And how are you guys today’s? You can see the new product it’s called who ice buddy. So what is voice? Buddy, it’s, it’s me, it’s basically takes to like, you know, takes to audio converter. I mean, that’s, what I can say text-to-speech, you know, text to speech or text to audio through to […]

Now, many of us have used or heard of something called Google assistant. Right? What about Amazon Alexa? Both are extremely popular apps because they sound so realistic that’s, a huge reason, why they’re so successful that’s why I love that the technology behind that known as Google Wave net. And Amazon Poly have come […]

Now Voice Buddy is an online app that allows you to take a script of your own or even a website address, and it will convert it into an audio voice based upon either Google’s weight net technology or Amazon’s poly technology. Now my personal preference is wavenet. I believe it just sounds a little […]

Mark Gossage at best bonus, king.Com. Voice, buddy, it’s, the latest in AI, software, it makes it so easy to convert text into a realistic sounding voice, fast, you’re, not going to believe to take good. The audio quality is I’m also, including my massive custom money, making bonus bundle that complements Voice Buddy. You […]

I already have a voice, but knee review access from a product creator. And today I post this articles also where to show you exactly what is voice, buddy and houseless voice, but knee walks exactly so has the member areas for new logins. So basically is voice, but me is a voice overs creator. […]

It only takes three simple steps to create audio voiceovers, select your language and voice paste your text into voice. Buddy click to generate your audio. The great thing about Voice Buddy is that you can download every single audio you create quickly and easily by mp3 format. This will allow you to import to […]

And in this article I’m going to show you how wife’s body works and gon. Na, give you a brief walkthrough on the entire system. So once you log in, you will see this screen. This is our dashboard where you can get a complete overview of all your projects here you can see the […]

Please subscribe my blog for future. Updates get ready for the voice. Buddy, launch produces natural appearing voiceovers from easy. Text in mere minutes. The good news is for us. The designers of Voice Buddy have been hard at work. Changing the method text-to-speech noises, they have incorporated Google’s Wave web as well as amazon.Com […]

Now I have something typed up here, real quick in my text editor, I’m, gon, na, copy and basically have it ready for my project. On the left hand side, you have the choices of Google Wave net. And Amazon poly in this example, I’m going to show you Google Wave nut I’m going to […]

Now I just want to quickly show you how easy Voice Buddy is to use. Now I have something typed up here. Real quick in my text editor, I’m, gon, na, copy and basically have it ready for my project. On the left hand side, you have the choices of Google Wave net and Hamazon […]