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Basically, what it allows you to do. It allows you to make those high tips, the high ticket sales by automating, webinars and selling automated webinars and webinar, and selling your offer through the webinar okay. So I’m inside the members area here and I’m going to be going through what you do to set it up, it’s very, very easy, very, very straightforward and showing you exactly what you actually get, how to use it and obviously there’s some bonuses that I’ve included.

If you decide, you want to pick up webinar kit click on the link in the description below that will take you through to my bonus page and as usual, the bonuses are congruent to the actual product that we’ve chosen and they’ll all be available for you to Download inside oh sorry, using the the mink on your receipt once you’ve completed your purchase. There’S also some bonuses from the vendor as well, which I’m going to be telling you about, but some and also and giving you an overview of what this does and also the upsells inside the members area that you’re going to be and presented with.

Okay. So without further ado, let’s get on with it, so you can make a decision as to whether you want to go ahead with it before we do. Let’S have a look at the bonuses that I’ve got for you today: okay, so click on the link in the description below. If you decide, you want to pick up a copy of webinar kit that will take you through to my mega bonus bundle, which gives you information a lot of information about webinar kit itself, there’s a article that you can read as well.

There’S reasons for actually purchasing it and then there’s the prices and then all the bonuses. So the first bonus that I’m going to include for you don’t forget the bonuses, are, you know, get these bonuses through me? Okay, so if you like, the bonuses, click on the link in the description below so, first of all, I’m going to give you some underground traffic sources. Basically, it says what it does, what this isn’t a team.

It teaches you underground traffic sources that you can utilize. Okay, the second one is called commission swipe. It’S a article course discover the complete underground profit system of launching set-and-forget affiliate review sites. Okay, so that’s a very handy tool. The third one is a plugin which enables you, because all through your life as an affiliate marketer, you will probably need to duplicate your wordpress site.

Now, there’s nothing worse than spending hours and hours and hours rebuilding it. So this will actually help you do placate it and duplicate it very. Very simply. Bonus number four is another article course called affiliate cash. Mastery shows you. Basically, if you’re a newbie tells you how to get started with affiliate marketing how to find the right offers and how to build your list. Your email list, okay, so very, very informative and very, very useful and bonus.

Number five is article ads blueprint. So you’ve you want to sell something using article ads. This enables you to get started with article ads and shows you how it works. Okay, so that is basically my bonuses. As I said, there are some bonuses for the vendor as well. Let’S just have a quick look at those before we jump into the members area and tell you what how this works. Okay, so the bonuses are just barely a second, no we’ve missed them.

So excuse me for being an idiot okay right, so special bonuses for launch week, so the launch week is only from the 22nd to the 26th. I believe it is today is the 22nd. It goes live. The launch goes live at 10 o’clock Eastern Standard Time. So please don’t click on any of the buy buttons until that time. Okay, so bonus number one is five pre-loaded done-for-you webinars bonus. Number two is rapid traffic suite software and bonus number three is rapid traffic training so, along with the product that you’re getting you get all of those included with that which will help you make even more money, okay, so without further ado, let’s jump into the dashboard.

Okay, so we’re inside the dashboard here – and you can see here – it’s has very very easy. It’S very easy to follow all of the webinars that you’ve designed and you created will be down here in a list. Okay up here, you know, dashboard in your settings will sign out here. You click on here is getting started. Okay, sign up for your a Weber or your MailChimp account. If you want to, and then you’ve got some wit articles, which teaches you how to use how to do things and set things up – okay back, it’s a webinar kit, bored very, very easy to use.

Okay, so you’ve got these three buttons, as you can see here all right. So this button here is the links that you will need. So your registration link, your read room, link, you’ll replay, room link and you’ll control them all right, so they’re all the links that you will need once you set up your webinar this one here is your analytics button. So all the analytics of all of that webinar is on one page, all the analytics.

You could possibly need average time and replay and registration, page conversion rates, webinar attendance rates, replay attendance rate, webinar attendee, webinar register at registrants, registration, page visitors. So all of the analytics that you could possibly need in order to to get to gauge how well it’s doing and how well these and how much money you’re going to make basically okay, so very, very easy, so go back, and then you’ve got this button here.

This one here which enables you to edit that particular webinar, if you want to, if you want to create a new webinar, you just click on the button that says new webinar, not rocket science. Is it okay, so you can use a article url or you can use upload a article is entirely up to you. So let’s say, for instance, we wanted to use a article url so just for instance, we’re going to go into YouTube. This is not what you would probably use, but we’re just going to have a look just just for demonstration purposes and we’re going to click.

Look at webinars, okay, what’s a webinar for how to host the webinar cheapest webinar like whether our streaming sets out there. So if it’s that one you wanted, you can copy the link address, go back to your webinar. Put that in there okay then go to next. Very, very simple! So that’s the article that we’ll play it’s not. Obviously, that’s the article that you want want yeah, inactive or active, so you activate it by clicking that you put your name in here or the name of the webinar, so secrets: okay, title webinar, secrets: subtitle! If you wanted to put a subtitle in there description, something along those lines – webinar duration in minutes – maybe 20 minutes depending on how long the article is add – the presenter add a presenter if you want to so you can add a presenter put in the presenters details And then it could be yourself, it could be someone else, doesn’t matter webinar schedule, so you can schedule it saqqaq so to show every single day or on a specific day.

So for this particular case, we’ll schedule it to come on every Tuesday, twelve o’clock Eastern Standard Time add the date so that when I will show 12 o’clock Eastern Standard Time every single day, click on next. Okay, so excuse me that was a message coming through on my phone and then you’ve got your registration type. You can view you can change the registration page, so standard registration page, you can preview it and that’s actually what it looks like.

So it’s on days for hours minutes, so in four minutes in 25, seconds put in your first name your email and register now, okay, so that’s how easy that is! All right! You can background gradient effect is enabled background-image url. You can show the website. This is where you can set your read shown or for your webinar webinar title will be shown where, when our subtitle will be hidden, when our description will be shown, countdown timer, webinar, presenter, first name field will be shown.

Last name field will be hidden, email field, books shown phone number brand logo and you cannot load brand there. Okay, so you can choose how much of the information you want to show once you’re happy again click on next right. So then, we’ve got webinar live settings, whether you want it chat, enabled redirect attendees to a certain link. Once it’s started and also other settings here offer a headlines is where you have to put your offers in your description, offer price or the call to action, offer URL etcetra, etcetra, etcetra, Norma, okay, webinar poll settings, so you can add a poll if you want to Handouts, you can also include, if you want to chat messages you can put in.

If you want to once you’re happy click on next. Okay, then you can add all of your your autoresponder details. So when somebody registers for this webinar adds them to your email list. Alright, so you can grab email addresses and build your list at the same time as making high ticket sales. Okay and then once you’re happy click on complete, and that is your webinar and that will be down at the bottom here.

So that’s where your webinar will be once once: you’ve created it, okay and that’s basically it your webinar is then created. You just have to drive traffic to it, okay, so that is basically it guys. So if you decide that you want to grab a copy of this webinar kit, please click on the link in the description below that will bring you through to my bonus page. Let’S just go through what I’ve got on here, so you’ve got on a little bit about the webinar kits with groundbreaking softwares, and then we need to make high kick high ticket sales or auto webinars.

This is for affiliates this bit. So it’s very very simple. You pick a pre-loaded funnel, which we’ve done you grab your affiliate link. Yeah you set up your passive traffic. Webinar kit builds your phone automatically. What’S your business grow like never before, okay, very, very simple, very, very easy and, for course, creators and coaches or service providers. All other business is the same sort of thing upload your webinar in seconds your webinar funnel, is completed in minutes grab your auto webinar link, set up your passive traffic and read your business scale like never before.

Okay, so there’s more information here, you don’t need to ever go live. You don’t need to worry about traffic, because this is all included for you as well, for a finished instantly generate high, converting auto webinar for product sellers providers of all sorts, build your auto webinar funnels, never worry about experience or Authority. The preloaded webinars are ready to sell for you, and scaling is easy now without constantly having to trade your time for money by giving presentations, there’s a article in there as well, which tells you even more about it and then there’s reasons why you should actually pick This up so other webinar services and webinar kit, one time for young Lee.

Yes, unlimited attendees, yes, powerful, easy-to-read, analytics, yes, unlimited webinars you get built for total beginners mobile, apps and wise for best conversion built for advanced marketers as well. Emoji, interactive chatting commercial rights. Add your own branding total mobile, optimization and customizable pages okay, so you get all of that. If you want to find out more about it, if you go on to the sales page by clicking on any of the yellow buttons once you’ve gone through the bonus page, then there’s more information on there.

There’S another couple of articles. There’S a demo article on there. There is some, I believe, some income proof and some testimonials from other marketers as well as excuse my internet. It’S running very slowly today. I don’t know why I’m sure there’s some testimonials somewhere. So so I said I apologize. There’S a lot lower intestine. There are some testimonials at the bottom there, so yeah. So there’s a few testimonials on there about different marketers of saying about this as well.

Okay, so it’s up to you guys if you decide, this is something I would say. If you want to make high ticket sales, then webinars is something that you should seriously consider. Okay – and this to me, is one of the best pieces of software that I’ve come across. As I said, it’s easy to use, it’s not so it’s not clunky or anything like that. Okay! So let’s just look at the prices. What it’s going to cost you? Okay! So the front end webinar kit is between 10 a.

M. And 4 p.M. Today. The 22nd of January is only going to cost you $ 34.95, all right after that it goes up up cell number. One is webinar kit Pro additional professional registration, page templates in-house article hosting one-click, replay pages polls in bay, the ball registration pages and an upgrade to commercial rights on everything for $ 67. Okay, I always reckon sort of going for a pro is better than is a good investment anyway, upsell number two webinar kick chat.

Simulator set up automated chat that gives the your attendees the impression that it’s a live, webinar, okay, which can have advantages. So that’s entirely up to you, but for $ 37.00 it’s probably a good investment as well up cell number, 3 webinar kit sales, accelerator 15 ready to go done for you, auto webinar funnels, so some more funnels there, 67 dollars and up so number four agency writes Which turns your webinar key into a webinar agency, so you can sell webinar businesses and we’re not whether you can sell webinars to two other people.

So so you can host webinars for other people and sell that particular service. Ok, so if this is something that you want to pick up guys, please click on the link in the description below. If you’ve enjoyed my article, then please subscribe. So you don’t miss any more review articles, they’re, all unbiased they’re, all honest, so you can make a decision as to whether you wish to pick a copy of whatever that I am reviewing up.

Ok, if you do want to get a copy of webinar kit, please click on the link in the description below and go through to my bonus page we’ll be able to access all your bonuses. Ok, so once you’ve made your purchase, if you go to and have a look at your receipt at the bottom of your J Buc jvzoo receipt, because this is jvzoo, you will see a blue box which says access your affiliate bonus. Ok, so you’ll get on there.

So, as usual guys, here’s to your success, my name is Paul. Warns thanks for reading. As I said, if you enjoy my article, please click on the subscribe link and you want to get grab a copy click on the link in the description below thanks very much for reading and I’ll see you again in the next article Cheers: bye, bye,


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