use and drive traffic to them to make money online automatically through these auto webinars? So let’s first go to my bonuses. First, bonuses to high quality traffic sources that you can use to drive traffic to your auto webinar.

Second you’ll learn how to explode your SEO search engine, optimization third, how to create a professional sales page. This is from our brother, John Armstrong. Fourth, over five hundred thousand royalty, free background, music tracks and last but not least, you’ll get all the bonuses that are offered by the original vendor of this software. So you’ll need to order this before the countdown counter on this page goes down to zero.

So let’s look at what’s available and what the prices are the front end webinar kit starts at $ 7 and goes up to $ 27.00 before the end of the launch period. I’M selling armor to is the pro version that gives you professional registration, page templates, in-house article hosting unlimited bandwidth, handouts, one-click, replaces polls, embeddable registration pages and an upgrade to commercial rights on everything.

A no-brainer for the one-time price upsell number two is a webinar kit chat. Simulator for $ 37, so that you can have automated chats to increase engagement with your customers, give them that live effect up so number 3 is the webinar sales accelerator for $ 67. You get 15 ready to go Auto webinar funnels, get your link and drive the traffic there’s. Also a rapid traffic suite software. The traffic training helps you drive lots of free traffic until 4 is agency rights $ 97 be allowed to operate a webinar agency.

You can add five team members, a separate client webinar area to manage the client, webinars one-click webinar analytics and increase article stores and commercial rights for everything. On my page, my bonus page you’ll also see a demo article. So, in order to get this software and all the bonuses that promised you before the countdown timer expires, you have to click on any one of these green bonus, bonus, bars and that will take you to the sales page.

Then, when you’re in warrior, plus, you can go on to the page to access your purchases, click the blue button to access all the bonuses that I promised so in order to get it click the link below in the description on this YouTube article, I’m Dani, Legare And thanks for taking the time to hear my review of webinar KITT, thank you.


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