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Welcome to my webinar kit review, I’m here in the dashboard members area of webinar kit and in this article I’m going to give you a demo on exactly what this product is and how it works. So webinar kit was created by Stephan, Seon, CEO and his team. These guys have a long history of putting together excellent and comprehensive tools and training products.

So what webinar kit is is a kit for webinars or more specifically, about audio webinars, so audio webinars have become really the the thing that a lot of the top affiliates are doing, because you can just run these webinars over and over and over again, and you Don’T have to do them live you can do them. You know, as they run automatically and what’s nice about this particular product. Is that the current software? That’S out that run these things have a monthly fee, but this particular one will have no monthly fee associated with it at all.

So if this like sounds like something that you’re interested in then stick with me, because I’m going to go into the dashboard area and show exactly how this works and how to set it up. But before then, I’ve put together a number of bonuses that I’d like to show you which will leverage the value of webinar kit. If you decide to make an investment in this particular software package. So let’s go over and take a look at the bonuses that I have so bonus.

Number one is a actually a tutorial on how you host and run pop profitable webinars. So, what’s nice about webinar kit is, it does come with like five pre-recorded webinars, but if you decide you want to put webinars together on your own, this is going to show you how to do them. What’S the best way to host them. What’S the best way to execute them in etc? So this will fill you in more on exactly the specifics of how put how to put webinars together.

The second bonus that I have is that if you have that webinars that’s great, but you need to be able to run traffic to your offers, and so I’ve got six underground traffic sources that I’ve specifically really good for for webinar traffic, and so this will train You on exactly what you need to do in order to generate organic and some paid traffic as well. That can come to your webinars, the third product that I have is.

So what are the you know you put on these webinars, but what are the best products? What really convert the best? What do you want to look for? What do you maybe want to skip over? What do you really like what what’s going to really work for you, so we’ve put together a bonus here to show you about how to look at the prepping. Our products are available today and then, which ones do you want to run? Which ones do you want to maybe not waste your time with it, etc? So this is going to go into detail on how to pick the best products to run in with in the webinar kit product as well.

Number bonus number four is another traffic method, and you know this one is going to show you how to generate traffic in organic traffic from webinars using for the rep webinars using social media. So this will take all the different social media platforms and show you exactly how you want to go about general generating traffic for your webinars within these specific social media platforms and then bonus number five.

Is you also included some vendor bonuses that come with with this? As well so these vendor bonuses are there’s one for making setting up professional funnels, there’s another one that is a traffic suite software and the third is rapid traffic training. So these are other bonuses that will be included with this that as well. So, let’s now take a look at the sales page for this particular product, and so you can see this is the first-ever, auto webinar software in system that lets you generate.

You know a lot of sales and as a beginner, it’s got all the steps set up to you know funnel traffic in and five minutes flat you so you just you know either you’re a seasoned business owner or brand new affiliate. You know this is a really good way. This is a article here that will go into detail and you’ll be able to get to this sales page from my article that it’s found in the link below here. So, just click on that link in it will show you how to get to this particular sales page as well, and it comes with step one you just load in your funnel grab your affiliate links.

You got your what webinar kit automatically set your traffic and you know – and it just runs on its own, so you know it’s goes into a lot of detail about what this is. You know an etc. Let you kind of go through this bonus page on on the sales page on your own. That goes in to a lot of detail about this, but, as I say, you can take a look at this before so now. Let’S go. Take a look at the products itself, so you can see in the sales kit you just basically load in your your campaigns and you’re all done.

Let’S kind of take a look at this one, my first webinar here, you just click on here and it’s going to show you exactly which webinar you’re running and then you you know you can load in your details of where that’s you put just put in your Url of where that webinar is located in etc, and then you go in and you load in the details and names who the presenter is the schedule that sort of thing on here then you set up your registration and you’ve got all the information that goes in Here and etc.

All right you set up your live to make it live he’s it’s all set up in here, your emails and etc. So it’s very very comprehensive you just as it says, one two three set it up run and you’re in business. So pretty pretty comprehensive product here I must say so now: let’s go back and take a look at the again my bonus page here. So again you can pick up my bonus page by just clicking below this article on the on the detail.

If you decide you want to get a webinar kit, then all you need to do. Is click on this green bar that we have here and I’ll. Take you right to the sales page and you’ll get all the bonuses that are included in here. Well as well. I think we talked about the fact that sales kid is an auto funnel software that allows you to build stunning, modern, professional, Oddie, audio webinar funnels in just a click.

So it kind of showed you how to do that. It’S initially going to the initial price is going to be thirty four. Ninety five, I think there might have been some bonuses early and there may be some bonuses that might be available for like twenty seven dollars, but I think for them most case starting. It will be 34 and ninety five probably need to make an adjustment on this page here. So that gives you the basic kit.

Now I would say that you maybe want to take a look at the pro kit, which is a $ 67 upgrade, because this includes additional professional registration, page in-house article hosting so what’s nice about it is by picking up the professional page. You won’t have to load all your articles and stuff out on on any kind of site at all, like YouTube and etc. You’Ll be able to take all your articles and host it on their their in-house hosting page, and so we’ll just make the execution of this.

A lot easier and a lot of good upgrades that come along with, I think that you know for $ 67. If you decide that you really want to get into these this auto webinar business, then this is definitely must have that would go along with this as well. Another must have really is this seminar chat, simulator. So, as you’re running these things, you can actually get, you can actually get people to work for you too, as these are running, they will simulate a chat box, and so, as the people reading the seminars, if they have asked questions, then then you’ll have somebody there That will be able to answer them immediately.

So, even though these webinars are auto-generated and they’ll appearance to the end-user, is there like a live event? So all you need to do is just have somebody that will be available every time these webinars are scheduled, and then all you need to do is just answer. The questions by using this chat box, simulator, which is a really nice, upgrade feature as well, and then this is probably a must-have as well, because what this is is it’s going to give you 15 ready to go auto webinar funnel so it’ll be actually you’ll.

Pick up five with the initial product and then 15 more products, and so you’ll just be able to you know just add more in you know, set up your true. This also has some software and training in here to help you drive traffic as well. So I mean same methods that they use to drive up to a million free visitors to their websites. So I would say all these upgrades that you’re really going to get into this thing or probably must have sort of things and the last one is an agency.

Upgrade now, if you are just you getting this for yourself, then probably I don’t know if you’d want to get into you know setting up an agency to kind of resell this or whatever. So it’s something you really want to think about whether this is really something that you want to do, or not here or whatever, but if you’re just getting for yours, then you probably could probably skip this last upgrade that we have right here for $ 97.

All right a couple more benefits here, you know it’s, you know really the first Auto webinar platform. It’S you know, as you can see, there’s just a one cost, a lot of the other software. That’S out there or not, as is easy to run as this particular one and again they have monthly fees. So this you buy it and then just off and going this up in on my page as well, I showed you pick that up there’s a article here.

That’S going to go in to hold a detail about how this product works, and so you might want to take a look at this and if you decide you want to get the product, then you can click on this green bar right here. That will take you to a sales page and you’ll purchase that and you’ll be able to get the product and any of the upgrades you’ve got as well as the bonuses that I’ve showed you here again. These are the bonuses all through here.

You just click on the green bar and you’re all set, and so these are the bonuses that are included with this. If you decide to purchase through my page here and then what will happen is that you will be getting get a receipt from warrior plus that will show you that you had purchased this particular product, and all you need to do is click on the green bar And that will give you access to all the purchases of these products that you made, and then all you need to do is to click on the blue bar and that will take you to the all the free bonuses that are included in this thing.

So I hope that this review was really helpful. I hope that it gave you more insight as to exactly what this product is, and I want to thank you for taking a look at my review and I hope to see you on some my other reviews that I’ll be coming out with. So, thank you very much.


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