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There are reports of dozens of incidents and bias against Chinese Americans in this country. Your own, a secretary, a czar, says he does not use this term because ethnicity does not cause the virus. Why do you keep using this? Let your own gingery exist, that's not a racist at all! No matter. Okay, a person at the White House sees that there is to run the flu.

My question is: don't where that's wrong come flu and do you think using the term Chinese virus that puts Asian Americans? No, no, I think they probably would agree with it a hundred percent. It comes from China. Let'S take a look here at this photo by a staff photographer for the Washington Post from that briefing which took place on Thursday. It shows the word corona frost out with one of press the Trump's prized sharpies and replaced with the word Chinese actor.

Author and activist George Takei, who has been a very vocal critic of the president, took to Twitter calling on his followers to report the president for stoking racism. George Takei joins me. Now, George, I'm going to greet you in the fashion that you've advised on Twitter. I know you say this is the safe way we should. We should greet one another in these times. I will do it there. Absolutely there you go good man.

Let me ask you, first of all just to react to that exchange that we saw in the press briefing room. This had been bubbling up percolating for some days. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is called it the Wuhan virus. President Trump continues to call it. The Chinese virus, what are the consequences of him doing that? As you see him his doing, this sends a cold chill throughout the asian-american community because he's sending a signal to the haters in his constituency, and there are plenty of them they're already in a subway station.

In New York, a Chinese American woman was assaulted and beaten, and this was caught on film on phone and in the streets of San Francisco on the streets. Are you good you're good on the streets of San Francisco, an Asian woman was, was yelled at and spat at, and she had to flee into a store to get away from the others. Man – and so we are chilled by the constant use by the by the president and his administration of that term, we have have a long history of anti-asian hatred hatred in this country.

As far back as the 1870s 20 Chinese men were lynched in the central plaza of Los Angeles, because of white woman claimed that she was assaulted by a Chinese man, a mob lynched them and then, of course, in the 1940s we japanese-americans were incarcerated. I was 5 years old at that time, with no due process. No charges no trial. We were a classic categorized as enemy alien. I was neither. I was a five-year-old kid and I was an American citizen, the son of my mother, who was born in Sacramento.

My father was a San Franciscan and yet we were incarcerated and then in the 1980s in 1982, a Chong chinese-american man in Detroit and Detroit who had high unemployment because of the advent of Japanese automobiles unemployed. But this chinese-american young man, this and chin, was in a bar celebrating his bachelor party and they were accosted by two unemployed, auto workers and they had their altercation.

They left the bar, but they were followed out by the same two guys. But now armed with a baseball bat and he was beaten to death when they the murders were tried. The judge said he understood the anguish of unemployed, auto workers and he gave them a probate, gave one of them probation and a $ 3,000 fine, George amer committed, and so we have this history. Yes, we want term to be eliminated completely, but that sycophant Mike Pompeo.

I used it publicly as well yes, and so we we want a Trump, not not to be a participant in that Coronas viral taskforce press conference. He should stay away and let the real expert participate because George Takei, we have to leave it there because of time. George Takei, thank you very much on note here in naming the virus Cove at 19, the World Health Organization, citing the history that you just saw Abele described there as a reason for doing that in cautioning about the xenophobia that we have seen hey there, I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for reading MSNBC on YouTube, if you want to keep up to date, with the articles we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great articles.


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